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Ahora me encanta mi pezón!!!

Bueno, la verdad es que siempre me han gustado las modificaciones corporales, especialmente los piercings. Mi primer piercing fue en el ombligo a los trece años (con 9 me hice un segundo agujero en el lóbulo derecho que se infectó y tuve que quitarme). El piercing del ombligo me lo quité un año después y hace 3 meses que me lo he vuelto a hacer. Pero ese piercing es otra historia que ya conté. El sábado por la noche, estando por ahí de fiesta, salió el tema de conversación del piercing en el pezón y la verdad es que a ... read more

super quick, but not totally painless

I've wanted my nipples pierced for a long time, since I was fifteen or so, and just never really went in and followed through with it.. But yesterday (Sunday) morning I woke up at my cousin's house after a pretty boring Saturday night, and was like "Lets go get my nipples pierced." She told me to call around for pricing, but I only called Artistic. I've had every piercing and tattoo I have done there, and really didn't want to go anywhere else. They quoted $30 per each hoop, and $40 per barbell. My cousin, who had hers done drunk ... read more

pushing my limits- Nipple Piercing

I guess I will start off with saying first: I am typically a shy person until you get to know me. I received Nipple piercings in April 19, 2008. It took so much for me to go and do that, but if I can do it anyone can! Nipple piercing was not something that I have always wanted. It was more of something that I was drawn to. I work at a home improvement store and I am not allowed most of the piercings I want; however I've been able to sneak a few. I also have to consider that ... read more

Finally conquered my nerves!

I'm a 22 year old married lady from Nottingham, and I have been intrigued by the idea of pierced nipples for a very long time, it was just that my nerves kept getting the better of me. For about a month and a half I'd say I was going to get it done on a certain day, then find something else to do at the last minute! I work fourteen hours a day, six days a week, so it wasn't very hard for me to find excuses. Then I decided that I was probably chickening out because it was such ... read more

Business shirts with a pocket on both sides.

Virtually nobody knows that I have wanted a piercing for a VERY long time. I was only around 15 when I started wanting an ear ring. I once even got an ear pierced at a local hairdresser when I was a teenager, but didn't last long. When I came home my Mum began to cry and asked, "So you're gay, are you?". That was not at all what I had expected, and I removed it within minutes. I thought about piercings on and off for many years. I was a bit like the "runaway bride" on many occasions. I think ... read more

A Very Good Experience

My eighteenth birthday was coming up, and for four years I had been planning for this experience. I live in a small town, so there were only a couple legitimate places I would consider getting pierced at. Two months before my birthday, I started exploring my few options of where I was to get pierced. At the time, I decided that the ONLY option I had in my area was a place called Cherry Bomb. I visited the place about three or four times before my birthday to ask questions and to get to know all the piercers. However, I ... read more

Nipples- Way worth the Wait

Ever since I got involved in piercing, I had wanted my nipples pierced. Too bad that I was only fourteen years old when I first got bit by the piercing bug. Flash forward four years to when I was finally eighteen. My birthday is March 15th, but since my friends had plans to skip school and go to various porn shops, strip clubs and buy cigarettes, the piercings had to wait. My boyfriend and I decided that St. Patricks day would be a decent day to go, since we both only had half days at school. So it was settled, ... read more

"this is the worst part"

I've had my nipples pierced before & loved how sexy having them made me feel. & I'm sure any other girl with them done will tell you the same..There's just something about them that makes you feel hot. But last July, I got approved for a breast reduction & they had to come out. I was also told it'd be a good idea not to have them redone for quite some-time after- to allow for healing & such..yadda yadda. So out they went & I went from an E cup to a C. (That's a big difference when you're 5 ... read more

Nipple piercing at Fakir's piercing intensive

I got my nipples pierced by two students at the Fakir Piercing Intensive in San Francisco, taught by Fakir Musafar (http://fakir.org). I found out very last minute that the class needed more people for students to practice on; my decision to get my piercings done there was somewhat spontaneous. I liked the idea that if I someday decided to take out the jewelry and let the piercings heal (whether because they got infected, made my nipples way too sensitive, or just were taking too long to heal), it wouldn't feel like a complete wash to me, because the piercings would ... read more

First Nipple Piercing

When I was in college, I got the opportunity to move to Orlando and intern for Walt Disney World. I was there for about five months and had the opportunity to work at a hotel for Disney. It was the best experience of my life. I made some lifelong friends, and before I knew it, I was in the last weeks of my program. I had thought for a long time about getting a piercing or a tattoo, and really wanted one to commemorate both my 21st birthday and the end of this program. I and some friends were hanging ... read more

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