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boyfriend saliva, just what a new piercing needs.

Now, I'm not one of those people that has always wanted a belly button ring. I used to think they were trashy, the equivalent of a tramp stamp, until me and my boyfriend were talking about piercings. He really wanted his lip done (one year later, and he still wants it), and I realized that I'm blessed with a flat tummy, why not accentuate it? At this time I had a bunch of self done ear piercings (4 lobes in each ear, and two cartilage-OW!) and my nose stud, so I didn't have anything to compare the pain of a ... read more


In my family, any kind of piercing (besides standard ear) was looked down upon. Needless to say, I couldn't get my belly button pierced until I could sign for it myself. And that is exactly what I did. My birthday is December 31st, so it's a pretty busy day. I had a lot of plans for my birthday; go out to eat with my family, get my nails done, leave with my boyfriend for the tattoo parlour, then stay in a hotel with him to watch the ball drop. After the morning was over, I went with a friend and ... read more

You want to know what sucks? Allergic Reactions

Hihi.:) Let me explain how this idea came to mind first. My whole piercing Infatuation began in 8th grade [I was 13 at the time] because my best friend had gotten her belly button pierced. I loved it, and asked her if it hurt, etc. (the whole 9 yards. haahaa) I had asked both my parents at the same time if I could get my belly button pierced. Well guess what the answer was? yep, it was the ever-so-common NO. And I was upset, but dropped the topic for a while. At school, we had just come back from Christmas ... read more

Why I had my navel pierced today

I think most people, strangers, family and friends alike, would be surprised to know I have a piercing (not that I would tell them!). I come across as unique and a little different, to be sure, but to give you an idea, my style and demeanour have been likened to that of Nicole Kidman and Julianne Moore. Apparently I'm "ladylike", though this was a surprise to me the first time I heard it! In high school some of my friends got their belly buttons pierced but I had zero desire to have mine done then. I generally shy away from ... read more

4th time's the charm.. what?

I always thought navel piercings looked so good on any girl, so of course I wanted it for myself. I get that piercing 'itch' every once in awhile, and piercing my own navel has always been on my list. My first attempt was in about 6th grade, making me twelve years old. All I really remember was having a sewing needle, a post earring, a lighter and ice. It didn't work of course. I got it through the top layer of skin but it refused to go though the bottom. It hurt so bad from the pressure I was applying, ... read more

A mother-daughter bonding day

I'd been wanting to get my navel pierced since I was 13, even making a slide show about the procedure and risks for my parents. It was a NO from them, but my mum promised that she'd do it with me when I got older.I wasn't seriously expecting her to go through with it, and was surprised when I brought it up and she agreed. As we live in different cities, we decided that the time to do it was when I next came down to see her. Fast forward 4 years, and the time had arrived. We booked an ... read more

navelpiercing in frankrijk.

ik ga al een aantal jaar op vakantie naar zuid-frankrijk met mijn ouders en mijn zus. En een aantal jaar geleden kwamen mijn vader en ik langs een piercingshop genaamd "house of pain". ik was toen nog klein en dacht dat piercings ook echt pijn deden dus ik vond dat toen wel grappig. een aantal jaren later dachten we opeens weer aan die piercingshop, maar we konden maar niet bedenken waar die ook alweer zat. lang en veel over nagedacht en ook in elke stad waar we kwamen een beetje gezocht, maar hij was onvindbaar. tot mei afgelopen jaar. we ... read more

Mon double nombril

Ca fait depuis mes 11 ans +/- que je m'intéresse de très près à tout ce qui touche aux modifications corporelles (au désespoir de ma mère ^^) au début j'aimais bien un labret ou une narine, puis rapidement j'ai aimé les stretch, les septums, puis encore apres les tatouages, puis j'ai commencé à m'intéresser aux performances, ... Je n'avais pas de "vrai" piercing avant celui là (deux lobes à chaque oreille (dont un en 6mm) mais bon, comme tout le monde le dit, c'est pas vraiment un vrai piercing ^^), en fait c'était les seules choses que ma mère acceptait ... read more

DIY Navel Piercing

I've done a lot of my own piercings and I've loved every single one I've done even if they were a bit flawed. The first one was my thumb webbing, didn't go well and was crooked but it was still my own work, I had to get rid of it because it rejected but while I had it I was very happy. The latest one before my navel was my septum (See DIY Septum Piercing, it's by me and will say -Sallygauge), it was very straight and I did a great job on it even if I used a safety ... read more

15 and Pierced - A Navel's Life Story

When I was very young, maybe 4 or 5, my older cousins got their belly buttons pierced. They were 16 and 17. I loved looking at them and watching them take care of their piercings. They treated them like little babies. Being 4, and the fact that these people whom I adored had shiny pretty shiny things in them, meant that I wanted one too. Now, I was 4/5 and obviously my mom would say no to every single one of my questions about them. They were so pretty though. I had to have one. For the next 7 years, ... read more

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