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Yet another nipple experience

ast summer, one of my best friends had passed away in an accident and I went through a period of feeling out of context. All of a sudden, everything that I did on a daily basis seemed absurd. I felt like I had been missing the point all of these years. And I realized that I'd never really made much of a habit of paying much attention to my body or what it needed. Sure, I put a bandaid on a cut. Fed myself at regular intervals. I pretty much took care of maintenance, but never went out of my ... read more

Nipple and Frenum Piercing

To me, piercing and tattoos are a very personal expression of my sexuality. Unlike many of the people who enjoy body modification, I neither show or discuss mine publicly. A big reason for that is my occupation. I am a full time police officer, and quite frankly, it's a very conservative group on the whole. My first tattoo was a medium sized eagle on my right shoulder which I got in Alabama during Army basic training. Several of us had gone to town on an overnight pass and decided it was the "thing to do". Basically, it was a rite ... read more

"18th Birthday Piercing Present"

ell, I had been planning on getting some body mod for my 18th birthday for about 6 months.. originally I was planning on getting a celtic tattoo on my lower back, but I signed an agreement that, in exchange to get my navel pierced when I was still 17, I would wait till I was at least 21 to get a big celtic tattoo. So nipple piercings kinda stuck with me.. So the night before my 18th birthday, I thought about the pain factor and decided its way too late to back out now, and resolved that I would actually ... read more

Ex-square's Nipple Experience

started a really long time ago. When I was a freshman in high school the girl who had a locker across from mine, and who was in my math class was kind of strange. She was into drugs, had about 20 holes in each ear and had greenish hair. Despite my preppy clothes and plain blond hair, we talked some, and it ended up she invited me to a party one Friday night. I decided to go, and while there I had the terrible experience of watching her pierce her own tongue with a safety pin. A dull safety pin. ... read more

My Birthday Present

rthday Present My Birthday Present I had been thinking about getting my nipples pierced for about six months. Two weeks ago I decided that getting them pierced would be a perfect way to spend the birthday/graduation money that I'd gotten from unsuspecting relatives. I went to Body Piercing by Bink in Tallahassee, FL. To anyone in the vicinity, I highly recommend him. My SO and I went on a Saturday. I was extremely nervous, but I kept telling myself that I'd know whether it was right when I walked in the door. We went in, and talked to Bink's assistant. ... read more

I finally got my nipples pierced.

i. <waves> Ok. So I finally got my nipples pierced. I've wanted them pierced for a few years now. So about 3 weeks ago I promised myself that I would do it when I got my next paycheck. 2 weeks after that I got paid and i was SO ready. I was excited all day long and counting the minutes. That was probably the longest day of my life. My friend drove me to Mr. Bills, the place that I get all of my tats and piercings done at. I picked out my jewelry and sat down. And started getting ... read more

Nipple Piercing at HTC

I have been fascinated with body piercing for almost 3 years now, although my personal practice of the art only extends to a pierced eyebrow (now removed), a pierced tongue, and a pierced nipple, my fascination extends deeply into the extreme. And although most of it not something I would want for myself, I find it all very beautiful and innovative and I have a great deal of admiration and respect for those of you out the who, on a daily basis, push the limits of the body and the flesh. I would now like to share a personal experience ... read more

The Insidious Inside Out Nipple

K first a little background info, (this is how it all got started). My first piercing was in sixth grade, I'd always wanted to get my ear pierced (well for a few years at that point), but my parents wouldn't let me. When a friend in my class got his ear done I was able to convince them, I had it done at the mall with a piercing gun. It was fun for a while, I'd try different earrings but after a while it just got boring, I needed something more. In seventh grade I tried to convince my parents ... read more

Nipple Experience

Friday, 27 March 1998 Day One It's probably best to start with yesterday, Thursday, 26 March, aka "Day Zero," the day the actual piercings were done, even though I first put finger to keyboard today, on Day One: Upon meeting Adrienne, I got the immediate sense that she's very likable, and wants to put her clients at ease so they'll get as much out of the experience as possible. A different vibe as compared to Jon Cobb, but no less competent or trustworthy. Almost the first thing she said was to ask if I was nervous, which did put me ... read more


or many years now, I have been anxiously awaiting the moment when I would have my nipples pierced. For the most part, I was just waiting for a time when I would have enough money to have them done without cutting in to more important expenses. I had the jewelry (12ga. CBR's) for a long time before I actually got my nipples pierced. When the time came to have them done, I decided to go for somewhat of a "different" experience than what most people having their nipples pierced would have. I decided to have them done in "tandem". What ... read more

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