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Pain beyond all Pain and The Happy Piercing

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/07-navel/990515/navpain.html"> Navel Piercing or as i refer to it "Pain beyond all Pain" When i was 13 i got my belly button pierced, well, actually my mom decided that i should get it done, since my cousin was getting hers done. This was something i didn't really, want done, but I went along with it anyway, what I really wanted was to get my tongue pierced, but mom wasn't going for that. We went to this place near my house, that didn't have the greatest reputation, which i wasn't aware of until after i had gotten pierced. We ... read more

A happy tummy for a late bloomer!

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/07-navel/990515/navlate.html"> SHHH! This is a secret. My parents can't find out about it, but YOU can! It's my latest, greatest, newest, prettiest, sexiest toy...my belly ring! And lest you imagine that this is another teen experience, hold on. I am actually a 37 year old mother of two with a terrific husband of 17 years, a masters degree, a professional job, a mortgage, a sense of humor and a love of life. I had actually never heard of having one's navel pierced until a short time ago, and trust me, it would surprise most everyone who knows me ... read more

Body Modification as a Bonding Experience

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/07-navel/990515/navbond.html"> It took me quite a long time to find like-minded people who were interested in body modification, since it can be difficult to share such a personal side of yourself. My fear of rejection always left me wondering if my 'friends' would approve or abandon me in disgust. I slowly learned that I knew many people who were quietly interested in bodmod as I was. They began to talk with me about their ideas for piercings or their designs for tattoos, and I realized I could do the same with them. I discovered that they were some ... read more

The Story (thus far) of Maybelline's Navel Piercing

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/07-navel/990515/navmabel.html"> Well, I had been wanting to get my navel pierced for years, unfortunately I never even really heard of body piercing (other than the ears) until it was really mainstream but that's ok because when I did find out about it I thought it was pretty cool & wanted to get something done. My original idea was to get my navel done, but I heard so many horror stories about navels always getting infected that I spoke with the only piercer in my area (Billy at Professional Touch in Van Wert, Ohio) about tongue piercings & he ... read more

Rose's Piercing

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/07-navel/990515/navel14.html"> I am 14 years old (15 in a few weeks). A few days ago (after a half a year of begging) I finally got my navel pierced. My story starts last October '98 when I joined the swim team. There was a girl who had her nose pierced (she did it herself) and a few tattoos (a friend did for her). From what I remember this was what had started my obsession with piercings. After weeks and months of begging and bargaining my mom finally gave in and said fine. But I knew my mom wouldn't just ... read more

My Navel Piercing

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/07-navel/990501/navel.html"> It was the Thursday before Christmas and I was sick of Christmas shopping. In fact, I was pretty sick of everything. The cleaning, the shopping, the husband (Christ do I have to do everything for him!), the whole holiday thing was beginning to be a drag. What happened to the carefree young girl I used to be? Well, right now, she had her 2 and 4 year old boys in the mini-van headed to the mall to buy another god-forsaken gift! Like hell! I still had an hour before I had to pick up my oldest son ... read more

A British Piercing Experience

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/07-navel/990501/navbrit.html"> I've always had this fasination with piercings, but my folks would never agree to it if i asked. I had asked on a couple of occasions, and i have the really stubborn parents who just will not listen. So, last summer when i went to UK & Ireland for 3 weeks, i decided i would do it. I wasn't sure what yet, but i was going to get a piercing. For me, this was a big step. Past the fasination with them, i'm scared to death of needles. I've been kicked out of a hospital for punching ... read more

A Navel Mistake and a Navel Victory

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/07-navel/990501/navelmv.html"> It was a sunny day in downtown St. John's. I had been out for coffee with a friend when I spontaneously decided "I'd like to get my navel pierced," or belly-button as I then called it. St. John's is not a large city, and I knew of only one place, a hair salon, that performed the procedure with the proper needle method, rather than those awful stud guns. Down the street I strolled, calm yet excited. I wasn't nervous or worried about possible pain, just anxious to get it done and over with as soon as possible, ... read more

navel experience

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/07-navel/990501/navexp.html"> I had wanted to get my belly button pierced for about a year when my parents finally gave in and let me do it for my 15th birthday. My mom was totally against it (referring to it as my "body desicration"), but my dad helped me sell her on it. I went to get it done a few days after my birthday at a place called Ink Addiction. Three of my close friends and my dad went with me. I waited in the tiny lobby for what seemed like forever, trying not to be too nervous. I ... read more

Finally! My anxiously awaited navel pierce!

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/07-navel/990501/navelanx.html"> I went up to my mom and asked her if i could get it done. She said "Ok!" I had previously pierced my navel with a safety pin and when she said yes, I was like "damn! I did that for nothing!" So I let that scar over and called a few places. I found a good place with a good reputation that did it for $40. So I discussed it with my friends, and finally went to get it done.The day I had planned to go, I had to postpone. I had got food poisoning and ... read more

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