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~*My PrEtTy, LiTtLe NaVeL*~

hat's up everyone? Let me tell you a little bit about my past piercing experiences before we get to my navel. As of right now I have 10 ear piercings, 6 lobes, and 4 cartliages. Last July I decided I wanted something different then the boring old lobe and cartliage piercings that EVERYONE has, so I wanted to get my helix. Well, the day of the piercing, my sister and her friend convinced me that was to "freaky" (they aren't into piercings) and that I should get my navel pierced. Boy, am I glad they had me get my belly ... read more

Self Navel Piercing by a 17yr old girl gone wrong...

ars now, I've always wanted to do something a little exciting and on the wild side...not for anyone elses gain but for my own benefit.so any ways... Last month, I wanted a christmas gift for myself,something special and something I wouldn't need to buy so I decided to go on the limb and do something to change me completely before the new millenium...so Navel piercing crossed my mind. I, by the way, did not do the whole Navel piercing because someone else did... I did it for me and because I thought it would be something different for a change. ... read more

Oh Holey Night

elly*~ It all started on a friday afternoon after school, my mom was asking me what I wanted for my Birthday, so I asked her if I could have my belly button pierced (because i've wanted it for so long). Of course knowing my mom she's say yes, but be totally turned off by the idea of my fathers actions afterwards... But I thought heck why not.. So I asked and just as I had predicted she'd agreed only if my fater would (there's absoluely no going behind dad's back about this).. So I was like okay mom fine.. So ... read more

My First Body Piercing

been thinking about getting a naval piercing for at least a year, but I decided that I had to have one, but my mom always said that I was too young. At first, my dad agreed with her, but then, he found out why I had been saving my money, so he even tried to talk her into it. Finally, I decided that if I really wanted it done, then I would have to find a way to show my mom that I wasn't too young. It was around Christmas and my birthday, so I knew that I would be ... read more

Micki's navel pierced in Finland

been considering a navel piercing for years. My problem was I have always been a little ashamed of my tummy as it is not exactly the tightest package around. Anyway, some time ago I decided I don't care and I'm going to do whatever I want with my tummy. It was during the Christmas holidays that I started to do some research on the Internet about navel piercings, and I found BME, which has been somewhat my best friend ever since ;D I read tons of experiences and looked at pictures and finally made up my mind of going to ... read more

Irish dancer Gets Her Tattoo & Bellybuttom done!

le of months ago my best friend Lou(Hi Lou!)deciced to try to force me into getting my bellybuttom pierced .I agreed to get it done as long as she went first....A stupid idea!She wanted me to hold her hand while she got it done. So off we marched into town one Saturday,we got out of the car and went straight to Tattoo Zoo.When we went in there were too fellas getting tattoos done by J.J. & Ger ,no one getting piercings.Lou asked Morris would he do her bellybuttom, he said no problem.Morris is the reason EVERYONE goes into Tattoo Zoo ... read more

Life is good... =)

t's been years of wondering and wanting, and I finally got my navel pierced... I can remember this summer, Nicole and I were at PNE, and we saw a whole group of girls and a few had their navels pierced... We were both like, woahhhhh I wanna get it done more than anything! (Nicole--when we saw Pascal and all those girls when we were in line for the autographs!) So after that I asked my parents, and I got the normal & unfortunate HELL NO answer... So I forgot about it for a while... Then Nicole got hers pierced*without me...*, ... read more

~My BeLlY eXpErIeNcE~

e wanted my navel pierced for the longest time now. Finally my mom agreed that I could get it done for my birthday. I begged her and begged her to take me really soon. My dad wasn't pleased with the idea because of the thought of infection. He didn't like any body piercing at all. He said that as long as he doesn't see it, I can go and get it done. My grandparents really didn't like the idea. I thoought of them as old fashioned but I said that they didn't have to look at it if they didn't ... read more

Spontaneous decision

my navel pierced sometime during the first week of December. I was having my last final exam. This unfortunately was math at which I really suck. Anyway, the exam time was supposed to be from 9 till 12 but I got out there at 9:40. (needless to say i failed my exam big time and got a big fat 'F'. I got like a 15%) So I was out there, no one else had left the exam halls so I had no one to hang out with. I went to the city, decided to go shopping. Then I stopped by ... read more

My belly ring

and have my ears pierced 5 times, 4 times down the botton and once up the top and I had always wanted my belly button pierced, but when I located my local piercing place they said that it would cost $60. Also at this studio they said that if I was under 18 I had to have parents permission. My parents (or at least my mother, my father doesn't care) do not want me to get my belly button pierced at all.I am only 17 and so I couldn't get it done there. I thought I would have to wait ... read more

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