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Sternum piercing

After moving to a new city, with my new boyfriend, to start a new job I had absolutely no experience in, I was feeling very much alone. Not knowing anyone here, I spent quite a few of my free hours browsing the internet or playing ps3 or 360 games.It was on one of my days off when I was looking at a section called unusual piercings on a random website that I saw the sternum piercing. I fell in love: it was so beautiful, so sexy, and compliments a woman's frame perfectly! I researched on bme and other sites, to ... read more

Clavicle Surface Piercings

I've been itching for another piercing since my last in December. I knew exactly what I wanted done- surface piercings below my collarbones. The problem was getting the timing just right. Having had surface piercings before, I know they don't last long. I knew I had to wait until Summer so that I could actually show them off, and minimise the need for clothing that would rub against them. Looking through my old diaries (they're very embarassing!) I found out that my first "real" piercing was 15th July 2005. What better way to celebrate my five year anniversary than getting ... read more

My first surface piercing! x3!

When I fancy a particular piercing, it will take me a few weeks to a few months to feel comfortable enough with the idea of actually getting it. I research placements, correct jewelry, personal stories, potential problems and facts about the piercing itself. I like to know what I'm getting into and what sort of things I may expect. When I first saw a dermal anchor piercing a few years ago, I was very curious. I knew of surface bar piercings, but these new fangled piercings allowed for a single gem or disc to just "float" somewhere. It was too ... read more

A certificate on the wall dosen't mean you can do surface piercings well.

The main entrance was filled with the musky smoke of incense, the tiny bells of welcome chimed as the door closed behind me and my friend Mark. I look back to him, my face wrinkled with apprehension. He urged me on through the house and I come to the living room, in dim lighting there sat the self professed Goddess Lakshima, Goddess of what? I don't know for sure, but the most I got out of what Mark explained to me earlier in the week was she was heavily into The Craft of Wiccan denomination. I had come to my ... read more

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