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My Rubber Navel

k as a stripper and wanted to get my navel pierced like a lot of the other girls had done. I think they look very sexy on a nice trim stomach. And I had some ideas for personalizing my navel jewelry. The waitress at the club I worked at said she did body piercing. Several of my co-workers, including my male boss had her do piercings and I felt confident with her abilities. I went out and bought my jewelry. I picked out a 14 guage ring. When I went to work that night Liz had her box of needles ... read more

18th Birthday Gift.... New Navel

to start off I've been fascinated with the idea of decorating your body with jewelry. So when the idea of getting jewelry put in my navel came up, I had to go for it. After being a long time fan of tongue piercings, I tried to get it done. The parents weren't too excited about that and threatened to take my car away, so I decided that on my 18th Birthday I'd get my navel pierced instead, and the tongue will eventually come later. =) So here's the big day: After taking my friend to get her navel pierced I ... read more

14/F...got my stomach pierced!!

irst a lil about myself...I'm 15 at the moment, but I was 14 when I got my navel pierced. After reading tons of these stories on BME...I decided I should share my own! I live in the lil yuppie town of Broomfield, CO. I had originally wanted my tongue pierced, but my mom gave me a harsh "No", saying it was too "sexual"...yah ok. But I was determined to get something pierced. So then after weeks of begging and begging, researching about navel piercing on the web and such, I finally got a "yes" out of my mom! I think ... read more

My most recent navel experiences

things first, when I had my most recent navel piercings done I already had two, these were done by Pete from Determination and Nick from Capileo respectively. These two were located on the top of my navel and the bottom and I was wearing surgical steel CBRs in them, I had considered many times changing to barbells but I just couldn't afford it........ Until I got paid! And then I decided rather than changing jewelry to have new piercings done. Why, I have no idea! I just like piercings, they're fun, I really enjoy healing them! I decided to have ... read more

dont use a Doctor for a piercing!!

d my friend Jane had decided we wanted our belly buttons pierced. We wanted it done asap, before summer of 98, so we could show 'em off! She looked into the costs etc, asked a few people who we knew had theirs done,and looked at the rings we wanted. We didnt really like the thought of any pain. At all. Because i am a sook. But i really wanted it done, just for something different and to shock people who would never think of me being the "type" to get any body piercings apart from my ears.BORING!! anyway Jane found ... read more

Casper's kewl experience ; )

19 year-old french girl who has been dreaming of getting pierced or getting a tattoo for a quite long time... Well, I must also explain why I actually chose my belly button for a first piercing experience. I'd like to get my eyebrow and lip pierced too but I took the decision just a little before summer holidays... and the matter is here, in France, to get a summertime job, and for almost whole of them, anybody should be -unfortunately- quite conventional! So, that's why... Then, after taking the decision to get my navel pierced I first asked a few ... read more

A normal, almost painless navel piercing

my navel pierced on August 6th, 1999. I had it done like 2 weeks after I got my earlobes done with a needle at Class Act. I had my ears done in a 16GA and my navel done in a 14GA. I'm only 17 (even though I'm in college) and my mom had taken me to get my ears done. I was getting my ears done with a needle because the backs on most of the earrings at the malls aren't real gold or titanium and I react to them. But the piercing that I really wanted was my tongue. ... read more

Metal through my tummy

first off I'm a 14 year old girl who has wanted my navel pierced for 2 years now. I know that a lot of people think that it's trendy and all that..but my family has had this rule that when you turn 15 you can start getting your piercings. As my dad likes to get such things at Ocean City during our yearly trip there, he decided that since my birthday is only a few days away that it'd be okay to bend the rule a little. So there I am in searching around for the best place to get ... read more

Shannon's Navel Ring

I was about 14 or so, I saw some of the older girls at my school with navel piercings. I thought they looked so cool, and I asked my mom if I could get one. Needless to say, she said no. I was really disappointed because I like to wear short shirts and hip huggers and I thought it would look really hot. When I was 16, I practically BEGGED my mom to get a navel ring, and she said no because I was too young, diseases (Hepatitis, AIDS), and it looked kinda cheap. I didn't even mention it to ... read more

Unsuccessful Aussie Piercing!

name's Melissa, Mel for short. I have experienced ear piercings, and so far have got 6 in one ear, two in the cartlidge, and four in the other side. I am 14, and ever since i went to Queensland, up near all the Warner Brother's studios, and stuff like that here in Australia, my mum said 'you should get your belly-button pierced!' This suddenly came up as about a week before my friend got her navel pierced on December 13th, 1998, and i had told mum how good it looked, and suddenly, when we're on holidays she brings up i ... read more

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