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My BeLLy BuTTon RiNg

always wanted to get my tongue pierced, since I was about 11. My mom said no way. She thought it was gross and she said maybe when I'm a little older. I'm 14 now and my mom still said no to the tongue ring. She agreed to let me get my navel pierced after asking her a thousand times. So my whole family went (* sigh * they all HAD to come) I went to a little hippie store in St.Louis which is about 30 minutes away from where I live. The store was really cool and everyone there was ... read more

Navel Experience

was interesting to read all the navel piercing experiences on this site but they were tales from people a generation or two removed from mine. That's understandable because with the exception of multiple ear piercings, other body piercings do seem to be the province of the young. However, navel piercing, on a well cared for stomach, has always looked really attractive to me. I suppose I never gave it serious thought because I'm a forty two-year-old suburban, mother of two, station wagon driving, car-pooling, housewife. Shortly before Christmas, the idea popped into my head (seriously). Why shouldn't I have my ... read more

Navel Experience

got my navel pierced on 9-29-98, the day after I got back together with my boyfriend. I have been wanting to get my left eyebrow and right nostril pierced for about 3 or 4 years (I'm only 15 now), but my parents are really religous and think it's a sign of satanism or something stupid. So, anyways they would just yell at me when I asked to get something pierced, so I decided to get my navel done because it's hidden and I like the way it looks. The year before, I pierced my navel twice with a safety pin, ... read more

Belly button and tongue extravaganza!!!!!

Getting my belly button pierced was never a real desire of mine to have done. However, in May, my best friend Alison got her navel pierced, and it looked really cute and appealing. But, this did not immediately strike me as something I wanted to do. I live in a city which has water sports (jet- skiing, wakeboarding, etc.) as its main form of entertainment. So, I knew that if I were to get my belly button done, I wouldn't be able to swim for a while. I kept procrastinating until Alison finally shoved me over the edge and persuaded ... read more

~* PiErCiNg @ AuRoBoRoS *~

k ... so thinking about what I should do on a Friday night that I usually don't do. And I've been thinking about getting a new piercing for sometime now.. ( I have 10 piercings All of which are on my ear . 3 on each cartilage and 2 on each lobe) all we're done with a gun, so it's time for something different! Maybe my tongue =Þ or my belly.. hmm.. tough choice, but before I jump into something I don't know anything about .. I better do some research on the good and bad stuff ehh.. cos .. ... read more


have never really thought about getting anything other than my earlobes pierced until funnily enough I went to a private school! I had just started high school and met a girl with a navel piercing- Nina, she was nice but I didn't really give the piercing a second thought until we became friends a few months later. I saw it again ( in better detail) I thought that her piercing was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cool!!!! She had a curved barbell with a amethyst in it, this is what started a 7 month plus " whingeing, nagging and begging" ritual which went in ... read more

Funeral-Inspired Navel

>Funeral-Inspired Navel My motivation for getting a piece? A funeral. My Aunt passed away earlier this year. For as long as I've known her, she spent her life working hard sacrificing so that her kids could have. She was a selfless Saint devoted to her church and was always doing for others less fortunate than herself. Hers was a beautiful funeral. Such nice things were said about her. Then I thought about me. I'm not ready to die yet because I haven't lived. So many of my ambitions were delayed for one reason or another. I dropped out of college ... read more

My BeLLy StoRy

have been wanting to get my belly button pierced for about 4 years (im 17), since a girl in my 8th grade class got hers done. from that day, i started begging and begging my mom to let me do it. of course, i always got the answer "NO WAY...ARE U CRAZY?!?!" then, finally, in june of 98, i started begging my mom again, and it was a few months before my birthday, so i figured, hey it doesnt hurt to try to beg again. i ask her, and she was like "FINE, im only doing this so u would ... read more

my belly-button (age:17)

or years I had wanted to get my belly button pierced. I was 17, and I begged my mom to let me. But she was totally against it, she thought it was disgusting...somehow I managed to get her to come to one of the best piercing places on Long Island (Body Designs) with me. Once she met the piercing lady, a big biker type...she said definetly not. She said possibly in a couple months if my grades were good. Of course they weren't, so it looked as if I'd have to wait 6 months till my 18th b-day came around, ... read more

My Button Job

y name is Kimberly, and this is my navel piercing experience. I'm 17 years old, and I've wanted my navel pierced for quite some time, about 4 years. I know it's a very mainstream pierce to get, but I consider myself very creative and plan to get several navel piercings to make it my own unique piece of art. When I was 13, I convinced my mom to let me do it, so I went to various tattoo/piercing shops, (in the company of moms) and at the first site of a needle, she always changed her mind. Well, now I've ... read more

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