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My Midbrow, or My Zen Moment in Body Piercing

My Zen moment started when I walked upstairs to the second floor of a building on South St. where Warrior is located. It's early July, my labret of 7 months is healing and my lobes are adjusting to being stretched to 4g, and I decided to get my midbrow done. When I sat down, Shawn marked the site and prepped himself. When he told me to close my eyes, I replied "Aww Mommy, do I have to?" The Zen moment began just before the needle went through my skin, when I was sittig relaxed while blurting out "I wanna Easter ... read more

All about my nape experience

OK, I guess I will start by telling everyone about myself. I am 19 years old from a fairly small town in Pennsylvania. I have been into body piercing since I was 16 and I saw that my cousin had her tongue done but of course my mom would not let me get pierced until I was legally old enough to do so. So the next 2 years went by and the dream of me getting pierced finally got to come true. My cousin took me to The Warrior to get my tongue pierced and I was hooked from the ... read more

Self-inflicted Vertical bridge piercing

I am a 20 yr old British girl and a complete tattoo/ piercing addict .I decided to get a vertical bridge piercing as i looked really good with a bindi on and I knew I would be the only person in my town to have one. I thought about it for a long time before I went ahead with it but sometimes if I listen to punk rock when I get up of a morning I get in a crazy mood and this morning I was feeling well and truly punked out having listned to the Damned ( my favourite ... read more

my shortlived nape

Well, I decided spontaneously on the way home from Florida, in my 10 or so minutes of actually being awake and talking to people (30 hours on a bus sucks) that I wanted spinal piercings. Then I decided I would do something for attention and get my nape pierced.. I figured it would be easy enough to hide from my dad.. These aren't really the reasons I took it out.. So when I got back, the day after, I went to Artistics and asked Lisa to pierce my nape. She laughed and said I was Lee's territory.. I wanted it ... read more

I call him "Sebastian"

It was Jan 2, 2001 when I finally decided that I would realize a desire that i had had for about 7 years. I was going to get into my car and get myself a Madison. I first decided that I wanted to get my neck pierced when I got a little tired of wearing necklaces and such. I'd look in the mirror and think of how pretty it would be to pierce my neck. At the time I didn't know that the piercing had an actual name. When I discovered the BMEzine I was please to discover that the ... read more

Nape, My New Friend

I just added a new addition to my family of piercings, a nape. I welcomed my new friend with open arms, and a ton of excitement. Ever since I first saw the nape, I was very intrigued by it. It was probably a few years ago when I became interested in piercings, but if you asked me then to get one, I would have wussed out. It wasn't till about three months that before my 18th birthday that I became interested in body piercing. So, on my spring break trip to Mexico, I decided to get my tongue pierced. Let ... read more

The love of pain

I had my madison and nape done today Feb. 26 2001. The madison was done first. The experience was very enjoyable to me. Rene had me do the relaxation breathing technique. Rene used a 14 gauge needle to do the piercing. For the madison there was not much pain and no bleeding. The nape which was done second is another story. It hurt like hell. Thats the reason I enjoyed it so much though. A 12 gauge needle and barbell was used for the nape. Still no bleeding however. When the needle was halfway through I couldn't help but scream ... read more

from the top

So when I was 13 I got really into the whole "hardcore" scene idea. I was going to shows at a younge age and got really interested in the body piercing / tattoo idea. However, I knew that I had to wait until i was around 16 to start thinking about getting pierced. So three years went by and I finally decided on my first piercings. My double tongue ring. I am all about symmetry and I was planning on having two of everything. It wasn't hard for me to decide on my shop or artist because my friend Breanne ... read more


I'm not too sure what kind of experience you crazy kids are looking for. But I'll tell this one, just because some people seem to find it pretty fucking entertaining. I guess that's just human nature to enjoy others inflicted with pain and suffering. Come on. Your head turns as you pass accidents and such. I know it does : ) Anyway. A few years ago, I had my eyebrow pierced, my lip, the spot between your thumb and pointer finger on both hands. My ears in four places and tiny little stud things I made through the top of ... read more

Wrist Piercing Craziness

SO there I was, once again sitting in my room wandering around looking for something to do when I got the idea to pierce my wrists. I started out just fooling around with a safety pin, until i got serious and pullout the 14g needle I had and went to work. I poked and proded until I finally had a good set for the jewelry, and so I put in the barbell. Now lets go to the play by play day by day that is the life of my wrist piercings. DAY 1: I'm incredibley inflamed. I guess my ghetto ... read more

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