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Late Night Piercings

Hi, I'm Saint... This is the first experience I'm posting to BME although I've been piercing for a while now I want to increase my internet presence. I'll be posting images of all the piercings I do from now on and posting full experiences wherever I get the chance/time. This is an experience i had just last night at around 2am... Just to clarify, I don't drink or do drugs so please don't worry that I was in any way intoxicated while I was doing this piercing. One of the reasons I gave up alcohol in the first place was ... read more

It was so easy!

I graduated high school about a month and a half ago and I wanted to do something different, so I decided to get my belly button pierced. Nobody expected me to actually do it, so it made it that much more fun. My sister-in-law Lacey has had hers pierced for almost two years now and she said it wasn't bad at all. I'm a huge baby, so I expected it to hurt a lot. I cried and cried when I got my ears pierced, but then again, I was also only five years old. So I made my friend Kate ... read more


Although I am only seventeen I feel like I have waited a lifetime to get my navel pierced. I had begged my mom since I was twelve years old. Finally when my younger cousin got it done I knew it was my turn. We were on vacation in Ocean City, NJ so I figured I'd just get it done on the boardwalk one night. It turns out that no where in Ocean City is allowed to pierce (it is also a "dry" town by the way). So one night my family and I drove down to Wildwood (another shore town) ... read more

Finally, a hole in my navel =]

To start off with everything my name is Courtney and I'm 14 years old. It started a few years ago when I got hooked on BodMod. I saw my first glance at the navel piercing and fell in love with it. I thought they were attractive and fit me perfectly. Well when I was 13 I kept begging my parents, but I didn't get to them. They started to get frustrated with me asking them everyday about it so I decided that a few months after my 14th birthday I would bring up the topic of getting my belly pierced ... read more

Fear for no reason

So basically I got my navel pierced about two or three months ago. It happened in Denmark in the city Aarhus in a studio called "Smykkegalleriet", where my mom also had her nipples pierced, so she had recomended it to me. Before deciding to get my navel pierced, I'd had a lot of doubts on whether I should do it or not. I was frightened to death about the thought of the pain, and because one of my close friends fainted after having her navel pierced. That naturally made me freak out, because it would be horrific to faint and ... read more

An awesome piercing experience

For the longest time, basically since I first saw a belly button piercing on my cousin, I have wanted one. I asked mom, and she would always hesitantly say, "When you're sixteen." I decided that one day, enough was enough, I was going to get a freaking belly button ring! My mother always told me I could get a tattoo at sixteen, but I would have to write a report about all the consequences, the possibilities, and dangers of getting one. I wrote it a couple of days ago, except for getting a lip ring. We argued a bit, but ... read more


At the impressionable age of eighteen, I decided to have my navel pierced. It was just a whim, without any real prompting. I had had my nose pierced a few weeks prior to this decision, and had found the experience to be exhilarating! I loved the aesthetics, and the resulting current of adrenaline-fuelled energy. I was very interested in the prospect of another piercing, and the navel was suggested to me. It seemed like a relatively safe and obvious choice. After all, how bad could it be when fourteen-year-old girls all over the continent were getting it done in shopping ... read more

My Inverse Navel - The First Piercing I've EVER Taken Out

I miss it. I really do. My inverse navel was my baby, and it didn't even live to see bikini season! Though I confess it was my vanity that made me take it out, I still really loved that piercing. I decided to get it on a whim. On day during history I turned to my friend and asked her if she'd walk me to the Native after class. I was bored and had just spent the past hour and a half thinking about what I could get pierced, so I was really itching for something new, something fresh. I ... read more

My first ever body piercing...

I'd always been a podgy child, so when I decided late last summer to finally shift the excess weight, I decided that when I got near my target weight I would finally have a navel piercing. I've always liked them and thought they were the most beautiful and feminine piercing. So after losing four stones in weight, I began to look into the possibility of getting my navel pierced. I'm no stranger to ear piercing, having my lobes done twice and a cartilage piercing in the top of my right ear, but body piercing was a whole new animal. So ... read more

Long Saga with Navel

I have just gotten my naval pierced for the 4th and hopefully final time. The previous two times were done improperly and/or my aftercare procedures were not correct. The first time I got it done was at the Gauntlet in San Francisco about 11 years ago. Great place, very professional, friendly, clean and careful. The Gauntlet had a great reputation and most of my friends got pierced there, so I felt confident to go there to get it done. The piercing itself did not hurt, didn't feel a thing. Just felt the clamp and then he told me it was ... read more

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