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It's like a mood swing

y a week before I got my navel pierced, I watched a couple of my friends get their's done. I remember saying, "I'll never do that. I think it's a waste of money, doesn't look very good, and I like to run my hand over my stomach without anything there." Little did I know what I was about to do myself. Don't ask me why, but a week later, my best friend and I were driving into the city from our small town when she suggested we get our navels pierced. I decided that would be a fun thing to ... read more

The Ghetto piercing

re this will probably sound like pansey stuff in comparison to the rest of the stories posted on this board, but too me, at the time a 14 year old...It was a "different" expierence. All the way from thinking about having it done, to letting a guy put his hands on me who I'm sure had an STD, to loving every moment of having it. So for the last few months I had been noticing just how sweet navel rings looked for the summer, and seeing as how I was goin' to CANCUN! so I thought it would be something ... read more

Big wimpie got belly ring

Well I have always wanted my belly button pierced since I was in grade 7 when my friend Heather got hers done. I am not in grade 11 and I finally got enough guts to actually do it. Well to be honest with you, I had to come here and look at alot of the stories that people have submitted for me to get courage to get it. Let me tell you, I am happy i found this place. One day at school, I didn't feel like being in class so I got up, walked out the door, and found ... read more

My Navel Experience

been meaning to get my belly button pierced for a while. My mother said that i would get it done as an early fourteenth birthday present, but being that it was when i was thirteen, i was not suprised about the lack of enthusiasm that many piercing and tatoo parlors had for my idea. but, persistant as i was, i had done my research, learned about the risks involved (and there are many!) and found aftercare instructions from various reliable sources, including this site, compared prices (mine ended up costing 60 dollars, for the barbell and procedure, but ony because ... read more

i love it, she hates it

long time, i've had this "thing" about piercing. i begged my mum when i was 10 to let me get my ears done and my addiction has gone from there. Then it was another set in my ears 3 years later and another 9 months after that. then i went for one in the top of my ear last year without asking and she went ape. she made me promise that that was my last piercing. i'd always wanted my navel pierced but i was kinda scared about the pain factor. then one of my friends got it done for ... read more

Good Navel Gone Bad

0 I was 15 and my ears were full of holes...yet it just wasn't enough. I wanted more metal to fill my body in more places. So already being aware of BME for tattoo pictures and experiences, I decided to check out what they had to say on piercings. After checking all my options and spending hours every night reading stories, I finally decided I wanted my navel pierced. And then it was time for the dreaded talk with my mom about it. She surprisingly enough went for the idea after we made a deal that I wouldn't bug her ... read more

My Beautiful Navel~~

i'm 16 years old and this past weekend i got my naval pierced which for me is a really big thing. I am a junior in high school and I have wanted my belly button pierced since 5th grade!! Ever since I saw a picture of it in a magazine I fell in love and just knew I had to get it. My mom, unfornunatly being of the conservative type, did not like this idea from day one. She said it is mutilation and it is not very "classy." Please, like thatz gonna phase me. I wanted it done and ... read more

Lauren's Navel Piercing

'S NAVEL PIERCING ***BEFORE-HAND All right, here it goes...I've wanted a navel piercing ever since I knew what one was. I was also very interested in eyebrow piercings for a while too. My mom even said I could do it. The things is, the only reason she said yes is because she knew I would never go through with it. It was true, I knew I would never go through with it either but I always had my hopes. It wasn't really pain that scared me, it was just the thought of a needing actually going through my stomach...eww! Eventually ... read more

*ALAS!* Successful on 2nd Try!

sa! I'm a 14 y/o 'prep'. A lot of people were suprised that I actually wanted a piercing other than my ears. But I figured "the hell with what they think!" This whole thing started when I was about 13. I wanted my navel pierced when I saw one of my friends have hers done. I thought it looked so cute! Being 13, I had to have my parents permission. So, I asked them and got a firm "NO!" as an answer. I let the piercing subject alone with them for a while and later in the year (my 14th ... read more

Piercing=loosing weight

have to tell someone that I am addicted to piercing... My first piercing was a nose ring. I got it right after my promotion, thinking that now I don't have to worry about career advancement for a while. But nose rings don't really do anything for me. I got it, because it was the most mainstream body piercing. My husband and friends are not into piercing, but, to me, it is so attractive and sexy; I had to get it. Men with lip piercing are so sexy to me, I don't know why I am so attracted to body piercing. ... read more

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