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Navel piercing (aka. Mommy's ouchy belly)

I decided to treat myself to something I've wanted for several years – a pierced navel. So, for my 30th birthday, in January 2008, that's what I did. After researching several shops, I decided on Tribal Rites, which is fairly close to my house in case I needed to ask questions, purchase jewelry, or receive assistance. Since then, I've done all three! My husband initially asked, "Why do you want to do this?" To which I replied, "It's something I've been wanting, and I think it's sexy! Plus, I can't decide on another tattoo, so I want a piercing." He ... read more

my birthday present

I've been into body mods since I was around 12. My cousin, who's 5 years older than me, is heavily pierced (1" plugs, 6 gauge septum, snakebites, anti eyebrow, bridge, sleeve tat, and full back piece) I was always attracted to the way he looked and how people looked at him when he walked down the street. By middle school I was begging my mom to let me get pierced, and as one can imagine, she wasn't to thrilled with the idea. It took years but eventually, at the age of 15, she surprised me and told me i could ... read more

Long-Awaited Navel Piercing

I had been considering a navel piercing after a few of my friends got them and found no problems. I was originally scheduled to get it pierced in a week (on May 23, 2008), but had to move up the date due to scheduling conflicts. So on Monday, May 12, 2008, I decided to get my belly button pierced! To be completely honest, I am scared shitless of needles. I hate going to the doctor's office for shots and getting blood drawn; I can't even look at someone else getting something pierced. However, this was something that I have wanted ... read more

Long Awaited Navel

This particular piercing adventure started when I got pregnant. As my stomach grew each month, I wanted more and more to have my navel pierced. Now of course you are not able to get any modification work done while you are pregnant, so I had 9 months of thinking about my navel piercing. Everyday I would get up, do my normal routine, and throughout the day I would look down and wish I had a navel piercing. After my son was born, my stomach went back to normal, or as normal as your stomach can be after being pregnant. I ... read more

My bellybutton

Before my belly, I had my three lower lobes (on my ears of course), one cartilage and both nipples done - making a "V" – actually - making way for this one. I have always been pretty fascinated with piercings of all sorts. I did my research online. Many of which came from here, bmezine.com itself. Everyone's stories have helped me from backing down, although I was pretty nervous when I got each piercing done. My ears have been pierced ever since I was two. I don't even remember getting it done. I do not really wear them anymore, but ... read more

Learning Experience

I've been reading BME for about 2 years now and of course, body modification intrests me greatly. I've read about people doing self piercings and I never thought I'd do it myself (the factor mostly being pain, I'd prefer to have someone else just shove it in than me taking my time and worrying about it), but I guess I was wrong. I think this stemmed mainly from the fact that I come from a family that I wouldn't call old-fashioned, but my parents aren't crazy (and certainly aren't easy to sway) about me getting any sort of body modification. ... read more

Inverse Navel; The Parental Battle

A little background on my mod experience in life: My mother HATES piercings with a passion. However, she has no problem with tattoos. Oh, the irony. From about age 11-13 I asked for pretty much everything in the book, including an inverse navel at age 12. She said no to everything, except my second lobes...3 years down the line and she's signing for my lip to be re-pierced[DIY'ed it the first time..apparently it had "problems" when in reality that studio was ripping me off, hardcore]. That day I discussed with her getting my inverse done, she refused. My father was ... read more

Another boring navel piercing

It was a girl's night out on the town - a town about 100 miles away from home, as we were planning on getting pierced and there is nothing in our town, but still. I had called Wingnut to see if we had time to get pierced that day, and to figure out how much everything would cost. Val was going to get her tragus pierced, while Kassy and I planned on getting our navels done. After we called, we said we would be right down there. Ha. Now, individually, each of us has the sense of direction of a ... read more

Trust the professional piercer

To start from the beginning, I have always been interested in body piercing. Ever since I knew that piercing was an option, I wanted some. The only problem was that we were not allowed to do that kind of stuff in my family. Tradition is tradition. So what did I do? I watched others get different body parts pierced and I had to look on with envy. Then one day in an advanced writing class, my good friend Brody lifted his shirt a little to show how he had pierced his own navel. To be honest, I had never pegged ... read more

The hole in my navel.

In the 10 years since I had my lobes pierced (with a gun at that), I've had little interest in body piercing or tattoos or anything of the sort. That all changed when I got some really good news about my health, and decided I wanted to change something about my body to make up for all the crap I went through. I can't really explain much more about the thought process behind that - it just came into my head one day as a means of giving myself some closure. A tattoo was a little too permanent for someone ... read more

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