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I had to work from 5-8 tonight, and afterwards I called my friend to see what she was up to and if she could hang out. I found out she herself was at work, and that she was about to get off and that we could go to her house. Her dad picked us up, and took us to their house. This is where the experience starts. After smoking, she reminded me about the fact that she had a piercing kit. Remembering the fact that I have wanted a navel piercing for a few months, I asked her if she ... read more

Big chicken turns into hot chick

This happened a week before my 30th birthday (about a fortnight ago), I was struck down by an early midlife crisis. Feeling generally fat, unnattractive, old and boring, I invested in a Nintendo Wii fit and a navel piercing... The Wii fit went down better with the boyfriend but hey-ho, I feel more sexy and he has noticed that I am more "active". I never really thought about a navel piercing as such, I jumped in the car with my boyfriend's teenage daughter on a mission to get her some ear tunnels, I was making idle chit chat in the ... read more

Amazing Navel Experience

I had just arrived at my boyfriend's house after leaving my college campus for a well deserved weekend break. I had wanted my navel pierced since I saw how well it looked on my older cousin when I was 16 and we had the same body type so figured it would look great on me too. (I was right!) So as me and my boyfriend were chilling in the living room playing Halo 2 I turned to me him and said "We should get something pierced,", I knew before he opened his mouth that he was well up for the ... read more

Not what I wanted... But so much better! [Inverse Navel]

As a first time piercer, other than ears, I was pretty excited about this piece of kit that was about to be pushed through my skin. I've always been interested in piercings, snakebites and other lip piercings in particular, but there are lots of really interesting ones I'd love to have. Of course, being of school age, and having a school that forbids any form of facial piercings, as well as a father who's worst idea of hell is me being pierced, my beloved Snakebites were out of the questions. So I battled him trying to talk him round, saying ... read more

"Navel or Nothing"

To start this off; I'm almost 15, heading off to level 1 in a few short weeks, I do not drink, smoke, do drugs, or any of that, I get straight A's, never disobey my mother, and I have a slight obsession with body mods (: My obsession started when my cousin get her tounge done; I was ten and a half years old and unbelivably jealous! I asked my mom if I could get my tounge pierced the very next day and her answer was what would be expected; "NO!". I let it drop. Flash forward to end of ... read more

My prettyful navel piercing

Another awesome piercing by Jayne at Feline tattoo studio in Sheffield and I thought I'd write about it for all of you at BMEzine. Please bear in mind that I only had this done this morning so there's no healing experience in here, just the piercing experience, so (touch wood) the healing could be horrible and painful. Anyway, I phoned Feline this morning to see if I could go in and buy a segment ring for my lip and get it fitted - long story short the ball fell out of my BCR and is now in parts unknown. When ... read more

Had she dropped the needle?

The main reason I wanted my navel pierced was because I think my belly button looks like a weird hole, randomly placed in my abdomen. Some people have cute stomachs, but mine was hideous. I wanted this abomination covered, so I decided that if I got it pierced the larger ball would cover the hole and I would look normal. I used to be fat. No one wants to see a fat girl with her belly button pierced. So I waited, and waited and waited some more, finally I was skinny enough to look decent with my navel pierced and ... read more

First body piercing

I had always liked the look of a navel piercing, and I had wanted one for a few years, but there was always a strong answer from my parents when I'd asked, NO! About a month before my 16th birthday, having not asked about the navel in over six months, I brought it up again, using my best persuasion. Surprisingly, they gave in and said I could. I still had to decide where I would go, as I had two friends who had been suggesting two different places. One place only let you have a plain barbel with no jewels ... read more

A Navel Piercing after Year of Contemplation

Since September of 2007, I have been contemplating getting my navel pierced. At the time, it was simply a case where I was itching for a piercing and I needed to get one done in order to satisfy the itch. It was also a case in which I had wanted to get it done somewhere that not everybody would see as I simply enjoyed the whole aspect of having a secret to keep. It was at school, during my first week as a university student, that my friend looked and suggested that I get my navel pierced, seeing as it ... read more

Standard Navel at 15

First off, a little history with me and body modifications. Just like any other teenage girl, I have both of my ears pierced, twice. But my first hole is stretched to a 0 while I left my second hole alone. This happened a few months back (I am now fifteen). The first piercing I acquired, other than my ears, was my nose. And I did this one by myself. And, to make things worse, all I did was shove a sewing needle through my nostril. Without any form of sterilization. Now, to top things off, I wasn't prepared and so ... read more

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