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My shitty first piercing (aka - a lesson learned)

Ok, so I turned 16, what does every sixteen year old do? Get her NYS driving permit, DUH! Besides that? Get her belly button pierced! Back when I was in High School, getting your belly done with a right of passage into womanhood, right? Wrong. When I was in 8th grade, like 13 years old I pierced my own belly button. I did it with a hot sewing needle and put an earing in it. It fell out about six months later when I was in high school. All of the goody goody teacher suckup girls were like "Like, oh ... read more

My loveli Piercing

Jag hade funderat på det här med piercing jättelänge innan jag bestämde mig. Först ville jag ha en i läppen, sen i navlen, sen i både och.....du fattar haha. Sen bestämde jag att de blir bara en piercing, och den skulle sitta i navlen. Många säger att det bara är fjortisar som har piercing i naveln men de tycker jag e bullshit! Vem som helst kan skaffa sig en navelpiercing oavsett ålder, kön eller klädstil. Jag har alltid velat pierca mig men jag har aldrig fått det för mina föräldrar. Jag fick vänta tills jag var 18 vilket kändes jobbigt, ... read more

My Long AWaited-Birthday Navel

I had to write an essay for me l.a. class and so i figure i'll jsut put it up here to!!!! "Through out my life I was known as the good girl. Even though the people close to me knew differently I was still though of a harmless, good girl. Also through out my life I have been fascinated with navel pierces. It had never occurred to me to actually get one, I mean; I was such a good girl and all. I must admit I'm only really seen as a good girl to those who don't know the 'real' ... read more

My Lovely Bellybutton.

Okay, so, I'm really not sure how to start this off, but anyway, yesterday me and my friend Vince were hanging out. All of the sudden he just randomly brought up how he pierced his belly button the night before. He said it didn't hurt or anything and he wanted me to try it. I've always wanted my belly button pierced, but this was kind of spur-of-the-moment. I hesitated at first seeing that he took his out and I didn't have the greatest evidence, plus the fact that he did a surface piercing right below his belly button and was ... read more

My Belly button Piercing Experience!

I had wanted to get my belly pierced since I was 13, when I saw it on other older girls. I knew that my parents would not like it, so I could not get it done – as I needed their permission back then! I few of my friends got it done at the age of 13, but I am glad that I waited until I was 16, as I knew that I did really want it done. I only actually started thinking about the piercing a couple of days beforehand, but talked to a friend whose sister had gotten ... read more

Yet another Navel Piercing

You've probably heard the story of some teenage girl getting her navel pierced countless times before. I won't be any different with this. My cousin, who was five years older than myself had her navel pierced in a market when her and her family went away for a week during the summer before my thirteenth birthday. As soon as I took one look at it, I was adamant that I wanted one. I looked up to and admired my cousin in many ways; I wanted to be just like her in as many ways possible. My parents saw it and ... read more

It didn't hurt.

I'd started toying with the idea of getting my bellybutton pierced around the time I was fourteen. My parents aren't extremely strict, and I knew they would allow me to get the piercing done; my mom had already grudgingly okayed the idea. My dad was not really one for promoting the piercing at first, but afterwards he didn't mind it at all. The only obstacle in the way? I used to play soccer and springboard dive all year round, and while the piercing was in its healing process, I didn't want a wet bathing suit rubbing against it or a ... read more

The ow is definitely worth the wow with nipple piercings!

It was an average Monday; I was browsing BME and as usual I was not really looking for a new piercing. However, after looking at the nipple piercings I was filled with inspiration for a new piercing to look after and take care of. The nipple piercings just caught my eye, and after consulting a couple of my housemates about the idea, I decided to go for it. My friend had agreed to come with me for moral support, but was not free until the Wednesday, and so I would have to wait a day, which gave me some time ... read more

how i almost lost my belly ring

Well, I had recently turned 18, and wanted a piercing, as I am sure most 18 year olds do, but I am a procrastinator, so I sat on the idea for about three months, before settling on getting my navel done. The way I looked at it, it was quick, and from what everyone told me, easy to heal, with a low chance of rejecting. I have always worn low wasted pants, so I figured I should have no problems at all. So I got some friends together, and we all headed down to Tattoo mania after my boyfriend was ... read more

Start of the obsession

I was young and giddy. Undebatably dumb, but who isn't when they're young? Even if thats the case, a moment of youthful stupidity has breed a lifetime of obsession. I was 14. Piercings in my community were still practically unheard of at the time. I was pretty cutting edge with my 3 *ekk* gunned holes in my ears. Yet somehow my stepfather's friendship with the men at the local studio had supplied me with the compulsion that seems to overcome every teen girl at some point. I wanted my navel pierced. So badly I was willing to actually do what ... read more

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