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The 18th birthday, and my nipples hurt

Ok so im going to start this one out with a brief explanation of not only my own piercings, but how the new nipple piercings came to be. I personally have always enjoyed piercings, adoring several beautifully healed ones. I currently have both my lobes done, lip, septum, industrial, and now my nipples. My industrial was extremely painful, but by far the absolute worst was of course the newest ones. K now to the story, my friend and I have been planning to get a piercing together ever since last December, on his 18th birthday. Well that came around yesterday. ... read more

Male double nipple piercing

Getting my nipples pierced is something that I have been wanting to do for quite some time. I guess the only reason that I haven't done it sooner, is that I am worried about the stipulations and stereotypes that go along with having that type of piercing. Getting them pierced to something that I can't be happier about though, now that I have it done. I feel like I have gone through a rite of passage. I went to Inkredible Ink in downtown Orlando for one reason. My sister did this same piercing about a year ago, and had a ... read more

symmetrical pierced nipples done after a long thought

Let's start this experience of mine by me telling all readers a little bit intro about myself. I'm a 26 years old professional male working with a company which strictly rules against visible piercings. But I have been an avid reader of BME sites and loved piercings- I decided to get piercings which can be easily hidden from view.I had long thought of getting my nipples pierced. I have been looking through the internet for infos and pictures of male pierced nipples- I wanted to have metal put in through them (looks goddamn sexy)but the horror stories of the pain ... read more

Just went for it!

I *just* returned from having my nipples pierced! Here's my story for those of you doing a little research: Previous to these piercings, I had my septum done eleven months ago at 16 g by Adam of Adam's Body Art in Brandon, and my navel done four years at 14 g by Jay of Soul Survivors Body Art in Winnipeg. A while ago, I began thinking about what my next piercing could be. As a sax major, most facial piercings were out, and I'm not too fond of those which were left (eyebrow, anti-eyebrow, cheeks, bridge). Someone I worked with ... read more

Suprisingly Sensual

I was very leary about getting my nipple pierced because no one I knew had ever had that done. I was never very sensitive I guess you would say about my breasts. They are a nice D cup but never got turned on by anything to do with them. I always enjoyed trying new things and wasn't ready to commit to a tattoo just yet. I really enjoyed my belly ring. I also had my nose and top of ear cartilage pierced at that time. I enjoyed all of my piercings and wanted to step it up a notch without ... read more

DIY Nipple Piercing.

First off, I would never recommend piercing anything without a professional,DIY piercings can be dangerous and should only be attempted if you know the correct piercing procedure and aftercare. In my case I decided yet again to save a bunch of money and DIY my nipple piercings. This was not my first piercing experience especially not DIY. I have pierced my naval, tongue, smiley, frowney, tongue web, 6 ear piercings,clitoral hood, right and left eyebrows, nose, and now added to my list as numbers sixteen and seventeen, my nipples, all by myself. Basically, I consider myself as informed and knowing ... read more

Second-ish Time is the Charm

I had wanted to pierce at least one nipple since high school; but little did I know it would be two nipples and two piercings later until my nipples were just perfect. About two years ago, I began talking about getting my nipples done. I had wanted to get it done years ago in high school, but (thankfully!) decided against getting it done out of the country. So finally at age 20 I decided that this mod would be something I could feel beautiful about. I am a self-proclaimed nipple-snob; I am really particular about the way that they look. ... read more

Decorating the Girls, Oww!

So I had been wanting to get my nipples pierced for about 6 months, but was too nervous to do it solo. Sometime last week one of my girl friends mentioned that she too wanted to get it done but did not want to do it alone. "Awesome!" I thought to myself, "Now I have a piercing partner! " So we decided what the hell, let's do it! So yesterday she came to my house and we headed up to Skin Candy, our studio of choice. The studio is about 30-45 min away from my house, and the closer we ... read more

Piercing Equals "Allowed"

I have always loved piercings and as soon as I was getting into highschool I got my navel pierced, then I pierced my own ears (three times each) and got my tongue, nose, and eyebrow pierced. But aside from that I always wanted a piercing, or 2, that were personal and private. Piercings that I would never show unless it was to my lover, to make it special. You guessed it, I wanted to get my nipples pierced. I have always been a timid person and even though I wanted to get this done I would dread the moment where ... read more

Both Nipples...

Most of my life I had stayed above the shoulder for piercings. I had no thought of ever getting anything below the waist done. I had my septum, conch, tongue, eyebrow, Monroe, and several other misc piercings in my ears, over the years. I've gone to several piercers and gone to several places. (I've moved alot) This is one experience I will never forget because its been such a resulting piercing. It was two weeks before the great twenty-first birthday. I was living with some rambunctious roommates and was having the time of my life. I had made GREAT tips ... read more

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