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How my wife got her wish.

fe has always said that I was diferent, but she really had no Idea until she brought up the subject of Piercing. I told her that I had been thinking about doing something like that, but I had doubts, and that if she would go with me, she could watch and make sure that things went the way that they should. She is a Nurse, and she tried to scare me by telling me that there were allot of people out there with all kinds of infections and that I would get one if I got any kind of peircing ... read more

Cali girl pierced at 14!

e it goes....after 3 years of begging my parents finally gave in i was so happy i couldnt belive it! all that begging finaly payed off!!!this is what i went though to find a place: When my parents told me that i could get my navel for my 15th birthday i was so happy but now i had to find a place that would pierce me (becuase i am only 14)and you legaly have to be 16 or they wont touch you.... where i live we have two piercing places one has a bad reputation and the other wont touch ... read more

Me and my BeLLy

been begging my mother for months to let me get my tongue or belly button pierced. One day, my brother streaked his hair. My mother told me I could dye my hair (which I was already doing myself) professionally. I said I did not want that and she just asked if there was anything else she could let me do. I asked about my tongue and she said there was no way she would ever let me do that. Then I asked about my belly button, after many moments of anticipation, she finally gave in! For a little over three ... read more

That damn scar

s how my story begins. Once upon a midnight dreary...nah, I'm not going to start writing Poe for you. :) I was 13, when I first got the idea to have a navel ring. Of course, since you had to be 16 or 19 (depending on the piercing place), I had to beg my mom for permission. After months of pleading, she caved. We first went to a place in downtown Vancouver, which will remain nameless. All I will say is that piercing was not their specialty. Here's a hint for you prospective piercees...DON'T go to a place that says ... read more

Now I want the bottom done!

wanted my navel pierced for quite a while but never thought I would have it done because of the pain factor. I used to skive off school when there was injections as i HATED them. I used to cry just thinking of needles. Then when my friend had it done I was gutted. She had always said she would never get it done because it looks stupid. I thought she just got it done to spite me. Later I found out she only got it done because her boyfriend liked it. Anyway............. I thought if my wimp of a mate ... read more

I have a secret navel piercing!

I finally got my first non-ear lobe piercing, 4 weeks ago today. I had been thinking about getting it done for a while, as I would like to experiment with piercings. There was one large obstacle to overcome first though: my mother. I could either: 1) ask her and listen to her say no and how un-natural piercings are, or 2) get my dad to take me and don't ever tell my mum about it. Obviously i opted for the latter. So, I finally decided one week that the following saturday would be THE day I get pierced! I decided ... read more

Amethyst Wish

l I have been a fan of bodypiercing since I was like 8 and I had been begging my mum since that age about getting my navel pierced.I'd tried fake rings which I'd always lose and I was gettin pretty pissed off with my mum continuously saying "no".She thought they were pretty and attractive and yet she wouldn't let me get one.I told her she was contradicting herself and asked if she's let me get one for Christmas seeing as tho it was gunna cost like $95 so she went around asking people who had had theirs done whether it ... read more

Yes, I'm keeping it -- navel story

ad my navel pierced for seven months now -- I wanted to wait for time to give me a little more perspective before I wrote in with my experience. A little background: I'm a recently married student in one of the most competitive postgraduate programs around. Needless to say, most of my colleagues are pretty conformist, though tolerant. "Individuality" around here is wearing sandals. After I got married, I suddenly got the urge to get my navel pierced. I really can't say exactly why -- it just seemed so exotic and beautiful. Also, I knew that my husband couldn't do ... read more

Got the top, The bottom was a must!

I stand, about a year later after I got my first navel ring, I tell myself, "This looks to bare, I want another." So my next mission was to add another ring to my navel, I will just get one on the bottom. I had asked my parents if I could do the botton of my navel pierced, and they were not too happy about it. I told them that if i was too earn the money that I should be able to get it done. Then my parents said that once I turned 17 I could. Then I added ... read more

me, the wimp, got my navel pierced!

it! I actually did it! I was petrified with getting my ears pierced, and now, here I am, with a pierced navel. I got it done just FOUR days ago, and I love it to death, even though I've knocked into it and dropped books on it a few times (that KILLS!) Now, let's get one thing straight, I did not do this to be trendy, I've wanted it done way before it was popular, it just took me this long to convince my mom to give her permission (she was kinda obligated to after she decided to get her ... read more

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