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Land of the Nape

Approximately three years ago I saw my first memorable nape piercing. In the movie Land of the Dead I saw the main female actress, Asia Argento, sporting the curious adornment. At the time, my knowledge of body modification was far less than what it is now; basically I was intrigued by the two balls on the back of some woman's neck. I was fascinated and the image has yet to leave my mind. Now years later, with far more knowledge of the human anatomy then I ever thought I would want to know and a decent knowledge of body modification, ... read more

Nape Piercing

*Getting your nape, or any surface piercing for that matter, pierced with PTFE and not a titanium surface bar is a very stupid idea and I do not advise this at all* This surface piercing was a bit spur of the moment really; I was only there to get my two short bars taken out and the long bar put in my scaffold! This was done at Harlow Piercing Studio in Essex – Not recommended. After asking about prices and how much it would cost (25 pound, 20 with my discount card) I went over to the cash point over ... read more

My new piece of metal

I have a number of piercings, mostly in my right ear (I seemed to get stuck on that ear a few years back and next thing I knew it was peppered with various bits of metal).The number I have is 13, incidentally, I had to quickly count them just now. I have been looking for a new piercing for ages, and as I am fairly picky I took my time deciding. I wanted something that would not be too scary (because despite all the other piercings I have, I am still a wimp deep down), and also would not be ... read more

My Microdermal

First of all, the microdermal idea was introduced to me by Mike after I had gone in and complained about my surface bar on my sternum that was done at another studio. It was done terribly. I had another piercer take it out as she told me it was already migrating. I had three scars, two from the bar and one from the clamp. I was pretty upset that I no longer had the pretty jewellery where I wanted it. This is where the idea of the microdermal comes in. I had looked on BME at a lot of microdermals ... read more

On the surface

Part 1: Decisions A few years ago, if anyone had asked me if I'd consider getting a surface piercing, my answer would have been something along the lines of, "Probably not. They're too complicated and most of them reject within a few months." This was not just a random opinion either: I'd seen too many pictures of angry, red rejecting piercings with surface bars (or worse, straight barbells!) poking out and had heard too many stories about how finicky these particular piercings could be. My thoughts on surface piercings started to change when I met Patrick – one of the ... read more

Nape Microdermals!

I had just got my nipples pierced a few months ago on a trip back home to California. After my amazing experience with getting my nipples pierced I was ready to get something a little bit different done that people could see... the only problem was I work as a substitute teacher and they don't allow most piercings except 2 on each ear so it had to be something I could hide easily if needed. I was use to having to wear hiders every work day for my 7/16 gauged ears. I wanted something that was unusual so I searched ... read more

God Bless The Ankle!

I always loved the idea of piercing myself.. It gives it a more personal touch and allows you to do it just how you want it.. so long as you do it safely :) And you can also brag to your friends who don't do that stuff (yes I'm still a school kid :P). It's always nice to have a story behind a piercing. Until now I had only pierced my ear lobes myself and I was thinking of other places to pierce. As I wasn't very experienced and don't have any other piercings I didn't want to try piercing ... read more

17th birthday present - my pretty nape

When I was 12, I announced to my mother I wanted to get my ear pierced – a ring at the top of my ear. She talked to the guys at her tattoo/piercing place while getting her second tattoo done, and they told her to wait until I was 13. Mum didn't want me to get it done, so she told me that they had said 14. I decided that would be what I did for my 14th birthday. After getting a second set of holes in my earlobes on my 13th birthday, and plans for another ear piercing the ... read more

Surface to Surface

Early this year, I had two surface to surface (surface bar) piercings on my chest, of which I absolutely loved the look. Up to this point, I had about 15 piercings in my life, and the surface to surface were definitely the most painful. Am I complaining? Not at all. Several months after the first one was done, I snagged it while I was sleeping on the collar of my tank top, which tore part of the tunnel. I tried changing the bar bell and taping it in place but it started migrating because the lower hole had torn. To ... read more

Prayer Piercings

I've always had an attraction to more unusual piercings, and ever since I got hit with the piercing bug 6 years ago I've been always on the lookout for something new, the next foolish, impulse decision... Prayer piercings were something I decided on very suddenly one day while shopping. I was reminiscing with a friend about my old hand web piercing, which had lasted around 2 months and had been loved dearly, but was lost in a terrible accident involving an art folder (RIP Web). I joke, but it was actually pretty horrific, the piercing took a heavy smack to ... read more

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