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temple/ antibrow

I got my first body piercing when I was 20 years old. With my extreme nature I choose to recieve a prince albert. It turned out perfect, and the piercer that did this was Jamie Mills. I was turned on to Jamie by a friend who told me that he was one of the best piercers he has ever been to. And this friend would know, believe me. I turned into a loyal customer of his. And now for the last few months I have been working for him as his newest piercing apprentice. Since my p.a. i got my ... read more

well worth the wait....and terror

Sometimes it seems that the more your parents say not to do something, the more you want it done. I guess this could be said about my latest piercing. Every since I was around fifteen, I wanted to get a madison, I thought it was the nicest piercing ever. Not only was it original, I thought it looked so nice. (haha yes, I do drugs.) I called my mom and sister into the comp room, and informed them both that one day I would get a madison. They (and most of my friends) told me that I was a complete ... read more

Beautiful Boobies!! Nipple piercings, YAY!!

Getting my nipples pierced has been a long thought out and well researhed procedure that I am ELATED I did. I had my hood pierced about three years ago, after a long bout with depression. I had my belly button pierced twice and both times it rejected, until finally I got the bottom pierced and its doing fine. So, I was at the dilemma of what to pierce next. I hate my job and thought that I could get pierced a sign of liberation. The only problem is I didn't have any ends, so I had to wait for my ... read more

I won my "stapling" off the radio!

Well there I was listening to my favourite punk rock radio show at 2am one friday morning with guest stars Dave and Quill from Absolution piercing. Dave offered a free "stapling" to anyone who could name a member of the Buzzcocks. Onto the trusty internet I went and lo and behold the stapling was mine. I was told to come in the next day. It was a nice sunny day and I took the bus into town and visited said piercing boutique. As I was yet undecided on which surface to pierce, I was shown photographs of other piercings performed ... read more

My Madison

It was the morning of March 12th year 2K1 and i had planned to wake up and go get my bridge pierced. I got on the bus and headed downtown. It was about noon by now and Tim Carn's Exotic Skin Shop wasn't open yet. I kept calling Tim just hoping he'd open up but see this was my March break and he must have gone away for a couple days. Ok, i'm a really impatient person and i couldn't wait any longer. I already had the barbell i wanted to put in it so I really was eager to ... read more

Tongue Webbing

I had been planning this for a week but I have wanted my tongue webbing pierced for a couple of months. I didn't get it before because I wasn't sure if I should get it right away. My parents don't really like piercings all that much. They only like ear piercings or unusual piercings on other people. Although, both my ears are 8g and I have a Darwin piercing among various other earrings along my cartilage. All week I was so excited! I kept pinching my webbing to see how it would feel for a needle to go through even ... read more

Nape from the view of a wimp

A Wimps View I decided that for my first piercing I wanted something a little different. After spending many (too many according to my friends) hours on BME, I decided on my nape. My Mom had just left from visiting me for the weekend so the timing was perfect. Boy would she be pissed!! She flipped out over my tattoo- can you imagine what she would do if I had my neck pierced. Oh well, I go to school six hours away from home so things are all good. Oh I was nervous-I am the biggest wimp in the world, ... read more

Spinal surface piecing

I've wanted my back pierced since the first time I saw it on BME about two yrs ago. It looked so pretty, 4 little balls just above the pants line. When I first saw it I showed the guys in the piercing shop when I went to have my industrial done, but they said they wouldn't do it because it was dangerous and would probably grow out anyway. I did quite a bit of reading about it after that, and discovered about surface bars, but none of the piercer's in my area used them. I didn't feel comfortable about any ... read more

Why'd you do that?

I have always loved being pierced. Luckily, my parents have been decent to me about signing off. They allowed me to get my nose and many ear piercings done. They moved me to Pennsylvania in my senior year. I was forced to go to this perfect high school full of clones. (I met one nice person) I was ridiculed for my clothes, my dreads, and my piercings everyday. These people had never even seen an inner conch before. So finally, I was able to graduate early. My parents have usually been very accepting of my lifestyle and appearance. Sadly, they ... read more

my corset piercing

Have you ever wanted something so bad you could taste it? I'm sure you have. Well at least I know I have, and that was a corset piercing. It all started 7 years ago when i pierced my nose. I was 13, it was not an acceptable thing to do, so of course, I did it. Thats where my love of piercings began. Now lets fast forward to me being 17. One of my favorite hang outs, the local tatoo/piercing shop. As i was sitting there leafing through a Savage magazine, I seen the most beautiful thing. A chick with ... read more

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