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the addiction

It all started out with a simple ear piercing. Than I moved onto oral piercings. Than finally I decided I wanted something else. I wanted something that most people would look at and be like wow thats different. It wasn't hard for me to choose my artist. I knew exactly who was doing my piercings because I had used him before for my double tongue rings. He was excellent, and a friend of mine. So therefore, I knew he was going to be doing his best work on me. He was obsessed with perfection when it came to his job ... read more

A Voyeur's Perspective Of An Uvula Piercing

UVULA PIERCING Performed on Saturday, November 11, 2000 FULL MOON To begin, I must let you know that the Piercer's name is Mike and the Piercee's name is Mike! So I will call the Piercer Michael, and the Piercee will be called, as always, Mike. Please do not take any offense to my referring to you, wonderful Piercer, as Michael :o) It will just make this story a great deal easier to relate! No real sequence of events here, this writing comes straight from my heart, soul and gray matter, just spewing out off the ends of my fingertips to ... read more

My Metal Dimples

I had my septum and my tongue pierced for a year and I wanted something pierced that was unique looking and different from all the kids you see on the streets. My friend gave me the idea of getting my cheeks pierced because I have dimples and she thought they would look good resting there. I thought about it for a while considering all of the risks with getting this done. The scars it would leave when I finally took them out, pain during healing and how it would effect my work and social life, etc. I never saw them ... read more

My kick ass looking nape

I had decided to go to Madison for the weekend. When I'm there I normally stop at the Piercing Lounge on Gilman Street and get a new piercing. I really like the work they do there. I have never had a problem with them yet, unlike the places around where I live that can't get anything pierced decent. And when I stop in there I normally don't have to wait long to get in, they normally aren't real busy like other places where you have to call a few days in advance just to get in. I was all set ... read more

Kat's Spine Ladder Saga (Issue #1)

(I worte this in "notepad", So I apologise if the spelling smells of unwashed gym socks) I'd been thinking about getting the "back ladder", or "spine ladder" (or whatever the term-of-the-day might be) for awhile, but never really had the money to fund it or a piercer who was really excited about doing it for me. Well, it happened that I was in HTC to look for some new ear jewlery (being that the bastard crowd surfer knocked one of my tunnels out of my head and I've been cruising around with a rolled up business card shoved in my ... read more

SpLiT lObE oRbItAl PiErCiNg

Well firstly I'm gonna have to describe my lobe so y'all can get the full effect. Basically I have a 'normally formed ear' down to where the lobe is. Then I have 1/2 a lobe which is attatched to the main part of the ear and 1/2 a lobe which is kinda attatched to my neck and jutts out almost to form an ear - but one with a split separating the 2 sections. Thats probably really badly explained, but ya probably get the picture. Its supposedly a sign of a genetic flaw - however I think my little Sister ... read more

My Third Eye

This is the story of my Vertical Bridge. So I had just made this big procclaimation to Orbax about how I wasnt going to have anymore facial piercings. Or many more piercings in general. And then....I went to work. Strange things can happen when you work at a Tattoo & Piercing Parlour... I work for Joan at Stigmata. On a pretty random at work, I was flipping through her piercing portfolio and started humming and hawing over a picture of a vertical bridge she had done. The picture is of a little punk boy with also with a septum, (and ... read more

Neck Surface

I've been into body mods. for quite some time but choose to get mods that are unique and meaningful to myself in some way, hard to explain. Anyhow there was one mod after I saw I knew I had to have. I was at a shop and a girl was having some play surface pierecings done on her back, all the way down starting at about the hairline, she used ELMA creme and didn't seem to care about the pain but there was a lot of blood I noticed. I decided to get 4 surface piercings right below my hair ... read more

The Nape He Won't Soon Forget

(Note: I just finished writing this experience and returned to the top to tell you --- I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS SOOOOOOO LONG!! But you must read it! It was quite an experience! TN) I think of myself as one of the most unlikely piercing candidates around. I'm 40 years old, a teacher, father of an eleven-year-old boy (and a baby girl on the way!), Republican, live in a very small Texas town, and have no visible mods (although I do have 12 hidden tattoos and 3 hidden piercings). I found out last night that I may be an even ... read more

Bindi piercing,all they had to do was check!!

My short experience is about a bindi piercing that has now left me scarred for life and at the end of the day if a little bit more time and care was taken this could have probably been avoided. Anyway, I am currently at college in the north of England and have been getting pierced at the local piercing clinic for the past couple of years, all of which have been spot on. Upon returning to college I returned to the shop to find that my usual piercer no longer worked there. The main piercer who was working there had ... read more

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