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The addiction continues...

my tummy pierced! Wow this is something I never thought I'd do, just because while I always thought they were pretty, everyone I knew who had one (except one person) got theirs infected and second while I have a pretty flat stomach, I wanted a six pack before I got one. Well I changed my mind about the six-pack, not as feminine as I thought. So I have a bunch of ear piercings and my tongue done now here I was craving more. So here's my story. I got my tongue pierced a few months ago, just outside of Seattle ... read more

You stuck a needle in my tummy!!!

ced that all the other stories I've read are about people who have wanted to get their belly buttons pierced for a long time. I'm not one of those people who asked my mom for 3 years to get it done, I simply asked her to bring me on my b-day. Though my mom didn't mind bringing me, she suggested that I wait until after we went on our Christmas cruise 3 months later. I had read before that it was a bad idea to go swimming with a belly button piercing, so I agreed and waited until I got ... read more

Twice in two months - I got my navel pierced!!!

er really occurred to me to get my bellybutton pierced. Sure, I was joking about it but I never thought seriously about getting it done. One night, however, I saw a friend who just had hers done the week before. It looked really cute and I thought about it a little more. That night, I told my boyfriend that I would actually get my navel pierced. He said that he would pay for it since I am a poor college student but he was thinking that I would never go through with it. I decided to go in the week ... read more

Lisa get

it all started when I began to see the fad of all these piercing and tattoos covering my friends and also the rest of America's youth today. So, as a normal teenager would do, I was almost automatically drawn to the fact that I too, wanted to experience this rave that everyone was talking about. I mean I have 5 holes already in my ears as it is, but I wanted something more and to feel the adrenaline rush of doing something crazy. So, after a little researching on the whole piercing idea and also the persuasion of my parents ... read more

pierced by a model

should first tell you that this is my first piercing experience. I do have my ears pierced but I got that done when I was three months old. I never even really thought about getting my belly button pierced because number one I didn't think my mom would even consider it, number two because I would never show it off. And let me tell you after getting my belly button pierced I am a lot more confident about myself. My mom and me were driving downtown and saw a new tattoo place and we started talking about tattoos. My mom ... read more

Are you f&%$ing crazy?

off, I apologize for the profanity in the title, but it has it's reason, which we'll get to later. For a little bit of background, I'm an 18-year-old female, which currently has 10 piercings (two in each ear, upper and inverse navel, eyebrow, tongue, and nipples), excluding my new additions. I have submitted previously experiences regarding my piercings on BME, I *think* they're titled "My Piercing Spree" (nipples) and "Look ma, I drool..." (tongue). Anyway, on with the story. When I first started getting piercings, right after I turned 18 (almost a year ago), I decided that the only piercings ... read more

Navel Piercing? Well Alright!

n November of '99 I brought up the idea of getting my tongue pierced to my mother (I had wanted it for a while, but thought I should start begging for x-mas). Unfortunately for me, my mother works in a hospital, in infectious disease. So it was an immediate "NO!" I kept on begging and made her feel guilty until I finally decided to start with something smaller, like an eyebrow. Once again, we both remained firm in our beliefs. I managed to go further down on my list of piercings to get, to the navel. In January I had ... read more

Navel at 15!

uring summer '99 I went on a student exchange trip to England and France, and I decided to get my belly button pierced. Keep in mind that I never got permission from a parent or anything. In the US, you have to be 18 to get a piercing, but in England, it's 16. So I tell the host girl (who was really nice) that I am staying with that I would like to get it done. She was 14, a year younger than I, but her sister was 16, so we all had fun together. Anyways, the sister and I ... read more

Mackey's halfway ripped out navel peircing

k navel piercing are the sexiest things I have ever seen before. I have wanted mine done since I was 12. My parents never would let me, but finally when I was 16, my mother agreed to let me get it done. My dad still didn't agree but I figured I could hide it from him. My dad says if God wanted any more holes in my body, then he would have put them there himself. I guess that's what I get for being a preachers daughter. My mom didn't believe I could hid it from him. She said, "With ... read more

***Sarah's Jeweled Navel***(finally)

I can remember, I've always thought navel piercings were the bomb diggety!!! I'm a chicken, I hate needles and because of that...I definitely thought body piercing was not for me. Whatever. You get over that fast. I was flipping through a magazine and my Mom pointed to a picture of this model chick with the cutest gold and jeweled belly ring ever. She said "How cute! Wouldn't you want to get that done?" I said "Of course" knowing in the back of my mind I could never go through with it after hearing horror stories of pain and the after-healing ... read more

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