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High flying dreams - permanent suspension piercings.

Introduction: It's quite a distance in the past, when I had my first contact with suspensions. It was the TV, the ordinary normal Austrian TV, it was a documentation, interesting, informative, thrilling, a documentation about India, about its culture and religion. And there was it, this monk hanging in the air, hanging on something pierced through his skin. Wow, impressive, THAT is possible?! It was the first time when I felt piercing could be more than just a strange fashion gag, the way I thought about it before. Fascination remained, I started to develop my ideas and dreams about piercings, ... read more

Vertical Bridge Piercing; Becoming the Unicorn

For the longest time I had contemplated a vertical bridge piercing. At one point, I had looked into simple bridge piercings, but found that they were becoming more common among "scene kids" and decided not to go that route. Before getting my Vertical bridge done, I did LOTS of research. Which type of materials were best/ worst. What to expect with a surface piercing. Needless to say, it looked like alot of work, but I STILL was determined to get my unicorn piercing! After calling around locally, I decided that my regular piercer, Alysha Franco of graphic flesh. She had ... read more

My Microdermals

I've been interested in micro-dermals for a while now, I am part of a forum on the bodyjewelleryshop site in the UK and had been hearing a lot about them, so I started looking on BME and other sites to read up about them. I decided I must have one but, didn't really actively do anything about it. I have to say BME is brilliant for getting information and pictures about piercing and tattoos. I've been going to Tattoo Inc for a couple of years now, and Hayley has done all my piercings. She mentioned she was starting to do ... read more

Removal of my microdermal anchors

In autumn last year I had three microdermals done - one between my breasts and two on my right forearm. I really loved the look of them and after doing a lot of research on them, I decided to get the first on on my chest. The procedure was simple and only moderately painful. It appeared to heal within a few weeks. Because of this positive experience, I decided to get a couple of microdermals done on my right forearm - I used to have a surface bar there, but it never healed, so I hoped the the microdermals would ... read more

Nape at a Festival...

I got my nape pierced on the 26th August 2007 at Reading Festival in the U.K. I had wanted a nape for ages and had been teasing my mum, telling her I was either going to get a tattoo or my nape done at Reading (I have been going there since I was 12). Plus, I had told everyone at my school that I would get it done before year 11 and I wasn't backing down! I looked at them on BME for ages and read other people's experiences (which hardly filled me with confidence), worried when the time came ... read more

Long awaited Nape piercing!

I've been coming on this site for quite a few years now and I've always loved the look of a nape piercing. Well to be honest, at first I thought 'what's the point in that? who's gonna see it?' but the more I looked at it, the more it grew on me. For the past year or so now, I've wanted one so badly, but always had to put it off for various reasons including, shortage of money, work, my karate and the obvious... my parents. So anyway, for the past 3 or 4 months I have been adamant I ... read more

Hand-web stretch

For quite a while now, I've like the idea of having my 'hand webbing' (I don't know the correct name) between my thumb and index finger pierced and stretched. I thought as long as I never stretch it past about 30mm, I'll be able to grip things without the jewellery getting in the way. The most I ever would have stretched to would have been about 10-12mm anyway. I spoke to my local piercer about it, but she didn't seem too keen on piercing it because the collection of nerves, and it could go wrong so easily, and the healing ... read more

A surface without a surface or a bar!

Ok. So lets start this tale from the beginning, I'm 24 and until last year I only had a helix and standard lobe piercing. Then last year I got a transverse horizontal lobe done... but that's another story.. I work in an environment that is non-Body modification friendly (but hey! who does!) so the choice of piercings open to me is limited sadly. I have always wanted my Nape done but the idea of surface bars and the complications make my stomach go funky. Then I herd about dermal anchors and microdermals... and so my hunt begun. I pride myself ... read more

Wrist Microdermals - Persnickety about placement

I had flirted with the idea of surface piercings in my mind for a while. At one point I was interested in getting my nape done, but saw the disaster of a "flexible" bar that my friend was pierced with and decided I wouldn't trust anyone in this area to be able to properly do surface work (i.e. punch & taper) When I moved to Norway, I had talked to my piercer there about getting a surface piercing on my wrist. I wanted a surface bar, but she told me that it would probably reject as the only ones she ... read more

two more pieces of metal

I have wanted to get microdermals since I can remember seeing the first few pictures to be posted on bme. I loved the simplicity and beauty of a single-point piercing. Not until last week was I able to actually get one. My friend and piercer AJ who works at Twisted Visions had gone to a convention and learned how to pierce microdermals and all that stuff on the weekend. The next day I figured he could use some practice, and I was one-hundred percent comfortable with being the test dummy for him. AJ told me he would come in on ... read more

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