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My sexy nape!

Okay...so let me start off by saying that I am addicted to piercings and have been pierced around 20 times in my life. I had been craving for a piercing and was begging my friends to come with me because face it; it's so much more fun when you have an audience! I had seen nape piercings on guys before and just thought it was the sexiest thing alive and started researching surface piercings and how they worked. In my research I found that surface piercings could be done two ways. The first was with the typical clamp and needle, ... read more

A bitter-sweet story

For a while I've had a thing for unusual piercings; at the moment my more unusual ones are just my vertical industrial, my vertical bridge and my mandible microdermal. Anyway, this is the story of my vertical bridge :-) You could say it's a bitter-sweet story really; my vertical bridge was the result of a retired lowbret and an unreliable father. Anyway, I spent 8 years not having contact with my father; we used to spend time together when I was younger, but when I was about 8 he just disappeared out of my life. He went on holiday and ... read more

"Uhh...can I go to the bathroom?

So, there I was bored out of my wits because my geometry teacher could put even the hyper est of people to sleep in a heartbeat ... But First I would like to clue you all in on my situation. ONE: My (really really tattooed) parents do not believe in putting holes in ones body, so I had to get it somewhere unnoticeable. TWO: Would never, I mean NEVER, allow me to get a piercing if they have to sign for it. and THREE: My school is the best place to do it at (it is where I have the ... read more

Transient beauty

My handweb piercing was my second piercing. I had my eyebrow pierced, and I loved it; I wanted more...but what else to have done? I spent hours looking online at other facial piercings, but none of them appealed; they looked beautiful in the pictures, but I was scared of chipping my teeth with a tongue piercing, too worried about kissing with a lip piercing, and my dislike of my nose kept me from wanting to draw attention to it more with a piercing there. So I turned my attention lower, where else could I get pierced? Too nervous and shy ... read more

Please tell me they are stuck on...

I have been a piercing fanatic for many years now and have a good 14 at the moment, not including some retired piercings. Surface piercings have always fascinated me, but my body tends to like to reject, so my concern with surface piercings is obvious. I have search BME for quite some years now, looking for new ideas or just fantasizing and I have seen the Micro dermal Anchors start to appear more and more. After doing research I realized that these dermals may be the answer to my surface rejection problems, and decided I wanted to get two dermals ... read more

My new surface bar piercing.

Well, about six months ago, I decided that I would like to go one step further from my stretched ears and my cartilage piercings to something a big more extreme, well for me anyway. I decided I wanted a surface piercing somewhere. After months of asking my parents for one, they continued to say no, so I decided what's the harm if they can't see it? So I did extensive research before hand. I heard that they grow out after a period of time, so I took this into very careful consideration. I also heard that if not looked after ... read more

My First cleavage and nipple piercings.

I've always considered the idea of getting a cleavage piercing, I thought they were very pretty and unique. The only problem was I'd gotten my Madison pierced last year and when it grew out it left a nasty scar and I didn't want the same to happen to this one as it was in between my breasts. So I pushed it too the back of my mind and instead got other piercings. Then me and my best friend decided to get piercings, so we went to jack diamonds piercings shop in London and I was all set to get cheek ... read more

MD removal (Dutch)

Ok, ik had PiercingBunny beloofd eens een verhaaltje te schrijven over de verwijdering van de microdermal in m'n linkerpols en hier komt 't dan, in 't Nederlands ! (Stiekem heb ik geen zin om 't in het Engels te schrijven, er zouden ook te veel fouten instaan. En grrr, ik kom nu nog enkele woorden te kort, dus probeer ik m'n verhaal maar een beetje te rekken. Mijn excuses hiervoor, maar blijkbaar moet je minstens achthonderd woorden schrijven, en ik had zoveel woorden niet nodig om te vertellen over mijn ervaring. Haha!) Bon, ik hoop dat ik nu aan m'n ... read more

I love my Sternum!

So I have wanted my sternum pierced for what has seemed forever now, I started getting into piercing a couple of months ago when I went to get my Tragus and nose done, then after my nose piercing fell out, I went to get it redone and have my anti Tragus done, it seems I have caught the piercing bug! I decided I wanted my next piercing to be more noticeable than just on my ears or a small stud in my nose. My mum hated the idea of my having any facial piercing, and seeing as I have a ... read more

Mircodermals in hips.

My appointment to get my mircodermals done was for 10 in the morning on Saturday at the Inverness Tattoo Centre. I've been there for two other piercings (which is all but my four lobe ones). I arrived a little later than that because I had to travel in from afar and public transport isn't particularly fast so I had to wait a short while for Gary Valentine (the tattooist/piercer) to become available. This was ok as I had two friends with me so we passed the time looking at the tattoo designs on the wall and just generally chatting away. ... read more

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