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Piercing myself in Guam

m sitting alone in my very small one room apartment on Guam with all my belongings packed in boxes. Hopefully I will be allowed to leave here soon. I detest the tropics. I wouldn't trust a piercer on this island (there are only 3) with a stick pin let alone a 12g needle. I really want a piercing though. So I'm thinking to myself "Hey, I've got all the supplies, and I've done piercings before. Why not do it myself?" (Of course, I've only done basic lobes @ 12g then helped stretch to 10g. That counts, right?) My job doesn't ... read more

my nape: challenging the

ver heard or let alone seen a nape piercing before going onto the BME website, but when i did it inspired me. When i get really bored with life i go out and do something totally impulsive, sometimes its just little things like just walking into a hairdressers and getting my hair cut differently ( a typical girly thing i know) but then sometime i get a little more extreme and go get pierced, often not in the usual places, so its a good job i don't get that bored to often. After seeing the pictures of the nape piercing ... read more

My corset piercing...

f my piercings had been pretty mainstream; I had my nipples pierced and some very wimpy gauges in my ears. I knew after the nipples though, that I was incredibly in awe of the piercing process and I needed more. The only question was what. My friend settled that question for me when she sent me pictures she had found in the BME gallery. She found a picture of a corset piercing laced up in red ribbon, and I knew I had to have it. I printed out the picture and carried it around with me for a few weeks, ... read more

fun with surface piercing

een interested in piercing for a few years, but it's only been the past year that I've actually done it, once I built up the courage, decided what I wanted, and chose a piercer. I didn't stick with my first two piercers because the first one made me uncomfortable (she was super hyper) and the second one, who one of my friends is intensely loyal, is quite skilled, but our personalities just don't mesh. Then I found Juliette who has been piercing my other friend for three years. I chose to try her because she answered my questions, the shop ... read more

Gettin Carried Away

to begin? I guess it all began in matric, during the stresses felt when writing your final exams. Without my parents permission, they happened to be overseas at the time, i rushed off to get my ears pierced. Both of them , cause it was the in thing for guys at the time! As is often said, one piercing leads to another! Soon I was back in the studio, piercing my left cartilage! my parents flipped but what could they do! the healing for ears went fairly well to say the least. soap and water twice a day did the ... read more

A Gorgeous Madison

I'll start slow. My names Jax, and I'm from Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada. The art of body piercing is in full swing here so it isn't hard to find a place to do it. Now, I'm only 18 but I've been into body piercing for about two years, though until now I haven't had the freedom to do what I wanted (legal age and such) So, I started with the little things, I got numerous lobe piercings, moved on to cartilage piercings, moved into my ear with the tragus and daith and finally I did my tongue. I really wanted something ... read more

The piercing of a girl's nape...

remember the first time I ever saw a nape piercing. I was at Sambil mall in Caracas Venezuela, eating lunch with my friend Tricia. Now I have been into piercings since I knew what they were, and Tricia knows this, so she says to me, "Check out that guys neck." I turn around, and sure enough, there is a kid sitting behind me with a apx. 12 gauge bar through his neck. I was in love. I knew right then and there that I would have that piercing before I died. After I moved back to the states, I kind ... read more

You want what?!?!

ant what?!?!" Yeah, that's what they said. All my friends, the family members that I told before hand, even my co-workers. They all thought I was nuts. What exactly were they freaking out about? I wanted a Madison piercing. And I got it. I first saw the Madison online about 3 years ago and didn't think much of it. The picture I saw (not on BME) was fuzzy and not in very good focus. Then two weeks later, I ran into a girl at the club who had just gotten done. It was gorgeous. One phrase ran through my head ... read more

My Madison Experience

ison Piercing I've always been strange when it comes to my piercings (something people would consider me weird for in the first place). When I first got my eyebrow ring (my first piercing), I was rather conservative with what I would ever consider for a piercing. At the time, I might consider getting my lobes done, and that was about it. Even the eyebrow was a sort of stroke of genius on the part of the lead singer of Blink182 (Mark Hoppus is his name I believe). I saw one of their videos, "Josie" (great song, and album) and in ... read more

Madisons and all your applause

n and all your applause by Juliette Yes, yes it's true, I have a Madison. For those of you unformiliar with this type of piercing, please feel free to leave this experience and go the a galleries on this site and do some research. After you've formilierized yourselves with this body adornment, you can come back and truly understand and appreciate the tale of me first surface piercing experience. I should start by introducing myself to you folk, my name is Juliette and I have been on my piercing journey for well over 7 years now. I've been creating my ... read more

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