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My Inverted Nipple Piercing Experience

Ever since my breasts started to develop I knew that they weren't 'right'. When I compared myself to other girls and women their breasts and nipples were vastly different to mine. Their nipples were more pronounced than mine. I just figured that I was destined to be weird, much to my dismay inverted nipples are quite common not to mention normal with normal functioning. At this time my breasts were still growing but I somewhat knew that I was always going to be the 'freak' and that there was little I could actually do. After I gained my first intimate ... read more

my exciting, fun filled, nipple piercing adventure.

Wednesday 9/9/09. Epic day. I had finally decided on getting my nipples pierced. Only after I had picked the Wednesday, after I was in the shop signing the form for my piercings did I realize it was 9/9/09. How exciting. Any who, I had decided to get my nipples pierced on a partial whim of teenage freedom of expression. A breakthrough for my adult hood as I had recently turned 18 and was in college. So I could do that sort of thing without asking my mom. Chances are she wouldn't have agreed. So yay for the legal age of ... read more

Love the look - hated the healing

I had been fascinated by body modifications since college, but was hesitant to actually go through with it. My only two piercings, previously, were in my ears. My mom had gotten me pierced at four years old in some random chair at the entrance to JC Penney, I think. It wasn't the most pleasant memory as that piercing gun made some pretty scary noise to my little ears. Since my childhood, though, I had met some pretty interesting people with some even more interesting modifications. I had high school friends with wrist tattoos and eyebrow piercings, college friends with nipple ... read more

Nipple Piercing- Pleasure from Pain

For the past couple of years, physical pain has always been a permeating aspect of my sexuality. Being somewhat of a switch in BDSM situations, I also enjoy experiencing pain. A discovery within this year has been that I find a lot of pleasure in the stimulation of my nipples, especially rough stimulation. Although I hadn't yet gone as far as puncturing my nipples, I was stretching with pliers, making small cuts, and orally stimulating them. Around this time I also encountered the BM community and realized that I could enhance my stimulation and change that part of my body ... read more

Third time is a charm!

I've been into getting body modifications for several years now, beginning with my right cartilage and moving into three tattoos, two septum piercings, a multitude of other ear piercings, nostril, lip, and hips. I decided to get my nipples done after seeing a friend's nipple piercings a couple of months ago and falling in love with them. I had read several experiences on BMEzine and had accepted the fact that it was probably going to be my most painful piercing, but I wanted to get it done so badly! About a month or so ago I decided to go to ... read more

A Senior Citizens Nipples

Why would a 67 year old want to get his nipple pierced? Well for me it was curiosity. I have been checking BME for several years wondering if I would be able to get up the nerve to have a hole or two put in my body. Living in a small rural conservative community, meant any piercing would have to be hidden, leaving Nipples, Genital or Navel as being the probable choice. Also there were no studios near home, which meant I would have to travel at least an hour each way to have any piercing. I had considered getting ... read more

Took it Like a Chimp

A couple of months ago, my husband and I got in a huge fight. I realized that our marriage was over, and I left. I've been living halfway across the state ever since, with only a couple of trips back to the area. The first trip back is the important one for this story. Two friends drove over and met my brother and I at the house, and helped load all my stuff into a Uhaul. It went a lot faster than we had expected, and our next move was to stop into town for dinner. After dinner we stopped ... read more

Painless Nipples

I had been researching the piercing for some time and wanted before my birthday (Nov. 13th) so they would be healed or not sore by then. Dave has pierced my navel and tongue and they all healed great besides the infection I got in my navel (it was my fault, changed it too early and didn't clean correctly). Since those piercings I have gotten my 2nd earlobe and my tragus which were painless too. I have been told that I have a very high pain tolerance. Any who...I was doing the research and thought this piercing would hurt and it ... read more

My nipple piercing experience!

I had been thinking about getting my nipple pierced for quite awhile and then two weeks after my 20th birthday I decided to go for it! My friend was also going to get it done but she was getting her left nipple and I was getting my right nipple. I went to the same place I got my ears and my belly button pierced (only other piercing I have is tragus done else where) as I thought they seemed like they knew what they were doing. We were asked by the receptionist if we thought we had more big or ... read more

My little moment of bravery.

I love piercings. I love tattoos. I love the rush of getting a new body modification and the high that comes with everyone admiring your new ink or hardware, or even the secret rush of knowing you have something that is for your eyes only. And the biggest one is that I love my shop. Top Tattoo probably has the best feel to it of any shop I've been to and I've been to quite a few with friends when they go to get a new tattoo, and the Seattle-area has a large number of shops. I've never been dissatisfied ... read more

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