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My first major mod, and a hell of an adventure.

My tale starts on December 1st 1999, Shane and I had been planning for months or what seemed like years, sending flyers, booking DJ's, looking at venues, fighting with everyone from local concerned parents, to city officials, to the police who acutely revoked our permit on the building where it was to be held. Now finally, the big day, we where throwing our first rave. Both being experienced partiers we knew this was a large task it seemed impossible at first. With steady and helpful connections, we got some of the biggest names in the states as well as in ... read more

Lovely Little Hand Job

Back in first grade I once had a very cruel best friend. She made me hate my hands. No fair that her fingers were long and slender but did she really have to comment on my stubby pudgy ones? I have since become tiny now, hands and all, due to a lack of growth but this hang-up refuses to exit me. So as I figure, what could be more fitting than adding jewelry to make my hands (not so) permanently beautiful? There, you have my reasoning. I decided to get my knuckle pierced. You know, entering between the ones that ... read more

My Madison Mod

I knew what I wanted all along. I already had a lip ring, a tongue web ring, and 14 holesin my ears. But there was more. I browsed BME daily, and I finally came across a piercing that (like everyone else says) I automatically fell in love with. The Madison. That single name brought chills to my spine. This was the most gorgeous piercing, and in a way, very sensual and sexy. This is what I had to have, and I wanted it at that very second. I thought about this piercing for a good three weeks after seeing it. ... read more

My bittersweet pierce...

I unfortunately have the quaint little personality trait of being incessantly bored. I continuously feel the need to change the way I look, God knows how many times I have dyed and cut my hair in the past year, at least a hundred. My problem was fortunately solved when I discovered BME and body piercings (I change my mind too often to consider a tattoo at the precise moment). To the point...I have been given so much wonderful piercing knowledge at BME that I felt I should try to return something to this wonderful site. I had gotten my tongue ... read more

Blair Pierced My Nape.

I can't remember when I first started to regularly visit BME. I think I was trying to research the history of nipple piercing or body piercing in general, and one of the main matches I got was BME. I didn't discover the first page, because the link took me right to the piercing page. I started to look around and saw so many new piercings. (New to me.) I am not so usual, so I looked at the "unusual piercing" section. I was immediately drawn to the nape piercing. It was perfectly sensual, beautiful, and original. I was captivated. I ... read more

Deep Temporals for everyone

February 2001: My best friend, Julia, and I are on our way to Maryland, to pick up our boyfriends and then go see some of our friends' band play in a crappy venue. Julia and I think to ourselves, we've never really bothered looking nice for Ryan and Jason, we should do something tonight. So we did. Not to the nines, I mean, it was just a little local punk show. But we picked up some new make up and some new clothes and made ourselves up in the car. I bought some pretty little stick on jewels. I put ... read more

Hey look, i pierced my arm :)

Hey Everyone!! What's up?? Well I decided that last week after I read a submission by someone (a guy I think) here on BME about a safety pin experience he had (before I actually saw the pics of it today that just make me want to do it again and more) that I really wanted to pierce my arm. I have a few earrings that don't match (the regular earrings with the closure on the back and a few broken loops) and disinfectant stuff from like CVS or something and sewing pins, the kinda that you use to hold whatever ... read more

My Horizontal Eyebrow Journal

Day 1 - February 18th 2001 Went to Miraculous Creations for my piercing. Appointment was at 5 o'clock with Rose, but I didn't get in there until a little after quarter of six. Piercing was done with a 12 gauge needle, though the monofilament used is roughly 14 gauge. I wanted to go bigger (say 10ga) but Rose only had the monofilament in 14ga. Process was typical, clamp, shove needle through, and wipe up blood. It hurt a bit, but I realized afterwards that it was all because of the clamp. Once that was removed, there was no pain, and ... read more

My first surface piercing - a madison :)

I was coming down to Brighton for the weekend to meet up with a few people, and I'd read quite a lot about Perforations on their website, and they'd also been recommended by quite a few people, so I knew I wanted to get something pierced there while I was in the area. The problem was, I needed something that I could hide for work, and I wasn't quite ready to have my nipples or belly button pierced. I wanted something a little unusual, I decided, and started thinking about surface piercings. I'd already seen a few pictures of various ... read more

Shin Piercings

i got really bored on day and decided to think! as i thought, i got a headache and out of the blue, i was thinking," hey, what the hell does nobody have?" shin piercings! your shins are the part of your front leg between your knee and ankle. so what i did is i went to a friend who works in a hospital and he gave me a shitload of surgigal steel safety pins. i went home and then started poking my shins with these things and got a rush! next thing i knew was i had 15 pins in ... read more

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