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Notorious Nipples

The best way to explain this is from the beginning work my way through the middle and finish off strong at the end. So here I go: I have Small boobs. It's kind of a cosmic joke on how small they are because I use to make fun of my middle sister for being flat in the chest while growing up and now she has a whooping 36 DD. (Thanks for stealing the all the good genes sis)...but this story isn't about my sister or her boobs but my nipples. So onward ho:I am a full A cup. Due to ... read more

my nipple piercing.

One morning I woke up, and had a thought. "I want to get something pierced". I already had had my nose done prior, which I had taken out, and wanted something a little more private. I'm not one for facial or surface piercing (except for a cute nose stud), so I got thinking. I knew all along what I wanted but couldn't quite bring myself to make the decision; I'm not exactly a girl who you'd guess to want/have her nipple pierced. After a little research (on BME most notably), and sussing a few pictures of cute girls with bars ... read more

My first piercing

I have been thinking of getting a piercing for about two years now. But the only thing holding me back was where to get it. I decided on my nipples. I talked to a friend about where she goes to get tattoos and ear piercing. She told me that the girl that does it was great and clean. I went to her house to visit, while sitting in her basement I decided that it was time to get pierced and called the tattoo and piercing studio Visible Ink. She said to come in around seven pm that night. Five of ... read more

The story of how my nipple met a needle

Well, where to start? I'm into bodymodifications since I was 12 or 13. The first time I was confronted with it was when BRAVO, a teen magazine, had a report about piercings. I liked the way it looked. From that day on, I could not get it out of my mind. I was looking all the time at other people on the beach if they had a bb piercing, at the bus on the girls with a nose piercing and so on. Still it was because of the looks, and it didn't even crossed my mind to have a piercing ... read more

nip pierced

I have wanted my nipple pierced very badly. I am male and for the last year i loved looking at female nipple piercings and male and decided its time for me to get mine done as well. I am underage, but i knew a place that would do it for me. I asked around to other people who have had piercings done upon their bodies and they kindly directed me to a place where I could get mine done. It wasn't a very good place they said, but hey I thought, I will settle for what I can get. I ... read more

My nipple confidence building piercing experience

About three days ago I got both my nipples pierced. I went through many stages before I got them done. When I was younger I thought it was so dumb for girls to get their nipples pierced, after all who sees it but you? You wear a bra over it. Then I got to thinking, "well it is ok on other people, but I would never do it." Then, I way looking through pictures of them online and got to thinking "Maybe I would like too, they look cute on some of these girls." Then I talked it over with ... read more

My Nipple piercing!

I have been considering a nipple piercing for a long time, but have been hesitant to go through with it because of all the horror stories I've heard about how much it hurts. My nipples aren't super sensitive, sexually I don't get much pleasure from them, but they do hurt if they get pinched too hard or something. The main reason I wanted the piercing was for the look of it, I wasn't hoping it would make my nipples feel good or anything, but I obviously didn't think that it would hurt for more than a few weeks. I finally ... read more

My little birthday present

It was June 20, one day after my eighteenth birthday, and I was considering doing something that I had wanted to do for a long time, but could mean me living in severe secrecy with my family or being kicked out of my house. I mean it's not the first time I had gotten what most people consider an unusual piercing; I pierced my own snake bites and my own ears, but there was no way in an absolute zero hell I was going to be able to pull this off on my own-- trust me, I tried before I ... read more

My 18th Birthday

I had considered the idea of nipple piercings for quite some time & had done continuous research yet was lacking one important factor, the ability to make the decision for myself. I was two years away from being 18 and fully set on getting my nipples pierced. With the knowledge I had acquired I knew I would have to wait until I was 18 to finally get this procedure done. The time went by slowly as it always does when you want something badly, as time went on the desire never subsided. I took in any and all information good ... read more

Couldn't quite believe I'd done it!

For years now I've been interested in body mods, but was never quite sure when I might take the plunge myself, never even got my ears done or anything. But hey, one day I was chatting to my boyfriend about tattoos, and we thought maybe it would be a nice idea to get one together? I don't mean each others names, or matching pictures or anything silly, just thought the act of going and getting them done together would be an activity worth considering! So we considered it and did lots of research etc, but in the end decided maybe ... read more

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