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Can I? Should I? Will I? Yes! My navel's journey...

So my story starts off sometime earlier this year [2006]. I was only 14 at the time, and my mom was the one person that knew of my little desire [to be pierced]. I asked her several times about what she thought of me getting my navel done - but all she ever said was "I don't know"..in a stretched, and somewhat worried voice. In my family, my dad is the parent that makes most of the final parenting decisions. I knew that if I wanted any piercing - I'd have to go to my dad first. Seemingly knowing my ... read more

The story of my self-done belly button piercing.

I come from a one hundred percent Vietnamese family, and they disapprove of almost all piercings (minus ears, but even then they can only be pierced once) and all tattoos, so I have no idea where my fascination with body modifications came from. I've wanted to get my belly button pierced ever since I was about eleven or twelve years old. The idea just always appealed to me. So I asked my mother if she could take me to get it done, but she refused. I then went to my aunt, but she also declined. I then decided to take ... read more

My second navel - it took a while!

For ages now I've wanted more than one navel piercing. When I was 12 I saw a picture o a girl modelling for Sugar magazine, and she had four navel piercing (in a cross shape) I fell in love with it, and decided then that I really wanted it done. For years people were telling me that it would look gross, and it wasn't possible, but I was determined. I asked my mum at 14 whether I could get the first one pierced (she doesn't know that I want 4) and she told me that I could get it done ... read more

My Gorgeous Little 18K Navel!

I had wanted to get my navel pierced for the longest time, but I am super scared when it comes to needles. I wish there was some way for it to be done without having to use one, but that type of technology has yet to be invented! Anyway, my girlfriends all have theirs done and I was so jealous seeing them wear all sorts of cute dangle pieces peeking out under their shirts. Another place to accessorize is always good. I must admit we are dedicated to shopping. What would be better than having a different navel ring to ... read more

my first body piercing(navel)

Well, when I was 12 I really wanted a navel piercing and had thought about doing it myself but I wasn't sure so I just told myself to wait until I was 13. I had asked my mom for my 13th birthday to get it done and she said all right. So my birthday came and for 2 months I kept asking her when are we going to go get it done? Finally after telling my dad to talk to my mom into taking me she said all right. So I prepared myself and told everyone at school so I ... read more

My Double-Lower Navel Experience!!

Ok, so to start off with here's a brief summary of my body mods so far: I have a standard navel piercing that I received 5 years ago, 2 lobe piercings I've had for about 7 years, 2 tragus piercings (one is 3 months old and the other is 2.5 months old), 2 rook piercings (one is 2.5 months old and the other is 1 month old) and 1 snug piercing (which was done at the same time with one of my rooks and is 1 month old).I love all of these piercings and have just had to have another ... read more

my bellybutton piercings

Approximately one month ago, I decided to go and get my navel pierced, as I had wanted it for a pretty long time. Since Latvia is a rather tiny country, I wasn't too sure of where to go to pierce it where I was guaranteed professionals. So I just went to a piercing/tattoo salon where my friend had gotten her tongue and nose pierced, I assumed it was a pretty safe decision. As I walked into the studio, I knew there was no turning back and I began to become really anxious, as this was my first piercing other than ... read more


Ok well I got got my navel pierced three HOURS ago!! I had both of my ears pierced normally with a gun. For me it really hurt and burned like hell. After that I was scared to get any piercings done. four years later. I was 14 and wanted to get my navel done, my parents said ok but never reminded me about it, so we all forgot about it. I always thought navel piercings looked nice and sexy. My friend got it peirced and she said it never hurt and its fine after 1 day she got it done. ... read more

Mein selbstgestochenes Bauchnabelpiercing

Hi, hier möchte ich euch von meinem Selbstversuch erzählen: Das Bauchnabelpiercing. Schon lange Zeit habe ich mir eins gewünscht, doch meine Eltern meinten, nach dem Zungenpiercing seie Schluss. Also kam ich auf die Idee, es mir selber zu stechen. Ich dachte damals: Kann ja wohl nicht so schwer sein, mir eine Nadel durch den Bauchnabel zu rammen. Ich möchte dazu noch sagen, dass ich es niemanden nachmachen will, ich habe es nicht gmacht, weil angsagte Stars es auch habn, oder Freunde oder so, sondern wil es mir ganz alleine gfällt, es hatte also nichts mit Gruppenzwang oder so zu tun! ... read more

Worth the pain?

I'm still trying to decide on this one. A few years ago I got my navel pierced, and for the past few years the only piercings I've had are that, and four in my ears. A few months ago I decided that it was time for something new. Now, my parents aren't exactly thrilled about the whole body mod scene, and the fact that im interested in it let alone wanting to partake in it myself. Facial piercings are pretty much a no-no, with the exception of a nostril piercing, which I'm sure I would have no problems getting if ... read more

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