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Heidi's Navel Piercing

wanted my navel pierced since I was about 18. My friend went away to school and when I saw her again she had hers done it was so cool and I knew then that I had to have it done. So for the last four years I had been contemplating getting it done. Of course my mother said "If you get it done you can someplace else to live!!" So that was probably the main reason I wanted so long and the fact that I had no money and many bills. While I was working one day I mentioned to ... read more

The Tale of Two Tummies

.Here is the story of two girls who got pierced on a school sponsored trip... We were in Abilene for the regional UIL meet. We has just gotten back from swimming and were sitting around being bored when suddenly my friend Candace had this lovely idea--why don't we all get pierced? This was a seemingly good idea except for the fact that we had no car--only the school vehicle and that wasn't ours. Since one of the girls' parents would have had a crap fit, we talked about walking across the street to the mall to get less noticable, less ... read more

My Pretty Bellybutton

> Im 13, and i'm quite preppy. No one would expect me to be the type to get ANY piercing, cuz im like the biggest wuss. Im really glad i went through with this... The Introduction.. Okay, i've been interested in piercing for a while now.. considering that im only 13. i've wanted my navel pierced for about a year, but i ThOuGhT that my parents would never even consider it. BUT when i finally asked this December(1999)i was shocked when my dad said it was okay with him if my mom was fine with it.. that was the hard ... read more

First time for everything...

s I should start with the tattoo experience, even though this is ultimately a piercing story. When I was in Army AIT at Ft. Lee in Virginia, I decided to have my navel tattooed one Friday night. It wasn't that much of an impulse, since I'd had the idea in my head for a while. At that time, I already had one tattoo of a tribal sun between my shoulder blades, so I wasn't very nervous. I found a tattoo studio in Richmond (don't remember which, but I'd like to go back and have a few words there), and the ... read more


een so long since I wanted to get my belly button pierced. I asked my dad but he said no, and didnt bother to ask my mom because i knew she's worst than my dad. I've researched through the internet to find alot of stuff about navel piercing (good idea to do this!!!) and where I can get it done without my parents signing in for me. One day I finally got a chance to talk to my old best friend from middle school and she told me about this guy name jimmy who does piercings and she told me ... read more

A year and a half later, I'm pierced

s you might have guessed, I have just had my navel pierced. I have tried to convince my mum for a year and a half for this and finally she agreed. It wasn't an easy task but I got there. I now have ten holes in my body. Three lobe piercings in each ear, a piercing in my left cartilage, my right tragus, my nose and now my navel. I asked my mum for like the 1000th time to have my navel pierced, I used the "But Erin's got it done" line and to my surprise it actually work. At ... read more

My First (actual) Piercing

el Piercing! After months and months of thinking, researching, surfing webpages, chatting with a local piercer and taking some opinions polls by friends, I finally decided I'd take the leap into the fascinating world of piercings! I had been thinking about it for months, looking at my slightly pudgy tummy in my closet mirror and wondering what it would look like with a piercing dangling from my navel. I started buying slightly shorter tops that would show off my navel, imagining what it would look the day I got it pierced. I just kept the idea to myself at first, ... read more

Mom Says No, I Say Yes!

ead many piercing stories, now it's time for my own. I finally have my own piercing story to tell. At first, I was going to get my tongue pierced, but after a few weeks, I decided on getting my belly button pierced. I must say, I've been influenced by a lot of my friends who already have their own piercings. A few weeks ago I asked my mom could I get it pierced, and she said "Hell no...". But of course, I let that go through one ear and out the other. Finally, the day came.... I went and picked ... read more

Navel Piercing After Year of Waiting!

a whole year of waiting, I finally had my parents talked into a belly button ring. They think it's trashy, but oh well. I think it's cute and it all just depends on the person. Well that leads up to one month ago. My parents had heard me talk about it continuaslly and so they said, if you're still wanting it a month from now, we'll let you get it. So I was pumped. Which leads to today. The BIG piercing day. I got one of my best friends to come with me. She was the official picture taker. So ... read more

My friend chickened out, but I went through with it!

kground *~ On March 24, 2000, at work, I was talking to a girl at work who had her lip pierced, and was telling her how I could never get a piercing because of the pain, etc. Later that afternoon (still at work), I was talking to some other people about it and my coworker Laura overheard me and told me that she'd get her navel pierced if I got mine done. I immediatly said "OK!" (What was I thinking? lol) She was already off, and I didn't get off until 7, so she was going to come pick me ... read more

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