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My gorgeous anti-navel piercing.

A navel piercing was always one of those piercings I had wondered about but told myself I'd never get. Especially an anti-navel, in fact, anti-navel never even came to mind when I thought of getting a navel piercing. Mainly because they never interested me as much as the piercings I wanted before(and have now). But in the past month or two, I'd become much more interested. Ever since my sister had hers done earlier this year. The day I got the piercing I hadn't even planned to get it done. It turned out to be a spur of the moment ... read more

My first piercing! Navel woes

I was always the straight-edge conservative type in high school. Growing up, I never would have thought I would be the type of person who would get a tattoo. And the thought of any piercings other than standard ear piercings made my stomach turn. All my friends who turned 18 way before I did were getting things done, and I still couldn't see myself getting anything. However, as my 18th birthday drew near, as well as my best friend's, I began to reconsider. Turning 18 was a big deal for me for a lot of different reasons, and I really ... read more

I Wait Years for One

Ok, usual background info: I'm 15, had my navel pierced 15 months ago (I wrote an experience on BME called WAS THAT IT?! in July 2005). It slowly started to reject and became small and shallow and unwillingly, I had to take it out. I had waited God knows how long to get my belly-button pierced. Probably close to five years. It was the one thing in life I wanted and the one thing I nagged my parents about for years. So when the day came I could hardly believe it. Me and my cousin skipped down to ink the ... read more

FINALLY I got my bellybutton pierced- take that Grandma.

In April of this year, I got my first 'real' piercing. I got my belly-button pierced. I have been fascinated with piercings ever since I was about 9 years old, and I got both lobes done for the first time. I ended up getting three in each lobe by the time I was 10, and my addiction began. I always thought that piercings made me look 'cool', which as an overweight, brainiac 9 year old (I've thinned out since) I craved so much. I wanted to be unique, and I guess piercings made me feel like I was. Despite being ... read more

Belly bling bling!

Ever since I've turned 18, I have been interested in tattoos and piercings. Among a few things I got in the first years, I got my navel pierced when I was 19. At this time I didn't know much at all about piercings, so I didn't expect that experience to turn bad, but it did. First, it was pierced at 16 gauge with an externally threaded barbell. Second, the guy who did it (in a shop in Montreal I won't tell about) pierced me while I was standing, and when I missed a breath he got obviously disturbed, he just ... read more

4th time the charm..hopefully

Since I was ten years old I always though that navel rings were cute and I loved the jewelry because they are all so unique. I begged my mom since I was ten years old to get it pierced and the answer was always no, until my sixteenth birthday. The first time I got my navel done was five months ago for my sweet sixteen. I was so shocked when my mom said that was one of my presents because I didn't expect it at all, I thought I was going to have to wait till I was eighteen. I ... read more

Stupidity of a Know-It-All

I will admit that I pride myself on knowing a lot more about piercings then most the people I know. When I love something, I find out as much as I can and usually will talk about it as much as possible. I don't mean to. I'm just passionate. And now I have reached the big 15 of piercings (yes I no that to some it's not that many but for me hehe), I'd like to think I know quite a bit about looking after them, what they're like and how they're done. Anyway enough of the chit chat. I ... read more

Painless Procedure

About two years ago I decided that I wanted a navel piercing because it was such a cute a body modification and it would be a pretty cool show and tell at school, haha. So I hopped onto the internet to thoroughly research my piercing of choice and asked all my friends who had the piercing; I wanted to know how much pain would be involved, aftercare procedures and the best places to go in my area. At first I was kind of worried about my body possibly rejecting the piercing, or me not taking good care of it; but ... read more

My Inverse Navel

Ever since I was 11 years old, I have been in love with all piercings. I got my ears done when I was 6, then again when I was 11. My second one's were meant to be lobe, but instead the piercer pierced too high up and shattered the cartilage. (Ah, I talk about it like it was so long ago, even though I'm only 13 now!) 3 weeks after my ears were done in Airlie Beach, I had the itch again.. I'd been looking at pictures on BME for years, and I wanted my navel pierced. I wanted to ... read more

One just ain't enough!

I never thought I would ever get a piercing. I'm a girl who goes to school, gets good marks, makes my parents happy and generally floats around in the background. The idea came to me because I wanted to do something adventurous, which no one would expect of lil ol' me. I thought a good place to start was a navel piercing and I waited until I was old enough to get it without her permission. But anyway, I went to my chosen beauty place The Edge. Looking back I wish I hadn't gone there for a couple of reasons. ... read more

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