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Now I Don't Need A Boy Friend

person who would come off as a sweet innocent little girl which no one would suspect has any piercings or tattoos. Mostly due to the fact that they are all hidden or covered by clothing. I think since I was in grade 7 I have wanted to get my nipples pierced. maybe it was just something to say to people to get a shock out of them, and they would always say," no you wouldn't do that, plus you would pass out from the pain." I have never had a problem with pain so that didn't bother me. I started ... read more

finally, my nipple

had gotten my eyebrow pierced a month before I turned 18 and from that point on I knew that I had to get another one. The day that I got my nipple pierced was March 27, 1999. I had talked about getting it done to pretty much everyone I knew and all of their responses were the same, "yeah right," so to show them all I got it done. Now I am not the type of person who just jumps into things, I did extensive research on a woman getting her nipple pierced. I had a lot of questions so ... read more

my nipple piercings (14 ga. barbells)

had my ears done at the Cowpok before (traigus, conch, indusrtial) and was very pleased by their work. Reed, the senior piercer had done my ears a couple of time before, and each one of them has healed beautifully. I was also very impressed with their work on my boyfriend's bellybutton--it too also healed with no excessive discharge, infection, or keloids. They have a vey good reputation in the area for being clean and their prices are fair and reasonable. I hade been playing around with the idea of getting my nipples pierced for a while, and decided that it ... read more

The Nipple Piercing Rock!

n 18 year old girl and I had thought about piercing my nipples for several months befor I actually did about one month ago. There's some photo of a dominatrix with them pierced on a NOFX album and I always thought that she looked pretty tough. I'm tough. (yeah right.) Well, I'm no chicken. So I was 18 finally and I was hanging out with my boyfriend Aaron, and I said ,"honey, I wanna get stuck". He has his septum pierced and I adore it. He knew that I had wanted the ol'nipplies done for a while and --duh, he ... read more

It Hurts So Good

n- I added a little to it- not sure really what you meant about the ending being cropped off- I'd be happy to receive any more criticisms that you have. My interest in piercings all came about when I saw for the first time a girl with a septum ring. After I saw her, it was all over after that. This particular story is about my most recent piercing- both nipples. I started off getting my ears pierced on and off when I was younger, finally letting them close up because I was always losing jewelry. But after I saw ... read more

PA and Tits

k at a local bar here in DC,and do a lot of personal advertising for Industrial Body Piercing (ie.wearing there shirts and stuff). I had decided to get my nipples pierced, for some people piercings are asthetic, for me however, it was gonna be sexual,since I firmly believe my nipples are directly connected to another part of my body. I had made an appointment to do so, when a good friend came by my work one day and asked me to go with him to get his done. He had recently broken up with his lover of 6 years and ... read more

Hard NIPPLE...!!!

ow a 41 y/o male that just loves the body piercing experience... I have loved looking at and wondering what it would be like to have one for years... I looked for pictures of piercings every where, back then I didn't have access to the internet and it was hard to find pictures and images of body piercing just any where... I would from time to time come across a picture or two in a mens mag or a bikers mag... I would clip them out and save them, It started to make me wonder what it would be like ... read more

i finally got my nipples pierced...

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/08-nipple/990801/nipslfpr.html"> Hello my name is Christine and i am 19 years old. I have been getting pierced since i was 16. I had been thinking about getting my nipples pierced for some time now.. I only started thinking seriously about it this year. My mom has her nipples pierced so i pumped her for info but that turned out to be a little strange, asking my mom about the sensitivity of her nipples before and after...well u know.. I also work at a tattoo and piercing studio,(customer service and some sterilization) and i think that my the piercer ... read more

My right nipple

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/08-nipple/990801/nipright.html"> A year ago, I would never have dared get anything on my body pierced. I don't care for facial piercings, but I liked the nipple and genital piercings I saw in pictures, as long as they were on someone else. My attitude changed when I saw a friend's nipple piercings in person. A couple of months later, I pierced my left nipple twice myself, and tried on three separate occasions to pierce my right nipple, but had trouble getting the ring through Tired of the frustration, I finally decided to have a professional piercer do it for ... read more

Nipple Piering: Learning the Hard Way

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/08-nipple/990801/niplhw.html"> Hi There, I am over forty years old. For years now I have subscribed to various publications that have pictures that sometimes show various BM's. I noticed the wife was just as intrigued as I was about various piercings. I told her she should get her nipples pierced. Her reply was that she would after I got mine done. It took a while but I finally decided that if that was what it would take, then so be it. I decided that I would do my own piercing and started checking out materials I would need, on ... read more

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