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My Belly Button Piercing Experience and How I Stretched It

ince I had gotten my nose pierced, I'd wanted my belly button done as well. I did try to do it myself, with a safety pin at home, but that failed immensly. I consulted a few piercing parlors in the area for prices, and I was blown away with rates as high as $75 for the piercing of my teeny little belly button. I was never going to pay that much for a piercing...unless it was my tongue or something of that nature that requires a lifetime of experience for. I was going to look somewhere else, closer to home. ... read more

The story of the self done Navel & Infection

typing out my (professionaly done) tounge piercing expirience to BME I remembered my bad fourtune less than a year ago. I'm currently a 15 y/o high school student. Begging my mom to get my tounge pierced a month ago took afew days, but it happend(Hey, I do have a hunk of metal hanging out of my tounge!!) Less than a year ago I was sitting in front of my computer, online just chillen. Then I got this idea "Navel piercings look so good, Why dont I get mine done" At this time, I knew if I asked my mom - ... read more

Peirced at 13

e wanted my navel peirced for a while but when two of my friends got it peirced I wanted it even more. But when I asked my mom she said no and wouldn't even talk about it. I sent her e-mails of stories from BME and pictures. I also sent her a list of why I wanted to do it. Eventually she told me if I didn't stop bugging her she wouldn't even let my get my ears peirced any more. But I was still thinking about how to convince her. Then when we were on vacation we were walking ... read more

I finally got it done - and it looks GREAT!!!

anted my bellybutton pierced for absolutely ages now, but my Mum said not until you’re 16 (I’m 16 in December) and NOT before - wrong! After a year of nagging I’m finally allowed to get it done this month, at last. I’d always wanted a barbell with a pink jewel in it, and that’s what I got and I love it, it’s in the perfect position and it sits really well in my bellybutton. Anyway, I heard it was good to eat loads of sweet stuff before you go for a piercing so I ate chocolate (which I love!) I ... read more

15/f and her naval story...

been desiding to get another piercing for a while now. Having just my eyebrow done was no longer enough. I was thinking of a few different things...my lip...my tongue...just wasnt sure! But I have a few friends with their navals pierced and I thought they looked really cute. (and not just because they are now trendy!) After consideration and a little talk with the rents I made my mind up. I desided to go in with my best friend, Kate. The day after pay day (my favorite day! No wonder I never seem to have any money!) we hopped in ... read more

my 16 year old pierced belly button :)

ll let me begin with making this clear : Im the biggest panicker EVER!! the idea of getting your belly button pierced was always foreign to me cause I knew I couldn't do it all I could think of was the pain and the stress which I would go through. anyway... so one day I was sitting bored in history class when my friend in the seat next to me showed off her newly pierced naval.. wow!! was I jealous not only did it look great but she assured there was no pain involved , she said it I believed ... read more

Celestial has two navel piercings!

ial has two navel piercings! I was pierced from a very early age. At six months or so, my mother and father took me to have my ears pierced. Some have regarded this as being somewhat cruel to have my ear piercings forced upon me, and at such an early age, but I do not see it negatively. I had my ears done with a gun, and do not remember a single thing about it, I just remember having had earrings in my ears for as long as I can remember. My parents took care of my ears while they ... read more

The story of my nipple piercing

only 16 when I got my nipples done, and being only 16 with no parental permission or fake i.d. I had to have my friend do them.I couldnt wait the 2 years to turn 18. So, one Sat. afternoon we went up to Headliners in Nashua N.H. to get the piercing supplies we needed, a clamp, needle and 2 14 ga rings. A friend working at a tattoo place around the corner gave me this thick white lotion to put on my nipples 2 hours before the piercing was to take place to properly numb them. I went back to ... read more

Mom & Daughter Navels; Empowerment; plus a CBR vs BB Rant

Soapbox Disclaimer] I don't believe that one should undertake any body modification lightly. It's not like an ugly dress or ill-fitting pair of jeans that you can toss aside. I've been through the pain and hassle of having a stupid tattoo removed (hey! it was a good idea at the time!?! *smirk*) I learned from that experience, and each new addition must have meaning . Be it ink or metal, I have to live with it, or its residua, forever. It had better symbolise something that I'll recall fondly, forty years from now, in 'the home'. [End Soapbox Disclaimer] I've ... read more

What a Day!

an I get my belly button pierced?"I asked in my sweetest voice "No,you may not."she said as she put more clothes in the washing machine "Why not?"I asked "Because,it's ugly and it's a pain in the ass.It will get all infected." "Fine,fine,fine."I said walking away It went on like that for three and a half years.I don't blame my mom for saying no.I was only 11.But,my 9th grade year i laid down the line. "Mom,if you say I can't pierce my belly button,I'll do it myself."I say "Fine,you can get it done.I have to go to work.See you at 8:00." ... read more

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