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Only the best thing everr

So I'm 15. I've always loved piercings and had wanted a ton of them, but the only problem was my mom. I'd asked her many a time for my eyebrow, nose, or lip done, and the answer was always the ever popular "No". I could get my ears pierced as many times as I wanted, but nothing on my face because "It looks trashy and you don't need holes in your face." One day I decided I wanted my navel pierced. After a lot of persuasion, she said yes, but she still wasn't too thrilled about the idea. I was ... read more

Navel Piercing, It Didn't Hurt.

Okay so a few months ago I decided that I wanted a new piercing. At first I wanted a facial piercing (my nose, or lip), but I soon realized that a lot of people have facial piercings at my school, and I don't want one that every other person (literally) has, and where I live, facial piercings make it hard to get a job, and with the rules at school changing and new policies being enforced, facial piercings have to be removed at certain times(graduation,JROTC). So I decided to get my navel pierced. I had been thinking about it for ... read more

My Second (and GREAT) Navel Piercing at 45!

I am writing this, not because I think that there is anything different about my experience but because I want to let people know that the piercer does make all the difference in the world... I got a navel piercing about 13 years ago at a tattoo and piercing studio in St. Pete, FL while I was on vacation. My friend and I thought it would be pretty cool while our husbands got tattoos. And we thought we were so brave! Anyway, they took us in the back and I went first. Long story short, they did an awful, unprofessional ... read more

Here's Hoping for Third Time Lucky

This tale is about my third attempt at navel piercing. I originally had my navel pierced in 2001. I was 16 at the time and everyone at school had theirs done so of course I had to have mine done as well. I had really wanted my tongue pierced, but my mum wouldn't budge so I thought that a navel piercing was better than nothing. I had the navel done and also tried to have my nose pierced but I chickened out when I had a gun shoved near my face. Finally a couple of months (and constant nagging) later, ... read more

The Long-Awaited Navel Piercing

For as long as I can remember, body modification has fascinated me. I love their symbolism and the fact that they made your body feel more like your own. Finding BME only helped my love for it grow. I enjoyed going through the pictures and reading about people's experiences with piercing and tattoos. Prior to my navel piercing I only had piercings on my ear lobes. As much as I love those, I wanted more. I don't exactly remember when I first saw a navel piercing, but I always thought it looked pretty. About a month ago I went on ... read more

Thats all it felt like?

I have always wanted to get my bellybutton pierced. Ever since I knew that navel piercings existed I always wanted one, and I always thought that they looked pretty. At first I wanted the bottom but I decided to get the top instead and I'm happy with my decision. Maybe one day ill even have both! In excitement to do it, I wasn't allowed until I was sixteen by my mother I read all about navel piercing experiences on BMEZINE to try and get the overall opinion about how getting the piercing was. Did it hurt a lot? Was the ... read more

Pea-Sized Bump Under Piercing

I was 18 and had wanted to get my navel pierced for a few months, but, being a college student/broke teenager, didn't really have the money and so had decided to wait for a little bit until I could get the proper finances. Luckily for me, my boyfriend's sister had hers pierced and had an idea to take me to get mine done for my next birthday. She kept telling me that she knew what my birthday present was going to be and that I needed to keep my birthday (it's in April) open during the afternoon so she could ... read more

Peace out man~ A multi-navel experience.

Peace out, man!~ A multi-navel experience. I am no stranger to the needle. At the time of this experience, I'd had 8 piercings performed. A meager amount compared to a lot of denziens of BME, but enough to give me a good enough amount of experience so that I could go into this piercing with a good head on my shoulders. It started when the bug to have some more work done landed on my back, rather than me seeing pictures of the piercing and growing a desire specifically for it. I didn't want anymore facial piercings, and I was ... read more

Piercing my True Navel

Since the craze of navel piercing began, I wanted to pierce mine...BAD!! There was one slight problem. I have an outie. Now, one could get into specifics and say it is a middle-ie, but then that could begin a long debate about whether or not there is such a thing. The point is, there were stories circulating that said those with outies cannot get a piercing. I think it was the risk of a liver infection or serious rejection and scarring. Maybe that was true, or maybe the risks are an urban legend. Regardless, I was determined to get my ... read more

Ignorant Navel Piercing.

The idea of getting my Navel pierced first struck me one day in maths about a year ago. A girl in my class was whispering to her friend about it and showed her. It was amazing! I was intrigued immediately. I turned to my friend and asked her opinion on them. She too, liked the idea of it. We were dead set on getting them done together – and soon. Unfortunately for me, my folks are quite anti-piercing. After many hours of begging and pleading, I managed to persuade them on letting me get it for my 16th birthday, 7 ... read more

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