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Different than expected!!

ldn't decide. I wanted something pierced so badly, I just didn't know exactly how to go about it, and I knew, I just KNEW in my heart, that my mom would never agree to it. I mean, come on, after all those ear piercings she didn't notice for months, she made me take all but four of those out! I knew if I asked about a new piercing, a body piercing at that, that she'd flip...her...lid. So, the only natural solution came to me one weekend. Don't tell her! So, this is what happened. I've wanted my tongue pierced for ... read more

Getting My Belly Button Pierced

the summer after 9th grade and I was 15. I had wanted my navel pierced since I was about 12 years old, but my mom had always said NO. Then she offered me a deal: If I could get honors all year in 9th grade then I could get it done. ... Well.... I'm not the greatest student so.. yeah.. I didn't get honors at ALL the entire year.. so she said NO... . But then oppurtunity knocked. I went to Wildwood, NJ with my boyfriend and a bunch of our friends, including Bill who was 18. I made plans ... read more

Age 14- Begged Parents and Thats how i got my Navel piercing

my navel pierced about 2 months ago. I really wanted a body piercing, so I BEGGED my parents. At first my dad freaked out and he was like "No WAY" But he doesnt live with me, so I could still beg my mom and I was pretty sure she would give in after a while, especially since my friends Jade and Jennie were also given permission from their parents to get theirs done. And she did. I just begged her and I said that she wouldnt even have to watch me get it, because Jades mom was taking us. So ... read more

I GOT MY NAVEL PIERCED!!!!! YAYYYY!!!!!!!!!! :-)

ere! :-) I'm a 14 year old girl from CANADA!!! And this morning I GOT my BELLYBUTTON pierced! Yeah! :-) I think it looks SOOOOOO great and NICE!!!! I have an addiction when it comes to piercings! I seem to love the pain! :-) I have 10 in all, including my nose, which I got last year, and my eyebrow, which I got done this past month! I originally got it done about a month and a half ago, except that it started to reject, so I got it redone! Everyone thought that the only reason I got it redone ... read more

14th Birthday What Do I want? *Belly Button Pierced!!*

my 14th birthday, (I know I'm young!) and all that I wanted was my belly button pierced. It was, of course the new "trend" in school and everyone had it done and I just felt like I needed to get it done too. My mom and my best friend at the time drove down to Main Street to go to the Inkhouse, being the idiot that I am when they asked my age I said "14" and of course you had to be 16 to get it done. It was already late so my mom didn't want to go anywhere ... read more

Self-piercing bliss

been interested in piercing my navel for several years prior to actually doing it. I was a freshman nursing major and enjoying my newfound independance when I made the "poke" back in September 1993. Body piercing was just starting to really come into fashion, and I really didn't trust another person with sticking a needle through my body. My family was really conservative and completely opposed to my "piercing lust". My first real experience with piercing was when I was 5 years old. I had desperately wanted to have pierced ears. In fact, I was so desperate that I hid ... read more

guy's being soppy. forget it!

my 32nd birthday, not a great time to undergo a new experience, but a work colleague had laid down the gauntlet. "get a tattoo" he'd said so on my birthday i decided to do some thing i'd never dome before. so along to the local tattooists i ventured. the most obvious thing was to have my birthsign carved into my upper arm so away the tattooist rattled. as the time wore on, i thought abought piercing. not my ears, my nether regions were out of the question for a first time...... i know, i thought, my belly. as the guy ... read more


ly hate pain. But I wanted something peirced. So I thought about my bellybutton. So I asked my mom, even though she would say "NO", but to my suprise, she said yeah if i get a job, but soon i talked her into it(cause I didnt want a job).Then she told me to get the money for it and I asked my grandma. I soon got the money from my grandma, and my mom and I planned a day to go get it done. I was as nervous as anyone would be getting something peirced. All I have is my ... read more

Spontanious Modification

tfriend Liz and I have always liked to be spontanious. For example...We both had hair almost to our mid back and one day, decided to just go into the hairsalon and cut it all off to our ears. We've always done things that way. Spontanious. So I thought nothing of it when one day, Liz called me up and said "lets go get a peircing!" so she drove over to my house, got me, and we went to get something peirced. We settled on something differant, yet not too noticable...so she got the tongue and I got the navel. We ... read more

freshly pierced 100% Torontonian

having determined to get my navel pierced I began by a year-long nagging at my parents and finally the answer was YES!! So yesterday afternoon, i brought with myself my permission slip, money, water, umbrella (damn it was raining...) and my friends to Urban Primitive for my 4 o'clock appointment. There we waited for abit and i was given some information about the piercing to read about before Maribelle (piercer) greeted us after finishing up her client's session. Before entering the room she asked me to choose my jewellery and I chose a plain banana barbell. First i chose it ... read more

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