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Fourth Times a Charm!

Even before I knew what tattoos and piercings actually were, I had a fascination with body art. I was always drawing on myself as a child and wanted to somehow put something shiny on my body. You would think I would have started earlier but I never actually got my first piercing until I was 18. I loved it. I wanted more immediately. After a few tattoos and a couple piercings I decided I was brave enough to take nipple piercings. I naively chose a what I believed to be a great piercing studio.. at the mall. They didn't take ... read more

The Infamous Nips

I usually get my piercings in groups. I got my nostril, 2nd and 3rd lobes all within a month and a half. Well, last Monday I went into Hot Rod Piercing and got my industrial done, which I wrote about on here as well. After that, I was itching for another one. I know, my body was already working on healing two holes, but I just couldn't resist. The problem was deciding which piercing to get. Tim, who did my industrial, suggested my next piercing be the rook on the other ear. The non-edge-of-the-ear piercings make me nervous though. My ... read more

Restoring nipple piercings

When I was 16 and dumb, I lived in Denver and made friends with a piercer named Sandy. I had a lovely collection of jewelry, stretching from eyebrow to perineum, and just about everything in between. I remember the sensation of having sex a few months after I had gotten my PA, and decided that I needed at least four more piercings to complete the effect. I had wonderful chains that went from earlobe to nose, as well as a pair of thick juicy nipples with which I could hang small adornments off of a pair of 10ga captured-ball rings. ... read more

Anticipation and an Awesome Experience

Prior to meeting this girl Sarah that I dated, I had very little exposure to nipple piercings. I had seen some before but none quite as frequently as I got to see hers. They were definitely fun to play with, so one day I started asking her questions about them. This went on for a week or two before I was pretty sure that I wanted mine done. My main concern at the time was how they would look, as I have fairly small nipples, but after looking through hundreds and hundreds of BME nipple pictures, I decided that they'd ... read more

Screaming Agony

I nerd around on this site almost every day and sometimes get frustrated at the lack of experiences from my neck of the woods, so I decided to quit being a hypocrite and post my own story! I've had a couple piercings before, but only my nostril, which had to be redone after a jewelry changing failure, and my industrial, which didn't take very well. Point being, I'm not a total and complete newbie when it comes to getting stabbed, but I guess I was still unprepared. I've always been really fond of nipple piercings. I even convinced one of ... read more

Nipples and their neverending annoyances

I became interested in getting my nipples pierced shortly after my eighteenth birthday. I first decided on nipple piercings for aesthetics and the possibility of increased sensation. I did some research and discovered that healing can take forever, but as I am a prodigious healer I dismissed the possibility. (See, that's foreshadowing!) Basically, a friend and I were hanging out one evening with nothing to do when I mentioned that I had been thinking about getting my nipples pierced. Her initial reaction amounted to "do it!" Emboldened by her enthusiasm, I suggested that we go to Evolved (an awesome, reputable ... read more

My diagonal nipple piercings and aftercare

So, I'd decided I'd wanted my nipple's pierced. I had liked the look of nipple piercings for a while but was always way too scared to actually go ahead and do it (I only had my lobes pierced, and i was about 6 when i had those done!), but about 3 months ago I was in town with the boyfriend and decided that today was the day. The look on his face when I turned to him in River Island and told him I wanted to go get my nipple's pierced was priceless! We walked to where I knew Needleworks ... read more

Made Me Feel Sexy Without Too Much Pain

My nipple ring journey begins ... So I decided (after seeing a movie with a girl with nipples rings) that I needed either a new piercing or tattoo. Since the only tattoo artist I trust is down in Florida, I decided that I needed a piercing. I liked how the nipple rings look and pretty much got my heart set on those. I asked my boyfriend what he thought, and he laughed saying he'd like them. For the next three weeks or so, it was all I could talk about. I did extensive research on the process, the risks, the ... read more

Finally Got My Nipples Done!!

Well, it's been around 24 hours since I got both my nipples pierced. And I am definitely sore. I've wanted to get my nipples pierced for some time now, around about a year. I've been getting random ear piercings since I was sixteen, including a daith, conch, rook, and some cartilage, and I have my belly button and tongue frenulum pierced as well. As I became more and more addicted to getting those cute little holes in my body, the sooner and sooner I'd get my next addition. I've always liked guys with nipple rings or bars... But I didn't ... read more

16g circular barbell piercing

Today I got my nipples pierced, as I've wanted them done since I was 11 when my cousin got his done. My girlfriend is still unaware that I wanted to do this and I haven't told her yet. But I wasn't willing to give up something I've wanted to do for years if she didn't approve so it will be a shock to her when she finds out but its okay. Debating over weather I should really go through with this, I walked into a few studios by my college and all of the people their either didn't seem as ... read more

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