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my navel - stab of interest

Well - I got my navel piercing done two days ago at the Steel Paintbrush Studio in Durham. I had wanted it since I was around nine years old and I specifically remembering bargaining with my parents about getting it done. They had told me that, if I still wanted it done when I was sixteen then I could have it done. I begrudged them for the amount of time I had to wait, but I suppose I respect that they were not going to let their ten year old daughter get a hole through her stomach! Back to the ... read more

My navel is pierced -- booyah!

Hey everybody! The decision to get my navel pierced was actually made in the spur of the moment... Last week I had my tragus pierced, and because it was so easy and painless I started thinking about other possible places to get pierced. When I was 16 I wanted a labret piercing more than anything in the whole wide world, but nowadays I am happy I didn't go thru with my plans... Facial piercings can be gorgeous, but I am afraid for scarring after it's taken out. So today I decided to get my navel pierced, since it's not visible ... read more

Inverse navels on a sunny spring day

I have a list. I'm sure you all know exactly what I mean.. the big list of all the piercings and tattoos and other mods that you'd love to have someday. The list never gets shorter.. not because you're not getting modded, but because you're constantly adding to it. It'd been three months since my last piercings, so I took out my list and looked it over. Venoms? No, I've got school. Tattoo? I should have made an appointment months ago. Inverse navels? Sounds awesome! So I grabbed my phone and called up Dr. Jack's Ink Emporium, making an appointment ... read more


It was Easter and my friend and I were talking about how we wanted to get our belly buttons pierced together. We were like why don't we just ask to go now since cheerleading season is done. We asked our other friend where she got it done and told us Dr. B. She was not the only person that recommended Dr. B to us. Knowing that more then one person recommended him made me happy to know. So I thought he must be good and everything he used must be clean. We called to ask how much it was and ... read more

Belly Button.

So for my best friend Daisys 15th birthday she wanted to get her belly button pierced and so did I. I just turned 14 in the very beginning of March, so we are both 14 right now. So my mom agreed to taking us, so she took us to get it done and she was thinking about getting her belly button pierced to. Daisy's birthday is on April 21st, but we did not want to wait so we got it done on March 27th. So we drove to this place called "Another Dimension" and we told them we would like ... read more

Awesome navel piercing!

Ok ... so this is what happened for when I went to go get my piercing that I now adore so much even though the newness has worn off. My name is Madison, my nickname is Fairy cuz I love butterflies and you guessed it ... fairies, I adore them both so very much. I just got my navel done a week ago and 2 days ago and it was because my friend got her navel peirced peirced and it looked so awesome on her and now, see, I do not have a washboard for a stomach like most people ... read more

a navel ring to start off the new year

Originally, I wanted to get a lip piercing for my Christmas gift, but I thought about the pros and cons. I didn't want a piercing that everyone would see and automatically judge me. So I didn't get it. Instead, I decided I wanted to get my navel pierced because it's kinda like a secret piercing. I kept bugging my mom to let me get my navel pierced until she finally relented. I originally wanted to go to Prix but I wrote down the wrong directions and we couldn't find it. Then I suggested Anomaly but I didn't have the directions ... read more

The Middle of the Line

I had been talking about getting my navel done for a while. I wanted the pretty jewels I saws so many girls with. I even slimmed down and partially toned my body to get ready for the piercing I swore I would get. I was about 16 or so and had been on vacation with my grandparents when I noticed how pretty navel piercings were and I wanted one. I wasn't old enough so I had to hold on to my dream. My senior year started that fall and my boyfriend at the time, told me I should get my ... read more

A Merry Little Belly Button, Mark 2.

A few months ago, around November I believe, I posted an experience on here about the navel piercing I obtained in August 2006. This is a follow up story regarding the healing process. I know when I was researching my piercing, I wanted to know how the piercing healed, not how awesome it looked after four minutes. On with the show. In my last experience, having had the piercing for three months, some account of healing was given. However, at that time, I hadn't experienced any problems. Around the five month mark (some time when I came back to uni ... read more

Second time going

I had always been excited to get my belly button pierced, but mum wouldn't let me. Finally when I was 16 she let me do it. I entered the studio and it was clean and professional. My piercer asked me to lay on the table and she cleaned and marked the area and then proceeded to pierce my navel. The pain was as expected, and I found it virtually painless. She gave me a sheet of paper on aftercare and I was ready to go. When I got home, I was sitting down and when I stood up I felt ... read more

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