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First standard navel piercing!

So far, I am 13 and I have had standard ear lobe piercings, a cartilage piercing done with a gun (even though I know thats not recomended.), a cartalige piercing done with a needle and scaffolding. I have had the first set of ear lobe piercings done about five times, every time I let them heal up but my current ones have been in for about three years now. When I got my scaffolding, I was so happy with it and proud, but unfortionately I had to take it out because after about three weeks, it had already rejected. Ever ... read more

Stretched Navel

About two years ago I got my navel pierced, I'd wanted it since I was 12 when my older friend was and I thought it was amazing. But my mum had always said "You can get it on your next birthday" and a few months after my 16 th birthday she said this again, but I told her right back that I would be getting it anyway, and she didn't seem to be able to argue. Which I was glad of because I'd actually gotten it pierced a month and a half before, haha! So we went to our usual ... read more

Navel Piercing

I did not ever think of really getting my navel pierced until my friend suggested it to me. My friend, the same one that I got my tattoo with, recently got a navel piercing kit. Really it was just a clamp and needle, but it had all the items we needed to pierce. My friend already had her navel pierced which she did herself with a safety pin so I did not doubt her ability to pierce mine, so we began attempt number one. We did not really mark where I wanted to be pierced so we just started to ... read more

Is that it? - My lovely little navel piercing.

I've had problems with body image for ages. Was bullied at school, and this caused my confidence to plummet. I was obsessed with my weight, and found it hard to think of anything else. A month before my fifteenth birthday, I decided enough was enough, and I was going to get a navel piercing. Something pretty to add to my navel, to make me feel good about it. So, my birthday came, and I wasn't feeling too sunny. I was having a depressed day, something I get alot due to my Bipolar. It was on a Friday, however, so I ... read more

My navel piercing!

For months all I had wanted was one thing - my navel pierced. I begged and pleaded with my mom and dad, both separately and together, with the same answer every time: absolutely not. I had nearly lost all hope when one day, my dad caved. Well, almost. "If its okay with your mother do whatever you want. Tell her I said it was fine if you think it'll get you somewhere." My hopes newly revived, I went and asked my mom again, saying exactly what he had said. She seemed a little flustered, and said that she was mad ... read more

My Double Navel Piercing!

This is my story of getting my double navel piercing! When I was thirteen I convinced my father to bring me to get my first belly button piercing. My mother was strongly against it, so my dad promised if I improved my school grades he would bring me to get it done behind her back. Instantly I agreed and consequently brought my grades up, and he brought me to get it done. The salon was called Peter Tattoo, and from that experience on I knew it would be the only piercing salon I would ever go to. I hid that ... read more

A navel piercing to call my own...

Hi! My name is Caroline, I'm 19, and am writing up my experience of my navel piercing 25-10-08 :) I first started getting interested in piercings over two and a half years ago, around the time I finished School and started 6th form College. Initially, a navel piercing was the piercing for me. I love the way it looks, subtle yet very sweet. I can be a very indecisive person though! Over the course of two years, I obtained a couple of cartilage piercings to go with my lobes, which although I love to this day...the thought of a navel ... read more

Piercings Come To Those Who Wait

The first time I came across navel piercings I was staying in a tiny flat in Wimbledon, London visiting my cousin one summer in the late nineties.. Two of his flatmates were girls in their late teens that I, a rather shy seven year old, idolized. The played their music loud, wore clothes that made them stand out, smoked (although they tried to do that while I wasn't there) and each had a sparkly piece of metal that seemed to dangle from inside their navels. Considering I was really young and came from a small town where even cartilage piercings ... read more

My oh so wonderful former navel piercing

A little over a year ago, I went with a friend to the Palisades Mall. I had been wanting to get my navel pierced for years. Part of it stemmed from my former Britney Spears fan-status. But as I grew older and outgrew her genre of music, I grew to love body mod and piercings. So my need to have it done was there for a long time. My only problem that I had run across was the price. Pretty much everywhere that I had gone wanted $60-$80 for the piercing, which was a little out of my price range. ... read more

D.I.Y. Navel piercing failed

Well for starters I'm 13 and I know it was stupid to do a D.I.Y. piercing. But I was 12 and really wanted to re pierce my belly button. Because last time barbell was to short T_T. anyhow fast forward 2 months. I was happily typing to my friend Emily, and it came to mind when I was about to go to sleep that hey maybe I should pierce my navel. So I grabbed an earring (stupid I know). And walked into the bathroom. I quickly sterilized the earring by grabbing bar of Irish spring soap, and washing the earring ... read more

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