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Nipple Rings Here I Come

So about 6 months ago I got bite by the piercing bug again, but since my latest addition was less than 4 months old and a cartilage piercing I decided to wait because at the time I assumed I would just add to my ear. While I waited I looked at so many pictures to decide what my next addition will be. As I work in the corporate world and can't get the lip ring I have wanted for so many years now, I looked at all the ear piercing spots available and nothing just jumped out at me that ... read more

First nipple piercing experience!!

I've always thought about getting my nipple done. I had heard of a few people who had theres done and thought of it as a relatively uncommon piercing. I had completely forgotten about wanting this done until my friend bought it up. She said she wanted hers done, and for the first time in a while, I had the desire to get a new piercing too! When she mentioned it, we went straight out to the piercing shop in town, only to find it was closed. It was a very spur of the moment thing, but for some reason I ... read more

DIY Nipple Piercing

I've always been into body modification since I was like thirteen. All of my piercings were self-done with much research before hand. I took most of them out as I got older and now all that remained was my septum, a few various on my ears, and my tongue web. I decided to get my left nipple pierced because I liked the idea that the piercing was very personal. Before getting my nipple pierced, I would say that the most painful piercing I got was my tragus. None of my facial piercings had been that painful so I was a ... read more

At first I thought I was insane. Now I could not be happier

On my 18th birthday I decided to go get a piercing. I had actually been planning on going to Dragon's Den for another piercing for a while. I know the owner's daughter who happens to be a piercer there. I was not planning on getting my nipples pierced at all. I was actually thinking about four points or my rook. Well I ended up getting an industrial after Angel told me I would need to take my current navel piercing out because it is too shallow and four points would look like crap. After, she told me that I deliberated ... read more

Why did I wait so long....?

So I finally did it!! It has taken me roughly 18 months of making a decision and chickening out, over and over again and now I wish I had done it sooner! I have wanted to have my nipples pierced for a long time and after looking at lots and lots of breasts on BME I finally decided to go for both nipples, vertical with bars. About 4 months ago I went to a different studio in Northwich to get them done... It didn't go entirely to plan as I came out with a nice new off centre labret piercing. ... read more

what a fun piercing

About a year ago, I decided to get my nipples pierced. I wasn't new to piercing, having had my lip done once and my nostril twice, but by that accord I wasn't very experienced, either. I had been browsing BME and considering it off and on, and on a whim with $40 in my pocket, I decided to get it done. I'd had bad experiences in the town I was living in at the time, but I had had a good experience before with Just Another Hole, so I decided to drive up to Tulsa, get it done, and head ... read more

Not even half as bad as I expected!

Two weeks ago I had my last exam. As always, during the studying, the urge for a new piercing came up. It gives me a reason to reward myself for all the hard work and something to look forward to. I've already got a tongue piercing, septum piercing and four regular earlobe piercings but still there's a bunch of other piercings I'd like to have. I figured I'd just have to pick one thing from my list, which consists of two rook piercings, two tragus piercings, a VCH and two horizontal nipple piercings (yes, I'm really fond of symmetry!). I ... read more

"nipple piercing" a cautionary tale.

I was fourteen; I guess I thought I was punk rock. My nipple piercing was purely the result of rebellion and foolishness. Too young for professional piercing, too unwise to wait, the spontaneous suggestion I allow my friend to pierce my nipple in her bedroom seemed like a fabulous idea. It was grade nine. I spent a great deal of time at my friend's house. Let's call her Pipa. Typically our sleepovers involved lighting a whole lot of candles and staying up most of the night listening to the cranberries. One night in particular we got it in our heads ... read more

My First Piercing. Nipples!

About 6 months from the time I wanted to get my nipples pierced I spend hours watching videos of people getting the piercing. It looked pretty painful but I still wanted to go in and get it done. I was 17 at the time and in California you have to be at least 18 years of age to get a piercing. One of my friends Courtney received a tongue piercing from there and she was 17 also, so it made me think that I should try and get it pierced. I called the shop, for reference it is called Holy ... read more

Mein Bondingerlebnis mit gleichzeitigem Piercing

Wir sind mittlerweile eine kleine Clique von 5 jungen Frauen welche sich durch gemeinsame Swingerclubbesuche mit unseren Freunden kennengelernt haben. Als da wären Jennifer, Elvira, Samira, Janine und meine Wenigkeit die Petra. Alle Mädels und auch die Jungs sind gepierct, einzig ich hatte bis vor 12 Wochen außer Ohrringen keine weiteren Piercings. Die Vorzüge eines Dolphin-Piercings durfte ich schon durch meinen Freund kennenlernen und auch einen Prinz Albert durfte ich bei einem Clubbesuch genießen. Durch unsere Cliquenmädels Jennifer, Elvira, Samira und Janine lernte mein Freund die Reize und Vorzüge von Nippel- , Schamlippen-, Clitorishood- und Klitorispiercings kennen. Völlig verzückt schwärmte ... read more

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