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Whoa mama!

st going to jump right on in with my experience here. No horrible preludes to disaster. Haha...just kidding. Whew, was I nervous driving up to that place. Yeah, it's a tanning place, and I was a bit skeptical about it at first. The first time I tried to get pierced, the young lady told me that she wasn't going to be piercing that day becuase she had gotten into a confrontation with a customer a little while before I came. I wasn't sure how to feel about that, so I just scheduled an appointment for 2 days later. My goodness ... read more

The Great Naval Con

wanted a navel piercing for quite a while, like most people who submit these stories. (I've read quite a few, if not all) The actual con started when my family and I were sitting around watching a movie and I was, again, talking about a piercing. My mother said that the navel piercing was one of the only innocent piercings: no one could see if it I didn't show it, and my other family wouldn't know. Now, she didn't really mean to encourage me, but it was already done. My eyes lighted up until I thought I may blind anyone ... read more

My pretty belly

ince I got my hood pierced, I have been dieing to get another piercing done. Although my piercer told me that I had the anatomy for a triangular piercing, I wanted to wait longer for the hood to heal before I got that done. I don't think that I have the face to get an eye brow or nose pierced, and my nipples are just way to sensative to get them done, so I figured that my navel was my best bet. Some of the girls at work were also talking about getting some piercings done, so we decided that ... read more

Surcumbing to peer pressure

ere to begin? First off let me tell you, that the navel was not my idea of a good thing. I really got into piercings about 3 years ago. I'm not big on the piercings that are on the face, yet the ones that can be hidden, and only revealed when you choose to. So where did I start? Where any normal girls do. Got my first set of holes in my ears at the age of 2. Second set at the age of 16. Thrid set and cartiledge done at 18. And one more time I got the cartiledge ... read more

A fun experience for life

t me start off by telling you that I'm 18. I was 14 when I had my belly button pierced. My obsession (not really, but that's what people like to call it) with piercing started in the beginning of seventh grade when I had my second hole pierced for my birthday. I had always wanted to have my belly button done since sixth grade, but I never figured either of my parents would EVER allow me to get it done. During the summer, I begged my Mom endlessly to let me have it done. She finally gave in when I ... read more

Finally!!!...i did it!!...whooo!

tle about me before I share my experience*~ Well, im a 12 year old female, and ill be 13 in may, yes young i know, but hey!...they pierced me!!...anyways, ive got 3 piercings in each ear and a cartlidge!...Im not like a super big whimp or anything, but im not super-brave or anything, plus its been awhile since ive had any shots anything stuck in me.. ~*Going up there etc, etc.*~ Well, i live in Tennessee....and, everywhere sorta close to where i live says that youve gotta be 16 with a parent and an ID!...ugh! sooo...anyway, i know two people ... read more

I swore I'd never get my bellybutton pierced BUT...

e I'd never get my navel pierced. "It's so trendy!" I cried. "I'm fat!" I cried. "I'm done piercing myself!" I cried. I already had my earlobes twice, tragus, upper cartilage, nostril, and clitoral hood pierced. (You can read about my hood experience under Female Piercing, Hood, "my little secret".) I swore after my hood that I was done with piercings. But for some reason, I got the idea in my head that I wanted my navel done. I kept seeing girls with it done and though how cute it would be. I had a good navel for it, I ... read more

Spring Break fun :o)

started about a year ago. I seen a belly button piercing and thought to myself... that looks so cute ! I just had to have one of my own. So I asked the parents. Mom said 'no' and dad, well he's pretty easy going but because of my mom saying no, he did to. It was just my luck, I couldn't get it done. So i tried basically everything. I told them that I deserved it because I am a good kid who doesn't do bad stuff and I even took a petition around school and got a lot of ... read more

My first non-ear piercing

off, I had been begging my mom for a tongue piercing because when my ex got one I decided that it was hott and I loved to kiss him so why not get it. She completely hated that idea, but then she tried to convince me to get my navel done instead. I liked those anyway so I took my mom's offer and decided to get it done. I was nervous as hell the day before, but it still hadn't hit me that I was going to have it done. I needed to prove to myself that I could handle ... read more

Happy Valentines DAY!!

fter like what seemed like a life time i finally got my navel pierced! I got it done on Feb. 16th, only 2 dys after valentines day, and i was feeling prety bummed over a failed relationship and i had stayed home from school. I was trying to be a smart ass and told my mom that if she let me get it done i would cheer up. To my surorise she said "ok get dressed, lets go" i was so happy! On the way there all i could think about was what it would feel like, would it hurt, ... read more

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