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You got what pierced??

show people my newest piercing, they usually end up saying something along the lines of " I've never seen that before! You can get that pierced??" But I like the reaction. Usually they say that, but then afterwards they say " that is really cool!" What do I have pierced you may be asking yourself. Well, I will tell you. I have a horizontal surface piercing under my navel. I have only seen it on one person before. That is, before I was introduced to Bmezine.com. So, I was playing with the idea of getting it done myself. I definitely ... read more

Wrist Piercing

a surface bar put in my wrist a couple of weeks ago, and it has been a great experience. However, if anyone desires a surface bar in their wrist, i think they should read this article, because there are a few downsides to it. The first time i went into Ritualistics to talk about getting a surface bar, the staff were very friendly. They introduced themselves, invited me to sit with them, talk about the wrist piercing, and piercings in general. They were very helpful but i still had to sort things out with myself. After deciding that a wrist ... read more

Nape With A Surface Barbell

ally, I have never really been a fan of surface piercings. Most of the examples that I've seen in real life, have been irritated, infected, or poorly done. The idea of having a temporary piercing did not appeal to my tastes. However, after hearing the BME Radio interview with Luis Garcia, my opinions began to change. I was impressed when I heard that he strived for permanence with surface piercings. The idea of using surface barbells for the job also intrigued me. So off I went to the BME piercing galleries. Low and behold, there happen to be quite a ... read more


was 15, I started to explore the art of piercing. Ever since my first body piercing which was the belly button, I've been wanting to get more. But the thing I didn't like about body piercings was that once you got something it would be a fad and other kids would get it and i wouldn't be original anymore. I wanted to be unique and make a statement about myself. I just wanted to be unique and express myself through piercings. I was thinking up somethings I could pierce that would be bizarre and crazy. I was going for "oh-my-god-look-at-her" ... read more

Sternum (cleavage) surface

pictures of sternum piercings, as they are not often seen in person, I fell in love with them. They were absolutely gorgeous, sitting between the breasts two shining silver balls connected underneath the skin with a bar. I knew that this piercing was for me, its amazingly beautiful. Though, my opinion of it is not often shared in society! I thought about it for months off and on, debating getting a surface piercing or not. I would be devastated if it rejected, but then I could just go through the experience again (unfortunately, the healing part isn't always as fun ... read more

My beautiful nape piercing

een into body modification since I was about 11 years old and I saw my first eyebrow piercing at the mall. I've always been fascinated with them and I think they're absolutely beautiful on the human body. I discovered surface piercings and never thought I would be able to do them. It was about a year ago when I saw my first nape piercing. This guy had 5 nape piercings (could've been more going down his back but he was wearing a shirt) and I was shocked. I thought they were absolutely wonderful looking! So I decided that eventually I ... read more

This is a stort of a cleavage piercing

Let me give you a little bit of information about me...I have been obsessed with piercings ever since I got the cartalidge part of my ear pierced. After I got it pierced the first time with my mom's permission I decided I needed to have another earring, so I went behind her back and got one. After that I got her permission to get my belly button pierced which did not hurt at all and healed relatively well. My quest went on and I had to get something else pierced so I went with my friend and I got my ... read more

Gotta Hand It To Ya!

It had taken me months to work up to the idea of having my eyebrow pierced. I knew I really wanted the piercing - I'd look in the mirror and imagine what it would look like - but as much as I wanted it doing, I'm absolutely terrified of needles. I have panic attacks at the doctors about them, I'm that bad. Not knowing that much about piercing, I went to the local studio, signed their form and had it done. Looking back, I think that the fact I didn't really feel comfortable there should have put me off - ... read more


A couple months ago a new tattoo/piercing studio had just opened up, so me and a friend went to check it out. The piercer there was a chick, and she had a couple piercings that i could see. When she turned around I seen that she had her neck pierced. I fell in love with it and was asking her all sorts of questions about it. That was the first time I had ever seen such sort, and i thought it was unique and different. So that was about 2 months ago and I got a couple piercings over the ... read more

My beautiful Madison 2; the end is nigh!

utiful Madison part 2. Well, it's been three months, and my Madison is well and truly growing out. I reckon it'll only be a few more days now. I don't regret having it at all, as it's been no trouble. It only hurt for a few days, once when I had a cold, and the piercing didn't like that at all. At that time, I had trouble moving my neck, as it was very sore, though it never became visibly irritated. It also only ever bled once, in the whole three months, and then only a very little. I only ... read more

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