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"How many sit-up's do you do a day?" "None, why?" "The needle's stuck!"

My story is a little lengthy, but it includes some valid and useful advice and is a detailed account of my navel piercing experience. From the age of around 11/12 years old, I have admired the beauty of navel piercings. From the moment I saw them, I knew I would have to get one. So here I am, aged 16 with a beautiful piece of metal in my belly button! At this point, I did have 3 lobe piercings, 1 retired lobe piercing and an 8mm flesh tunnel in the other ear. I thought this would be a perfect first ... read more

horizontal navel piercing

I got my piercing done on total impulse. I was walking around Toronto with a friend who wanted something done, so we checked out a lot of studios and nobody seemed to have any openings. There was one place we kept walking by because it looked kind of sketchy, but in the end she was so desperate to get something done that we went there anyway. The piercer seemed like he knew what he was talking about, and my friend was nervous but still really determined to get something done - so, to try and ease her nerves, I agreed ... read more

First Body piercing

Well, the title is pretty self explanatory, but I'll explain it anyways. My first body piercing other than my ears was my navel. This is because it's the only piercing I could get my mom to approve as she wouldn't have to see it everyday. I did not always want a navel piercing, but I figured once I got a piercing then it would be easier to convince her to let me get others. I was supposed to get my navel done for my 16th birthday present, however, the piercing studio around me won't take ANYONE under 18. When in ... read more

First real piercing

I had first gotten my lobes pierced back in second grade on mother's day, but after a couple months they got infected and I took them out.I had no interest in getting them or anything else pierced again for a long time. But at the beginning of my sophomore year a lot of my friends had started to get piercings.I liked the nose rings (which was most common at the time) but what I really craved was a navel. I didn't tell anyone for awhile, but when I was visiting my dad in Los Angeles, he asked me if I ... read more

Did I really want it...

About two days ago I got my belly button pierced. I hadn't wanted it ALL my life, in fact I really only started wanting it at the age of 15 and really considered every possible way of getting it since I was underage at that time and I did not dare to ask my parents. Finally I turned 16 but the friend I wanted to go with had not yet turned 16 and so we waited until the summer came...and here it was..finally my time to get the belly button piercing I'd been waiting a year for, but did I ... read more

Navel Piercing Consultation #2

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge piercing junkie. My first piercing was my Helix about 3 years ago and I have gotten 4 more ever since (Horizontal Industrial - most painful and I count it as two, nostril, helix and of course Navel) and I am planning on getting many more. I really wanted to get my navel done I've been obsessing over it for the past week, well actually that's a lie I was first obsessing over the tongue but I backed out because of my braces however, I did consult my dentist and he ... read more

My Navel Piercing

In the long run i have always wanted a navel piercing, it has always been a pleasure to look at my sisters navel which has been pierced. Navel Piercings are excellent and they look really good so i have always wanted one. My navel is quite a nice shape and tanned. I really like those cubic zirconia white gold navel rings. All of my friends have one so i really adore them. One of my friends the other day wanted a dangling a ring so i went along with her to the mall and bought her a navel ring which ... read more

Navel at 15

I've always loved body mods and think they're beautiful. The symbolism and their origins have always fascinated me. Before getting my navel I had only had my ears pierced, which I later gauged to 00. Which is ok, but for me I was out for more. It's pretty addicting, trust me. So my 15th birthday was a week away and my parents had been asking what I wanted to do. Mind racing for an answer, it slipped and I said "get a new piercing"? Dad said no and Mom said maybe. My original intention was to get my nose pierced, ... read more

Navel Piercing Take 2

When I was 18 I had my belly button pierced as a birthday present from my parents. A boyfriend I was with at the time told me he did not like the piercing so I took it out soon after I had gotten it done, that was a big mistake. It soon healed but I noticed some scar tissue where it had been. Well as could be predicted by anyone that boyfriend and I broke up soon after and I really missed the piercing. I wanted it done again but I had heard such bad things about other peoples experiences ... read more

my cute navel piercing

Alright well I guess I'll start out by explaining what inspired me to get a needle shoved through my body. I always get Victoria Secret catalogs in the summer, and it just happens that it was the swim issue. I needed to pick a cute bikini ( I'm going to Miami in a month). As I was looking through the pages I noticed that one of the models had her navel pierced. I always wanted one I just didn't think I would ever get one. I though it looked really cute and feminene. And it would be perfect for Miami ... read more

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