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Do you tip a piercer?

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/08-nipple/990701/nipblksn.html"> Flawless: Julien @ Black Sun Studios Okay, so it's spring, it's rainy, I have the day off work. There was something I was supposed to do today... ah yes. My "appointment"; my stomach turns with anticipation. Here's my background: I'm 19 years old, a male, with previous piercings of left ear cartilage (twice). My thoughts about nipple rings have waxed and waned, but ever since I saw my first one (thanks Erle!), I was in love with 'em. I don't know what took me this long, but meeting an up-and-coming tattoo artist & piercer rekindled the flame. ... read more

Ms. Prim-&-Proper gets pierced.

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/08-nipple/990701/niprimp.html"> I grew up in an upper class family in the Caribbean. Everyone, both family and friends are prim & proper. Things such as piercings and tattoos and any other body modification was looked down on. But as a serious art lover I thought they were just another art form to admire and maybe even try out. At first I saw no reason to get a piercing but on my quest to make great sex with my fiancee even better I started getting curious about certain piercings. I am too shy to even expose myself to a doctor ... read more

Penny's Nipples

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/08-nipple/990701/nippenn.html"> I consider myself a very conservative person. I can't say I am "normal", because I am not so sure what "normal" is. I have always loved the way body piercings look, and I am not talking about peoples ears. Matter of fact..I don't even wear earrings. I got my tongue pierced about 2 years ago. (in most peoples opinion during a rebellious faze) And I have wanted to get more done since then. When I decided this year it was time for something else..something out of the ordinary for me.  I mentioned it to my family. My ... read more

Inspired by Great White

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/08-nipple/990701/nipgw.html"> I have always wanted to pierce my left nipple since I saw Jack Russell of Great White with his pierced on an album..I have met him twice now, ironically, in a professional capacity...I remember asking cool guys in college about it..this is when NOBODY in the WORLD had one..I mean I almost guarantee no one in my hick college-town had one..this is WAY before tattoists did piercings regularly...my friends and acquaintances i had asked all wanted me to do it so they could check it out...I have always loved this freak-show aspect of body art...so many people ... read more

Colorado Nipple Piercing

I had been thinking about getting something pierced for a while. I read everything I could, searched the web, and of course found BME. Once there, I read every piercing story I could. In July 1998, I was a married 42-year-old, kind of conservative man. Getting anything pierced was going way over the line for me. But, I was intrigued. I wanted to do something for me that was totally out-of-character. I wanted to show my wild side. I wanted to be pierced! I decided to check out the tattoo/piercing places in Colorado Springs. I found a place and went ... read more

Oh, That REALLY Hurt

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/08-nipple/990701/nipstevi.html"> Let me tell you a bit about myself. My name is Stephanie ("Stevie" to my friends and family), and I am a native of Northern California. I grew up in a conservative...I mean REALLY conservative way. When someone sees me on the street (provided that I'm not wearing shorts or sticking out my tongue), you would probably see someone very "mainstream". But underneath all of that -- lies the heart and soul of a very free spirit. I have always been fascinated by tattooes, the color and the way they look in the skin has always been ... read more

My piercing awareness and nipples poem

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/08-nipple/990701/nippoem.html"> I always wanted my ear pierced, and after bugging my Mom for a while, she took me to have it done the summer before 7th grade. By the time I got to college I had my left lobe pierced twice, and shortly after I got to college I had my right lobe done, as well. (All with the evil evil gun) I had never really considered piercing beyond that much, even though I was aware of it to some degree. I could always appreciate the art in piercings and tattoos, but I wasn't really sure if I ... read more

Hole in one, then another, then another...where does it stop?

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/08-nipple/990701/niphio.html"> I must have been about 11 when I first thought about getting my ear pierced - it was sort of the trendy thing to do, but in my school, it was only the guys that were alwasys getting in trouble that ever wore ear-rings, and even then school rules were very strict - you had to wear a plaster over it whilst you had a stud in. So I more or less forgot about it, until a couple of years later when my brother was just about to leave for university. About a week before, my parents ... read more

Douple Nipple Experience

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/08-nipple/990701/nipdoub.html"> I've been meaning to write at least part of my bod mod story, but I never can find the time or words. Well, tonight I'm finally going to do it. That's how I usually end up getting my piercings done, too. Procrastinate until I am finally just sick of putting it off, and then go out and do it spur of the moment. I got my first professional body piercings done in July of 1998. I remember that there had been a lot of wild fires burning in Florida, and when my friend and I got to ... read more

Cat's Nipples II

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/08-nipple/990701/nipcat2.html"> Having just read through my first nipple piercing experience I decided that it's time to begin the second. For a couple of weeks prior to the second piercing I was beginning to realize that I could no longer feel the sensations in my nipples as I had during the healing process. Though it was not time to consider them fully healed I knew it was close, since, once again, I had to use outside stimulus to get and maintain hard nipples. It was mid-January 1999. My W-2 had just arrived and since it was my tax return ... read more

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