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That is sick!

A few days after turning 15, I was itching for something new! I only have ear piercings since my parents don't like piercings too much! I have 5 lobes and 2 cartilages in my left ear and 5 lobes and a rook in my right ear, all of which healed perfectly. I had been looking on this site for about a month when I stumbled upon a hand web! I had wanted one for about 2 weeks, begging and pleading with my parents. I was sitting in my second period study hall when I really contemplated the idea of a ... read more

My first surface piercing (nape)

When I decided to get my nape pierced it was out of nowhere really. I wanted another piercing, but I wanted something that I havent experienced yet. So I decided on a surface piercing. As far as choosing a specific piercer, two people were at Needful Things (located in downtwon fort myers florida) at the time, one being Brad and one being Shawn (I'm not sure if that's how he spells his name or not). Either one I would have been comfortable with. Shawn has pierced me before and is quick and very sanitary (as is everyone else there that ... read more

Vertical Bridge @ MadMax Tattoo

Vertical Bridge experience: I am 18 years old guy from Valkeakoski, Finland and I already had 2 labrets in my lower lip and 2 barbells in my right eyebrow when I wanted to take something new. I can say I'm hooked on piercings and nothing seems to be enough. So one day when I was watching BME pages I had a great idea about taking a vertical bridge between my eyebrows. After two months of considerating I decided to make it real. I went to the same place where I had taken all my piercings because I was very satisfied ... read more

What have you done now?

To start off i guess i will explain the title for this. In the last three and a half months i guess you could say ive gone a little crazy in the piercing department. I am continously looking for new and more unusual things to get pierced. At first i was surprising people, but after awhile my friends got used to it...until now. I have become a guine(sp)pig for Jason the apprentice at the tatoo/piercing shop i go to and hang out at. Jason is constantly asking me if he can pierce something, and has now done three piercings on ... read more

Why get pierced?

I'm not really sure why I even started getting pierced, I guess it was because I like to be different than everyone else. When I was in the third grade I already had 5 holes in each ear, that is quite a few for an eight-year-old. Not many people have piercing, especially here in Wyoming. Also I think people with piercing have that I'm tough, and I can handle anything attitude. They show some kind of special strength, that I can't really explain, but it's good. It's also a good way of expressing your uniqueness. My first real piercing was ... read more

i did it for the experience

I just had to send you in my experince with getting my scrumper pierced,but first i will tell you a little about myself.I am 19 year old male who lives in Cork ,Ireland(yes i know most of you have never heard of cork but it does exist) I have had around 9 different piercings done and Maurice has done most of them,i have a vertical and horizontal piercing in my left nipple and one in my right,i have my tongue pierced,i have had my belly button done as well as a small surface piercing done above my belly button and ... read more

My Final Hand Webb Piercing Experience

I am 20 years old and I have been into body mod for several years. Just to give you a look into how into mods I am I will tell you that my first piercing ever was a horizontal hood. I figured it was the easiest thing to hide from my parents. I got it when I was 15 at a nameless shop in Tennessee. That's a whole different story. This particular story started 2 years ago on my 18th birthday. I got my hand pierced and eventually it got extremely infected and migrated totally out in about 5 months. ... read more

My dermal anchor experience

I'm not generally the type of person you would think to have piercings-- but I like to surprise people. I had been talking about getting dermal anchors with a friend from work for almost a year. I knew that they were expensive, and that they were also very permanent. I never rush into getting something pierced. Then, it seemed like the perfect opportunity; a Saturday afternoon, I had just been paid, AND I had a friend to hold my hand. I called up my friend from work, Corry, and asked her if she would like to come along as well, ... read more

weee!!! my nape piercing!!

When I first saw a picture of a nape piercing about 3 years ago, I knew had to have it. I was only 15 at the time so I kinda knew that I wouldn't be able to get it anytime soon. So I was in Oklahoma City(approximately 2 hours away at the time) and was driving by a well-known piercing shop there. I asked my cousin to stop by there so he did. We went inside and I asked about the piercing and basically, the guy discouraged me to do it so I was like "blah" and we left. Several ... read more

My Madison

For quite some time now I have been interested in surface piercings. My body is adorned with 16 total including two ear projects, nostril x2, septum, tongue, labret, and my nipples. I have never had a surface piercing but have always found them attractive when placed satisfactorily and when they are flattering to the person who displays them. Originally, I found myself very intersted in nape piercings. I find them very attractive and knew that having one would make me happy. While at Body Work Productions getting my lobes stretched, I inquired to Dave (both the owner and most experienced ... read more

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