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playing a game...

t... i think i'm calmed down right now... So I'm sitting here... with this.... weird feeling THING sticking in my arm. my wrist really.... Wait; here.... i'll back up a little so you understand it all... So I'm at the mall with my friend Andrew... and we're just sorta walking by all of the stores since we're both almost broke as hell [how is it possible to be FORCED to buy christmas presents for your parents? what's wrong with MAKING their gifts??] and we go by this one place where everyone is automatically your friend- they aren't just doing their ... read more

I did it myself

t, so i did all my own //but trust me, I'm not here to advicate self piercing methods. It is true that I am a faithfull lunatic who has on more than one occasion had that sudden urge to do something, you know EXACTLY what i'm talking about. The sudeen burst of energy to like go get something done and you won't feel better until you do. BUT don't reach for the needle! iIt can lead to embarassing mistakes! TRUST ME! I first pierced my nose with a needle and a safety pin when i was younger. Then i moved ... read more

I didn't mind it was free...

kicking back with a few friends, one of which was a guy named Landon.. Landon and I had gone to high school together, he was odd but he knew that. Landon was a piercer, course if I remember he only had one in his ears. He was kind of punk rock, and was well liked for the most part. He worked as a piercer in our little town of bend, and I had gone there a few times for jewelry, and some ear stretching.. One day Landon told me he was going to have a radio station in the shop ... read more

It was more simple than I thought it would be (my nape)

decided to have my nape pierced, I knew that Body Rites would be the place to go; Ron Garza and Chris Kane both have experience with unusual piercings. I've had work done by three of the four piercers on staff, and I trust everyone at their shop. The night I stopped by, Ron happened to be working, so he would be the one to do it. I asked Ron if he would be willing to do the piercing with tygon, and he said he would. Piercers in Texas generally prefer using tygon to surface bars; before I got it done ... read more

My Anti-Tragus

e the trains only runs at random times in NYC on Sundays me and my friend were stuck there for 7 hours. You'd think there would be stuff to do, but after the first 2 hours we were bored. We passed by this piercing place on St. Marx where a bunch of our friends had gotten stuff done there. I've been questionable for a while whether I trust some of the piercing placing in the city or not. Some people have great things to say about them, and other times I've heard horror stories. I've been thinking about getting my ... read more

the fourth coming of NAPE dogg!

dnt exactly tell you when it came about, maybe a week or so before i went through with it. there i was sitting in brians piercing room, just staring at the wall, looking at all the colorful images of body mods that cover them. i like to sit in his room when i get bored in the shop(i work as the tattoo apprentice), anyway...there it was, the most wonderfully beautiful set of surface piercings i've ever seen...the spinal ladder! i had to have it, the symmetry, the talent and structure involved, like i said...i had to have it. so i ... read more

Chin Piercing in bible belt Canada

y screen name is Vodin and i have 00 gauge earlobes plus have had septum and lubret pierced and currently have about thirteen tattoos and plan on more and plan on more piercings also,It all started when i was looking thru some of the pictures here on BME and seen a man with a ring thru his chin I personally didnt like the ring but I thought I would like a barbell or such since i have begun to modify myself slowly and plan a great deal more so with that i did alot more research here on BME till ... read more

Sternum Surface Piercing

my chest pierced!!!! And I loved every minute of the pain. Of course if you are reading this, or are on this site, you are into B&D and S&M (but arent we all?)(its just that some of us have no reason to hide it). Piercings have become my favorite fetish. I only have three, and one of them was self inflicted(to satisfy that fetish craving). The self infilcted one is located at a spot labeled as the "frenum". It is still there and took no time to heal(4 weeks). Don't ask why I did it, I just had to. This ... read more

Why I modded myself...

life I've been fascinated with body modification, yet I never really knew it as such until I stumbled upon BME on accident one day. Also until I saw BME it never really occurred to get anything done because everyone always told me it was self mutilation and thus bad. Unfortunately though, I still couldn't get anything professionally done because I'm not quite yet eighteen and my dad will not take me... so I decided to mod myself. Now of course this was a bad idea and I have thus stopped (currently) and am waiting out the last few months, but ... read more

the birth (and death) of my self inflicted madison

rth (and death) of my self inflicted madison. i've always enjoyed piercing myself. i'm more comfortable doing it myself, than having someone on the other end of the needle. of everything i've ever had done (17 in all, i'm guessing) i did all but 2 myself. i got bored one day, and decided i wanted to try doing a surface piercing. i had never done one before, so i wanted the experience. i think the first time i saw a madison was here on BME, actually. it seemed pretty cool to me. i never wear necklaces, so my neck was ... read more

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