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Nape Piercing - Is it in yet?

been wanting a new piercing for quite some time and i had a very strong urge to get another one, which is what happens to me after the thrill of the previous piercing wears off. I have to get a new piercing fairly regularly to indulge myself. I find the novely of a piercing wears off after a while. I still love the ones i have, but i need to feel the piercing again and the excitement of having a new body adornment to play with. But there was just one problem, I couldn't decide what to get. I had ... read more

ankle surface piercing (self done)

I've been into piercing for a few years now. A big fan of BME for around 2 years. Over a year ago, I got my tonuge pierced at Inkslingers on Gratiot in Detroit. The guy who did it, did a hack job and fucked up the piercing...I'm surprised he didn't hit a vein! I was 16 at the time and didn't have any consent to get the piercing, so I was stuck in a rut & I ended up not doing anything about it. After realizing what a bad job this guy did, I started looking at people who had ... read more

Quick and Painless: My Madison

a porn star with this piercing, it instantly struck me. I had to have my neck pierced. I had never seen it before and was in awe of its beauty. I did very little asking around. I saw it, I wanted it. It is not an eyebrow, nipple, or tongue piercing. This piercing was a little more extreme than that, and that is exactly what I wanted. I asked a woman I work with who has some piercings if she had a shop that she normally used. She gave me the name and number of the shop. I called told ... read more

A Fun Idea, A Stupid Way

ince I was little, I've wanted to get piercings. But, growing up with parents who thought even ear piercing on a guy was a sign of homosexuality, I could never get it done. Then, once on my 13th birthday, I convinced my mom to let my ear pierced. By then I had already had it done by friends, but my dad practically ripped it out each time. By then, I had a girlfriend, so they didn't much think it meant anything. I finally had it done, and it was great. Now, 9 years later, I've gotten my 5th piercing. Since ... read more

My madison experience

k for about the past two years I have been interested in the art of body modeification. I had done a few piercings, brandings, ect on myself but those are other storys :) The first time I saw a madison piercing was on a web page (can't remember the url) and I remember just getting awed by it. I had never seen a madison piercing before and it was very exciting. The piercing looked very elegant and I was really wanting to get it done. I am lucky enough to have very cool parents who said that they were behind ... read more

Bad uvula piercing experience

ividual I counsel had what he thought was an original idea for a piercing that has since caused him a great number of problems. He felt that his ability to touch and even stretch his ulvla (the "punching bag" in the back of his mouth) without a gag reflex would make it possible for him to pierce this tissue as well. Part of his reason for selecting this area to pierce is that he was incarcerated in a facility that does not allow jewelry. He has been keeping his various piercings open during his time in the facility by using ... read more

Bored at work-new braclet

ee, i know those of you out there who work in a shop have those days when it seems no one is coming in and when they finally do they only want the usual work done, tonges, navels, ears just the basics. it gets a little boring. So Shawn and I were sitting aroung talking the usual mess and eating our favirote meal of Pacos Tacos, he hooks us up!!!! oh Shawn and I are piercers and NAked Al's Tatto in bakersfield, CA. Shawn has been piercing for over 20 years and hes the one who kinda got me started. ... read more

My Own Hand Web

I've been reading BME for a coupla months now so I thought I'd try and give something back. Here is my self-pierced hand-web piercing experience. I'd been considering getting it done for a while, as I eventually want to have all my knuckles pierced and my thumb/finger hand webs on both hands. So this weekend I decided I was going to go for it (Oh yeah, my parents were away too so I could do it unimpeded!). I went into town to a shop that I knew I could get some sterile needles from and some nice jewellery too. I ... read more

Madison - A tedious Jofyul time

auty is nothing. But the beginning of terror, which we are still just able to endure, and we are so awed by, it because it serenely disdains to annihilate us. (Friedrich Nieztsche) That is exactly what happened, when I decided to get my Madison pierced, despite knowing that, it would probally reject, and cause problems. It was beautiful.. See, I had, unsually good luck with piercings, I had healed a Handweb/2 Bridges/2 Frenums/2 eyebrows/Medusa/Labret/Cartlidge/Tongue/1 nipple. Out of all theese piercings, I only had to take 1 out, which was my left nipple. It refused to heal, and I took it ... read more

rejection -- sternum piercing

doing so well. Better than anybody had expected. I'd finally gotten the courage to get my sternum pierced. I was so exited and nervous. I really wanted a madison but I figured this was a better idea. So I had a surface piercing done 2 inches above my cleavage line. This was 3 weeks ago. Now it's out. It crawled out of my skin little by little and after 1 week it was crooked and 2/3 out. It only took ONE WEEK!!! I always thought that rejection took a month or so. I was wrong. I had my favorite artist ... read more

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