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What Else Are They There For?

Since I was 12 or 13 I've always said that male nipples are good for one thing and one thing only, to get pierced, why else would they be there? And when I was 16 I did just that, got my nipples pierced. As a kid I was never really interested in body modifications, I mean, I wanted my ears pierced but then again, what pre-teen boy didn't? I never really thought in depth about any of it, probably because my parents were so against all of the body modifications I knew about at the time. I wasn't allowed to ... read more

Primo piercing,i miei Nipple!

Il regalo di natale più bello di quest'anno appena passato è stato sicuramente quello del mio fidanzato : due nipple! La parte ammirevole è che lui non era molto d'accordo,ma vedendo quanto mi piacevano ha superato se stesso al punto non solo di accettare l'idea che mi sarei trovata con "dei pezzi di acciaio infilati nel corpo" (come amorevolmente li definiva!)ma addirittura di prenotarmi un appuntamento come regalo! Siamo andati al Red Tattoo insieme a informarci,sia per i miei nipple sia per un'idea di tatuaggio che si era fatto il mio fidanzato..sinceramente la ragazza al banco non mi è sembrata ... read more

second ever piercing? nipple?

It started about a year ago when two of my mates and me decided we would get pierced together. I don't know why but we didn't even have to think about a piercing, it just came to us straight away...the nipple must be pierced. No other thought was put into it and that was decided then and there. Well one of my mates and me play rugby for the school and decided we'd have to wait for the season to finish before we went and got it done. I didn't fancy the thought of it getting caught amongst the tackling ... read more

Piercing Inverted Nipples

hiya all, I wanted to write to tell any of those of you thinking about getting your nipples pierced how my experience went! I've had inverted nipples as long as I can remember, the right one was more severe than the left but they both tended to stay hidden away most of the time. To begin with I figured the only option to get them fixed would be surgery which costs in the region of £1,500, which of course I couldn't afford being a student and all. Then I read about how piercing can fix the problem. I read a ... read more

Painful but pretty nipple piercing!

Yesterday, we were having a really boring quiet day in the studio I'm doing my apprenticeship in piercing. We were just sitting around and complaining about how quiet it was, and how both of us wanted to pierce something, so I decided I'd let Patricia, the main piercer who is teaching me, pierce my nipple! I had a few surface piercings lined up to do later and she had nothing to do for the day, plus I had wanted it for a few weeks now, so yesterday seemed like the right time to do it. I should have eaten first, ... read more

my new nipples

I had been joking around about getting them done for a few months. After I had my tongue done and it fully healed, I didn't know what else I would do. I had that craving once again. A few people mentioned my nipples but I just laughed it off. I researched it on BME and read every experience story that I could. Most of them just mentioned that if you want it done its so worth it. I read the aftercare from various websites as well. I finally thought maybe for Valentines Day I would get them as a gift ... read more

Moje probusene bradavice

Oba uha,pupak,...mindjuse se ponosno sijaju na tim mestima moga tela,ali ono sto sam sa najvecim nestrpljenjem hteo da probusim bile su bradavice.To mi je bila skrivena zelja jos odavno,ali sada je izbila u prvi plan.Razmisljajuci o tom piercingu dugo sam se raspitivao,jedni su govorili "uh pa to mora puno da boli" , drugi su pricali "slobodno idi busi". Ja sam to mnogo zeleo ali moram priznati da mi je dugo vremena trebalo da skupim hrabrost da to i uradim,ispostavice se da sam to trebao mnogo ranije da uradim jer je bol skoro zanemarljiv spram zadovoljstva koje pruza nosenje mindjusa u ... read more

First Nipple Piercing!

About a month after having my belly button pierced (which was my first REAL piercing aside from my ears) I decided that I had to get something else done. After looking at my options I decided that a nipple piercing was for me. I had seen them done before and had always thought that they were very sexy but, I never thought that I would be able to get it done. The first thing that I did when I decided that I wanted to get it done was tell my boyfriend. I was afraid that he would not like it ... read more

ooooh, how TITillating!

Today was the day! I finally turned 18, and my mom is right - "the flood gates have opened" as far as piercings go. I've been interested in body mods for quite some time, and drive my friends mad with all my rambling on and on (and on and on) about piercings and tattoos and the like. My mom's not too fond of it all, but she's open to it and knows it's ultimately my choice, so if I really wanted a piercing, she'd let me (so far I have my 2 lobes, industrial, nostril, daith, tragus, 3 helix, and ... read more

My random nipple stabbing experience

So one day I'm sitting in my room, wondering what I should get pierced next. Don't get me wrong folks, I don't walk in thinking, "Well... I don't know... Should I get a tattoo? Or a piercing? Which one? Tongue looks hot... I think I'll get that! Like totally!" No... I just generally love most piercings, and find myself being drawn to and wanting to have most of them. However, I don't want to have wholes all over me, all at the same time, pissing off my entire family, so I have to eliminate my options every once in a ... read more

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