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Horizontal Sub-navel

Yesterday I had my first ever surface piercing done. Aside from that I've got two lobe piercings, one helix, my nostril, and navel. So, I didn't really have any idea what I was in for pain wise. The first time I ventured to Surfers Paradise (which is crammed with piercing and tattoo studios) I had no luck finding someone prepared to do a surface piercing. They either didn't have the equipment, the experience, a piercer in on that day, or had a problem with my age (I'm fourteen). I went again the next weekend and at Off Ya Tree I ... read more

Worth the pain.

This experience happened almost three months ago at the end of February. Me and my friend went to west Edmonton mall to go graduation shopping. Before the day we talked about getting a piercing done each but we weren't firm on the decision. Anyways, we went there and she found her grad dress and I didn't. We then went to go and eat(I remember from my tongue piercing that they make sure you eat beforehand). We talked about it with our moms and decided that we were going to get pierced. I was actually surprised because my mom is so ... read more

What a Wuss

First things first. I. Am. A. Wuss. As far as needles go anyway. I can take most pains, I've shown horses and ridden in rodeos since I was thirteen. But needles freaked me out beyond belief. My personal opinion was 'if we were meant to have more holes in our bodies, we'd be born with them... either that, or they'd be perforated to pop out if we wanted.' When I was 12, I got my ears pierced, and I still wish I hadn't, because I only did it because my family thought it would look cute. The problem was, i ... read more

Navel experience

I was really surprised when my dad said I could have my navel pierced, as his first choice of age for me was 17. To this day he still won't tell what made him change his mind, but hey, at least I have my beloved piercing now! My appointment was set for 2 pm on a Saturday afternoon. I got there and it was almost like I thought it would be except it was quite small and crowded. Good thing I'm not claustrophobic. They called me and my dad up so I can choose my jewellery and my mum could ... read more

An Unexpected Inverse Navel

Last summer was when I first started getting into body modification, mainly piercing. After having the standard two sets of holes in my earlobes for most of my life, at 19 I decided that I wanted to have an industrial. I got that piercing on July 5th, and I officially became addicted to piercings. I had toyed with the idea of having my navel pierced, but it seemed to be such a popular thing to do that I had avoided it, and almost pushed the idea out of my mind. To me, navel piercings could be equated to blonde, ditzy, ... read more

A great belly button piercing

Hey guys! I'm a senior in a high school in good old California (only 2 months to graduation!) and I just turned 18, so what better way to celebrate than to get a belly button piercing!? I have three ear piercings in each lobe of my ear, and one piercing in the top cartilage of my left ear, adding up to 7 piercings in all. (Now I have EIGHT! Wooo!) WHAT did I get~ I got the standard, beautiful belly button piercing! (With some antibacterial cleanser to go w/ it.) I chose a barbell (NEVER EVER get a ring or ... read more

surprisingly enough it surprised me.

It's my sixteenth birthday, and since I had chosen to skip having a sweet sixteen which a lot of my friends are having, I decided to do something that I myself found more interesting and exciting. So I got my navel pierced. It's kind of funny, two months ago the idea of getting my bellybutton pierced was barely any more than a vague dream in my head. And then a month ago, when I asked my mom, I was really surprised at her response. She said yes immediately, she said that she thought that it would look cute. It was ... read more

So THAT was unexpected

During my Christmas break from school my friend Kasper and her boyfriend rudely showed up at my house. Kasper informed me I was coming with them to get her lip pierced. Though I have many clearly visible facial piercings (8) my parents are still not too thrilled about my modifications, so I then proceeded to inform them I was off to the movies for the evening. The plan was that I would get my tongue pierced with her, but I was still 25$ short. I took my time getting ready, and we jumped into the van on our way to ... read more

I got new jewellery... that happens to go under my flesh =)

I was never very interested in piercings. I mean, it took me 16 years just to get my ears pierced for the first time! But somehow, I got hooked – a hoax email with a fake picture of a corset piercing, which lead me to Google, which lead me to BMEzine. To quote an overused cliché, the rest is history. Somehow, I had decided that I quite liked the look of navel piercings. I wasn't sure that I really wanted one though until a friend of a friend mentioned that she was getting her navel pierced for free through a ... read more

Favorite (although complications)

I absolutely love my navel piercing. It started with my boyfriend, who told me that they look fairly cute. I had a problem with pain, though, and so I looked up information on the piercing - what it looked like, variations, videos, what the pain was, etc. All the experiences were different it seemed, but all produced the same product - a pretty navel! It seemed fairly easy, and all the pictures I had found were very cute! Now I had to convince my mom. My mom was NOT okay with it at first, and at this point I had ... read more

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