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First semester in college I started dating this guy with a LOT of piercings (by my former definition, anyway). He had his tongue, septum, snake bites, stretched lobes & daiths in each ear, and one dermal punch in his cartilage when I met him. At some point, the metal just started taking over my thoughts. I had wanted my lip pieced for like three years. But the agreement with the padre was that as long as he was paying for all aspects of life, tattoos & piercings were STILL forbidden... (He'd never really been happy about the three holes in ... read more

I'm number one! - My inverse navel

There's some back story to this one; I had wanted something else since the VCH a couple of years back. I wanted something that would be easy to hide if required, but that was a little more socially acceptable to show off than the VCH itself. Hah. I decided that somewhere around the navel was by best bet, and the other half suggested that an inverse might suit me. Inverse eh? That sounds a little more "out there" than the trillions of fourteen year olds that had a standard one done a couple of years back. Not that I'm particularly ... read more

Horizontal Sub-navel

Yesterday I had my first ever surface piercing done. Aside from that I've got two lobe piercings, one helix, my nostril, and navel. So, I didn't really have any idea what I was in for pain wise. The first time I ventured to Surfers Paradise (which is crammed with piercing and tattoo studios) I had no luck finding someone prepared to do a surface piercing. They either didn't have the equipment, the experience, a piercer in on that day, or had a problem with my age (I'm fourteen). I went again the next weekend and at Off Ya Tree I ... read more

Go to Marche Noir!

I turned eighteen 6 days ago and when you turn that age I guess something clicks inside of you. You tell yourself I really need to do something just because I turned eighteen. I guess piercing my belly button was top on my list and a tattoo is a little too permanent for me right now. I looked online to figure out how other people cleaned it and how much it hurt. I was amazed actually at all the different responses so... I decided that I was actually not going to take the word of a bunch of people I ... read more

Reader's Digest Version

I got my navel pierced in February of 2005. I had turned 18 a month before, and the boyfriend at the time decided he wanted his ear pierced. He chose a shop that I've never really been comfortable in; my mother married into the family who owns the shop, and when you're related to them and they can't remember your name, that doesn't exactly put me at ease. I did everything wrong. I was easily 50 lbs overweight when I walked into the shop that afternoon, and to disguise it as best I could, when I held my shirt up ... read more

are you serious!? that painless!

Hey. I just got my belly button pierced, and I'm here to share my amazing experience with you. Well to let you in on a little about me, and almost 15 and a huge wimp when it comes to pain and needles. I passed out when I got my ears pierced. I have always been fascinated with body piercing and tattoos since I was 8. That's when my mom get her first tattoo, and let me go with her. Seeing all the unique people really got me interested in it all. So, probably when I was 11 or 12 is ... read more

Navel piercing; then and now.

Background So, a bit of background information first. A few years ago, I got my standard navel piercing. I was thirteen or fourteen, and didn't know anything about it other than it looked 'pretty'. None of my friends had any piercings other than the standard gunned lobes, and they actually threatened to stop being friends with me if I got mine. Well, I had my priorities, and feeling good about myself was right at the top. So, I wrote a note 'from my mom' to the piercer, who was known (and still is) for piercing underage kids, and not piercing ... read more

A mother and daughter navel experience

My most wonderfullest of piercings. Today is the day before Mother's Day. Mother's Day eve, if you will. I happen to have an exceptionally awesome mother. She's completely amazing and loves me for me, all quirks included. She even accepted my randomly shaved mohawk! Before I get too sappy, I'll begin my new piercing tale. About a month ago I stretched my ears to a 00g. Normally, a newer, larger size looks rather small to me after about a week. This time was quite different; I wore my beautiful Gorilla Glass pieces and it just felt... too big. I felt ... read more

Navel piercings and exercise

I was always adamantly against getting my navel pierced, until for some reason, I decided to get it done. The only real concern I had was exercise- I am a bit of a gym junkie and was worried I would have to take time off the gym, and would have trouble exercising with the piercing. I talked to a piercer, and some friends with their bellies pierced who all assured me the exercise would be fine after a few days. So after MONTHS of deliberating, I bit the bullet and got it done. The procedure was simple, choose a jewelled ... read more

my first body piercing, I want more!

I'd wanted my belly button pierced since one of my best friends had it done when I was about 12. I kept asking my parents but it was no all the way. Even the 'but all my friends have got it done and I'm the odd one out' line just didn't seem to work. I met my boyfriend when I was 16 and he thought it looked good too, but I still thought my parents wouldn't agree. My 17th birthday came and went, and I still wanted it done, so I decided to ask once more, this time, they said ... read more

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