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These nape piercings are my babies

I remember the first time that I saw a nape piercing. It was about six years ago when I was 13. I was with a group of friends on South Street in Philadelphia and we were talking to a guy who was in his early twenties he said something about his newest piercing. Then he turned around and showed us the barbell in his neck. I think we all let out a collective gasp. None of us had even imagined that such a thing was possible before. I was part terrified and part fascinated. I like piercing before but this ... read more

surface piercing with a smile

what to do when you want a navel piercing that's just a little different ( and a little cooler) than everyone else's? i really wanted to do something to my navel, i just wasn't sure what. i liked the look of soem of the navel projects i had seen, but wasn't sure about having that many barbells competing for space in my belly button. then, i saw a surface piercing....i went in to talk to alicia at twisted sol about getting a surface piercing just below my navel, because i had heard that she was expoerienced with surface piercings. i ... read more

The sad tale of my surface piercings

The sad tale of my two surface piercings begins not so long, long ago in a little seaside town called Brighton. Basically I have a few piercings already and had not so long before got my hood pierced vertically so was feeling like my set of piercings was maybe complete now.My boyfriend had recently started an apprenticeship at a studio called Perforations and I often popped in to visit there because the staff are always so friendly, this is a place where you feel instantly at ease. He mentioned that they had recently been doing a few surface piercings for ... read more

Damn Kid whats thats Big ass scar from?!?!?

Well...hummmmm.....I love body mods!!!!!! And I love BME! Ok I'll stop kissing ass now :) I got my frist piercing when I was around a year old, It was just my ears tho'and yes with a gun...well hell it's not like I could have stopped them from using the big nasty gun or anything. When I was 13 I got my tongue pierced . It took me a year just to talk my Mom and Dad into letting me get that done , but I fucking did it. After I got my tongue pierced I got a 16ga lip ring,4 ... read more


I have always had a deep interest in piercing. That's what brought me here to bme. I go on bme so often and learn more and more every day about the piercing world. One day while I was looking at pictures I saw a picture of a female with the base of her neck pierced. Originally I was amazed that it looked like a necklace. It looked absolutely beautiful. It complimented her neck, her shoulders and collarbone well. I started to research for more pictures of this piercing and usually on everybody they looked absolutely beautiful. A few months past ... read more

kitty nipples, a surface bar experience

everyone has a part of their body they like, and would like to accentuate. for me its always been my torso. So when I found out about things like surface piercings and art implants I was really excited. for about a year or 2 I was kind of shopping around for someone to do surface piercings on my side, to accentuate my ribs. I was afraid I didn't have enough skin to do it and that I would have to abandon the idea. I also thought I would have to get the piercings with ptfe flexible barbells, and this always ... read more

The day I became a grenade

My day as a grenade.Well, the events leading up to my day as a grenade would help to give more detail into how much this experience hurt, not just physically, but emotionally. I have never been the type to have to think about getting a piercing, it just kinda comes to me like having Mc Donalds comes to others. I just get the idea, and follow through with my first instinct, which is, GET A HOLE IN YOU FOOL.So I was driving home one day and passed Psychedelic Shack, and thought to myself " hm, I haven't had any work ... read more

Madisons can leave a bruse..

When you work in a tattoo studio you get a chance to experence more piercings than a normal person, be it seeing them done or having them done. A few nights ago I watched Billy pierce my room mates madison. I decide that I could not have my room mate, a tattooist, having a 'cooler' piercing then me so I decided to have Bill do mine a few nights later. I had been feeling that itch for a while and really needed a new piercing but didn't know what to do. I am getting my nipples done soon but want ... read more

Lobe Extensions

In August 1999, I arrived in Prague in the Czech Republic to begin the standard, junior year of college abroad. I had spent the previous few months backpacking around Europe and seeing what there is to see. I have been heavily into punk/hardcore music since high school; and with 19 piercings (top of each ear, cartiledge of each ear, septum, nostril, chin, lip, two on bridge of the nose, nipples, one through each cheek, tongue, and two on each left eyebrow), tattoos on my arms, chest, hands, neck, and forehead; a very highly spiked mohawk and the usual punk apparel ... read more

temple/ antibrow

I got my first body piercing when I was 20 years old. With my extreme nature I choose to recieve a prince albert. It turned out perfect, and the piercer that did this was Jamie Mills. I was turned on to Jamie by a friend who told me that he was one of the best piercers he has ever been to. And this friend would know, believe me. I turned into a loyal customer of his. And now for the last few months I have been working for him as his newest piercing apprentice. Since my p.a. i got my ... read more

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