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The little Micro dermal that could

This is the story of my poor wrist micro dermal that had a very rough start but luckily is still a permanent placement on my body. I discovered micro dermals when my first piercer had one on his arm. I didn't fully understand the concept until I adventured on to the BME website and then on to industrial steels website. By that time I had acquired a labret, a nose stud and 4 ear piercing and was dying for something new that was more unusual then the items I had. Thought was going to be super easy to heal and ... read more

My difficult microdermal

I have quite a collection of piercings, nothing too crazy, but enough for people to tell me to stop putting holes in my body. I have several retired piercings, but right now I've got 3 lobe piercings per ear, an industrial, two cartilage piercings, a tragus stud, 10 ga. tongue ring, lip ring, and my brand new microdermal. The worst piercing I have ever had was my industrial, as it was pierced with very a poor procedure. This experience almost made me black out on the table, bleed for three days, and took over a year to just stop hurting. ... read more

A Simple Procedure - My Nape

About four times a year (starting to become less) I travel from Atlanta, Georgia to San Antonio, Texas to visit my dad. Every time I am there, my dad knows he is going to have to take me to Dandyland to see my piercer who has pierced me for almost five years now. The last time I was there was back in December. I planned on getting a piercing on my right ear to make it a little more even with my left ear. Miro (my piercer) does such great projects and fun piercings that I knew he would come ... read more

DIY Surface piercing? No thank you.

What can I say? I'm a teenager, and this is what we do. We do stupid things and chalk it up to experience even if we know what we're doing is wrong, unsafe, or dangerous. And with my love of piercings, and body mods in general, I'm always curious and wanting to try new things in the way of piercings. I've always loved the look of surface piercings, but never really had the desire to pay $80 for a piercing that would most likely grow out within a few months, probably less. But then, one of my friends had the ... read more

Anchoring Underside of My Wrist

I have always liked the look of surface piercings, and decided to go and talk to the piercer who worked at the studio where I had my shoulder tattooed a few months ago. I did not know anyone with any atypical piercings, so I wanted to hear a bit more about the procedure, healing process, and the like before I decided to get one, even though I was almost entirely set on piercing my wrist. After talking with the piercing artist, Trey, for a bit, I realized that the rejection rate for those types of piercings, and especially the wrist, ... read more

a happy punch and taper!

My love of piercings started when I found out about them; first, I got my ears pierced at Sacred Heart when I was 12, ear stretching since I was 13 (they're now 7/8ths of an inch) my septum when I was 14, my sternum when I was sixteen (almost 17) and then a couple more ear piercings since then. I had been dabbling in the idea of getting a cleavage/sternum piercing since I was about 15, but I never actually expected to get it. My friend Dingo had only had his ears pierced before and stretched to about an 8 ... read more

16 dermal anchors

I've been in love with corset pieces since I first saw them. I discussed doing a temporary one with Richard but he told me that he'd just been trained to do dermal anchors and said if I wanted it to last that would be the best way to go. I had seen a bunch a few years back but I wasn't too sure on how they were done. He gave me a quick run down, we remove the first three layers on skin with a dermal punch and run a taper down either side of the hole then I pop ... read more

Nape Piercing

I've been getting piercings since the age of 15 having ten in total so far. I had become tired of facial piercings and felt that I had exhausted my ears and really wanted a new piercing that none of my friends had. Nape piercings had interested me for a long time and I felt that having the back of your neck pierced seemed really feminine and decided that that was definitely the piercing that I wanted. I went to my usual piercing haunt Siva located in Aflecks Palace in Manchester as I had been there on several occasions prior to ... read more

First Foray into Surface Piercing- My Nape

It seems like every piercing I've gotten began with the thought, "Now that's something I would never get." When I was 16, I thought a tragus piercing looked unattractive and pointless. The day I turned 18, I got my tragus pierced. And so it went with other piercings; septum, etc. Perhaps my immediate distaste for certain piercings plants the idea deep into my head and it festers there until I think, "What is it about that that bothers me so much?" And all the thinking develops into a fascination until, ultimately, I have to have it. And so it went ... read more

A unique surface piercing-so amazing!

I was born into a fairly conservative family, so, naturally, piercing wasn't very accepted. Although my mom had her ears done, that was it. My few ear piercings were not well liked. My parents also didn't like my tragus, but they tolerated it, probably because it was small. So, when I got my navel at 18, I hid it. My mom called belly rings trashy, and low class. After a bit, I started to see surface piercings, in various locations, and I fell in love with them. I had to have some! After looking at hundreds of pictures, none of ... read more

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