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My second and third nipple piercing

My affair with piercing begun just over seven months ago, with the somewhat unplanned piercing of my right nipple. Although a spur of the moment decision, I reversed the order in which these things are usually done and did my research after having received the piercing. It was then that I came across BME which luckily for me provided me with a wealth of information regarding aftercare, piercing culture etc... Fortunately, my experience was without drama, but by all means I recommend researching your particular piercing and its relevant details/aftercare before the actual piercing takes place. I have received several ... read more

My Re-Nipple Piercing

Ok. The back story first. It was back on 12.23.04, when I went to have my nipples pierced, one month after having my Prince Albert done. Now I have found out how addictive this piercing thing can get. I left the shop wearing one 10ga CBR ring in each of my nipples and they are healing well but I know they will take longer then my Prince Albert to heal fully but that is ok as I plan to keep them permanently. John is the owner and does piercing, he also did my Prince Albert, and I trust him completely, ... read more

My newest piercing!

To be honest, this story started months ago when I first thought about having my nipple pierced. Of course I'm not gonna bore you with what happened in between. Back then I was too scared of the pain to go through with it. A couple of weeks ago my desire for a nipple piercing came back again. Just like before, I still didn't have enough courage to actually go and get it done. It did start thinking about it allot and thought to just get it over with. The only thing I was missing, was someone that would go with ... read more

The Only Mod I Was Scared To Do...

I have always been a huge fan of body mods. I've had my tongue pierced twice, and I am getting it split soon. Also I have had my nape done twice, my industrial and my septum. No tattoo's yet. I have done many play piercing's and I am no stranger to pain. Anyways, I have wanted my nipples pierced for almost a year now, but always made excuses for why I shouldn't do it. Yesterday I decided that I wanted to get my nipples pierced before I do my Suicide Girls shoot next week. So I sucked it up and ... read more

The long view on my nipple piercing

When I was thinking of getting my nipple pierced, I read about a lot of people's experiences on this site, and they influenced my decision. Most of the accounts, though, were written by people who had just had it done days or weeks ago. I took my piercing out two days ago after having it for almost two years. Here's my story. It's not a horror story, but it's not a success story, either. I had my right nipple pierced one year and ten months ago, when I was 21 years old. I was intrigued and turned on by the ... read more

Inverted Nipple Piercings Round 2

I'm back! I wrote about my first experience of getting my inverted nipples pierced on this site a few months back and sadly, since then, I've been forced to take them out due to migration and it being a generally botched job. The guy that did them first time round shut up shop literally two weeks after I had them done, so I had no one to turn to for advice when they started playing up. Anyway, I went to Feline which is near my house in sheffield to get a tragus piercing, while I was there I asked the ... read more

Hello Military, Goodbye Mods

There were a few reasons that I was reluctant to enter the military. First and foremost, every day since as far as I can remember I've woken up with an erection(morning wood) and I was worried about being forced to jump out of my bed and standing at attention in my skivies with my erect penis hanging out. Luckily, this never happened. Secondly(and probably a more reasonable fear) I was annoyed at the fact that I would have to lose all my body mod's. My ears were strectched to about a 0 gauge, but mostly I didn't want to lose ... read more

The Nips

I have been interested in body piercings since about the age of 13. The one that interested me most was nipple piercings. Being so young there wasn't really the option of going to a studio, so any piercing would have to be self done. There was no issue of being found out about my nipples as I don't tend to bare all in front of anyone, as I was and still am quite self conscious. I'd first seen a nipple piercing in a magazine, at first I was unsure but then I really liked the idea of them. i don't ... read more

Poorly done nipple piercings

I believe I was 19 or 20 when I decided to up and get my nipples pierced. I had always wanted it done, but I think a part of me wanted to spite an ex-boyfriend who wished I'd get it done when we were together (he broke up with ME, that stupid ass!). I hadn't researched the topic at all, only looked at a few pictures. That was the bad move there, I hadn't even looked at places to get it done or shopped around. I just chose Iron Age in St. Louis (in the Loop) thinking it was well-known ... read more

nipples - inverted to extraverted!!

My nipples – well where do I start? I have never been happy with my nipples. They were fully inverted, coming out only when really cold or stimulated. I hated having to explain them to boyfriends or anyone else who saw them actually! They were always a 'challenge' for any boyfriend to get out and usually it was funny and I would laugh along but really it was embarrassing. I went to the Dr about them when I was about 15, and he said they would come out probably when I was pregnant and not to worry about them. Well ... read more

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