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Belly button piercing = Beautiful!

The thought of getting my belly button pierced has been in the back of my mind ever since I can remember getting my cartilage pierced when I was about 12 years old. I've seen the pretty jewelry in the mall whenever I went. I`ve seen the belly rings on the beach when I went during the summer, and I craved for the time when I could get mine done. It was about 1 week after my 16th birthday and I had some money to spend, it was finally a perfect opportunity to get the piercing I wanted for so long. ... read more

I was so scared

A few years ago I had my nipple pierced, and I didn't have a particularly good experience. It took forever to heal and caused a lot of discomfort, its fine now but it was enough to make me incredibly nervous about getting another piercing. I had wanted my navel pierced for a long time, but kept putting off after the pain I went through with my nipple piercing. I had discussed it with my boyfriend and he thought it was a really good idea, but he didn't really understand just how bad my nipple had been. I spent a lot ... read more

Navel out of spite, and kept it for beauty.

It started when I had seen a girl on the train with one on, it wasn't flashy with dangling jewels or the the playboy bunny symbol. It was a black banana bar, it looked serious and femnine at the same time. I admired it so much in her, I wanted one of my own. That was when I was 16. I had become obsessed with working out and eating right so it would look as flat as the girl I saw on the train. It occurred to me on my 23rd year, that I wasn't getting any younger nor my ... read more

Navel at 36!

So, I had admiring pierced navels for quite a few years and was always jealous at those who had them. My biggest problem was that I was about 80 pounds overweight and in my opinion, I didn't want to get something so feminine when I wasn't looking so feminine. So in May 2007, I got on the bandwagon and decided to start exercising and eating right. During the last year, I hadn't thought too much about getting my navel pierced because I was so obsessed and focused on losing weight (and once I get obsessed/focused about something – there is ... read more

Don't do this at home

Before I got my navel done I had two piercings in each ear lobe and two in my left cartilage. I consider my navel to be my first real piercing though because it was the first time I was pierced with a needle instead of a gun, and babies are getting their ears pierced by the doctor's at birth these days! I was only fourteen or fifteen and my parents would not sign for me, so I had a friend do it. Looking back, that was a big mistake, home piercings are not a smart idea, and looking at some ... read more

Bonding With Steel

I've held a keen interest in body modification for a few years now. Like many BME readers, my interest was nurtured by browsing the abundant archives of pictures and experiences hosted here. I had known for a while that a navel piercing was on my long list of desired mods, and it would probably be one of the few that I would be permitted to get while I was still under the control of my parents. Before yesterday, I was mildly adorned with zero gauge lobes, a nostril piercing, and many (too many, maybe) scars from cutting. My school had ... read more

An Unplanned Piercing

I had always liked belly button piercings, since I was 12 I think. I would go onto this web site and look at the pictures and read the stories and I was always jealous when I saw people with it. I had even asked my mom what she would do if I asked her if I could get my belly button pierced, she said that she would say no. I then had lost my interest in the piercing around mid-year last year. One of my best friends was over at my house and we had been talking about wanting certain ... read more

Belly Button Pierced on a Guy

I was never really into piercings until a couple of years ago when I really started to notice girls with belly button rings. I thought they looked so good and started to have thoughts about getting mine done. However, because of my family they would never allow it and I would not bring it up. I never seriously thought about it until six months ago. I was determined to find some way of getting it done. I kept thinking of how good I would look with my belly pierced, and it would give me a reason to keep a flat ... read more

A Navel Adventure

Getting my navel pierced was a complete spur of the moment thing. I had been thinking about it for a while, but I wasn't sure, because so many people seemed to have it, and I didn't just want to be seen to be 'following the crowd'. It all happened when I was in town with my best friend. I was talking about piercings and jokingly told my friend I should get my belly done that very day. To my complete surprise (She's not as in to piercing as I am) she egged me on! And of course after that I ... read more

Long-Awaited Navel Piercing

I had been considering a navel piercing after a few of my friends got them and found no problems. I was originally scheduled to get it pierced in a week (on May 23, 2008), but had to move up the date due to scheduling conflicts. So on Monday, May 12, 2008, I decided to get my belly button pierced! To be completely honest, I am scared shitless of needles. I hate going to the doctor's office for shots and getting blood drawn; I can't even look at someone else getting something pierced. However, this was something that I have wanted ... read more

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