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Why'd you do that?

I have always loved being pierced. Luckily, my parents have been decent to me about signing off. They allowed me to get my nose and many ear piercings done. They moved me to Pennsylvania in my senior year. I was forced to go to this perfect high school full of clones. (I met one nice person) I was ridiculed for my clothes, my dreads, and my piercings everyday. These people had never even seen an inner conch before. So finally, I was able to graduate early. My parents have usually been very accepting of my lifestyle and appearance. Sadly, they ... read more

Self done surface piercing

One day I was on the internet and like usual was at BME looking at piercings. I was looking at unusal piercings and I seen a clevage surface piercing. I thought it was so awesome and I immediately wanted one. So I left the picture of the piercings on the screen to show my mom. My mom seen the picture and she said no she wouldn't take me to get it done. I had just recently got my lip pierced and she thought that is enough piercings for now. I was really bummed cause I wanted it done really bad. ... read more

My brand new nape

After just having got off the phone with Blair ( i just lost one of the threaded beads holding my surface bar in!!!- have to admit i'm very upset with myself) I thought now is as good a time as any to write up and experience for BME. Starting on that note, i totally can't stress enough the quality of blair's work and the fact that he really enjoys what he does. I was really upset about maybe having to buy new jewelry for my nape, but not only was blair prepared, he was really reassuring and i didn't feel ... read more

My little Ring

Tuesday, April 10th 11:50am I spent my morning walking around downtown, since it was my birthday, I wanted to spend my day downtown shopping.I was getting pretty bored and I wanted something pierced. My mom said no more piercings so iot was going to be difficult to get something done because all visible places were out of the question. She said she was gona check to see if I got any new piercings too so I knew my tongue and eyebrow were outa the question. I went to Universal, my favoritve place in the world... and I was talking to ... read more

Bridge piercing...it's all good

I'm writing this about two weeks after having my bridge pierced. This was my second piercing...the first being my eyebrow. I actually became fascinated with a bridge piercing when I had gotten my brow done. I had seen it in the studio's photograph portfolio and then looked at some more pics on this site. I knew it was going to be my next one. I was really pumped up and nervous as I drove to the piercing studio. I was a bit worried about bruising and swelling and was hoping that this one would go as smoothly as my brow. ... read more

Surface Piercing Primer

The first time I got really interested in surface piercings was when [iam]Maghan[/iam] was discussing her nape piercing on QOD. She had mentioned that her piercer had used tygon tubing for the barbell, and that she had experienced excellent success with it. I determined that I would do as much research as possible, and that I would then try some out on myself. To start with, tygon (http://www.tygon/com) is a brand name for tubing produced by the Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics company. Tygon comes in a wide variety of sizes and formulation. NONE of them are recommended for use in any ... read more

I love my hand-web piercing

I realy wanted to pierce the web between my thumb and index finger. I don't know why but I've just always thought it would look cool. But my parent's hate piercngs so I'm having to keep it covered around them ( I found out that a band-aid works nicely, for a while anyway) I've pierced myself before and and so have my friends (we usualy don't have any problems), so yesterday I decided to pierce my hand web. First we checked, to make sure we wouldn't be hitting any veins. There wasn't any blood so I guess we did pretty ... read more

"Temple" Piercings

First I'll start off with a little bit of my background. I started getting into body piercing when I was 13 and my mom came home with her nostril pierced. At that time I was this little "goodie two shoes" and was grossed out by it. A few months later, she convinced me that I should get my navel pierced so she took me to Obscurities in Dallas (this was shortly before they moved to the over 18 policy). Now, 6 years later I have my navel, right tragus,left helix (forward), lobes (3 times each), cartilage (once each), tongue (twice), ... read more

My retired bridge...*sniffle sniffle*

I must really be a wuss. At this point, I had quite the extensive history with body piercings. Yet, my biggest fear was of a surface piercing...wha, wha, what? Yeah, I know. It's quite sad, really. It was September. All of my hair had just fallen out (go-go gadget chemical relaxers! yay!). My girlfriend at the time was ignoring me and lusting after our roommate. Life basically sucked at this point. I already had a monroe (on the left side), a lip ring (on the right), and an infected eyebrow...thanks to the piercing skills of the oh-so loyal girlfriend mentioned ... read more

Spur of the moment nape piercing

About 6 months ago I decided that it was time to get my 4th piercing. However, I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to get. For myself I prefer less common piercings, and after looking at pictures on BME, I decided that I was going to get my nape pierced. This presented me with a problem though becsause I wanted to get it done as soon as possible, but I go to school 2 hours away from Phoenix and wasn't planning on going back for 3 more weeks. So I decided that I couldn't wait and made the 2 hour ... read more

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